Walking on the street, we will find bubble tea shops are everywhere. Many people want to join the business because it not a big investment to start a milk tea shops and The production of milk tea is quite straightforward. Therefore, start milk tea shop business become many retailer's first choice, but what do you need to open a milk tea shop? What equipment is required for the milk tea shop?

When you decide to open a milk tea shop, you have to start with all the details. The equipment is a big issue, and the quality of the equipment directly affects the economic benefits. Generally, the equipment are freezer, ice machine, smoothie machine, sealing machine, stainless steel wokring bench, etc. If you want to add some snacks within your tea shop, you also need a fryer, hot dog machine, etc. These broad types of equipment do not have to be readily available. The key is to see how you plan your store and what foods you supply.

Typically, We can see The production time of a cup of bubble tea will not exceed 3 minutes, and the production process that customers see at the bar is relatively simple. But in fact, behind a cup of milk tea, it requires a lot of technology and equipment to complete.

Whether you are starting a bubble tea kiosk in shopping mall or open a bubble tea store on the street, Here Blew are common equipment that used in a bubble tea restaurant.

Bubble Tea Making Equipment

Water Purifier

The water purifier is one of the critical equipment in the milk tea shop. The direct drinking water used in the shop must be purified, and the purifier element needs to replace frequently to ensure the taste of the milk tea from the water source. if you want to offer high quality tea, you have to use the top quality water, Therefore, the water purifier is a necessary equipment, and must be a good quality one.



It is used to boil water conveniently and quickly, with massive capacity, and is a practical device—the boiling water machine is indispensable equipment in the milk tea shop. The first thing employees in the milk tea shop do every day is turn on the water boiling machine. Let the water cook and make tea soup. It is recommended to use a fully automatic water boiling engine. So it can fill in the water by itself, which is convenient and time-saving. 


Tea Maker

The tea maker generally uses stainless steel with a capacity of 5-10L. The tea maker has usually equipped with a filter a strainer, which brews the tea leaves and boiling water in the tea maker according to the ratio. And the tea is allowed to stand for about 15 minutes, and the tea soup in the tea maker can pour into the insulated bucket through the filter yarn.


The refrigerator is a multi-functional device. In addition to refrigerating and keeping fresh milk tea raw materials and utensils, it can also provide you with a convenient operating table to make your store more standardized and tidy.


Insulation Barrel

Insulation barrels are necessary equipment for storing tea soup. Generally, three or so insulated barrels are prepared to keep different tea soups. The most common ones are green tea, black tea, and oolong tea. Bear in mind that if the tea soup of the day has not been used up, it must also be discarded.

Automatic Sealing Machine

Sealing machine is used to seal milk teacups. There are two types of sealing machines on the market. One is a fully automatic sealing machine, and the other is a manual sealing machine. It is recommended to choose a fully automatic sealing machine, mainly to improve the milk tea shop's efficiency. The fully automatic sealing machine only needs to put the milk teacup into the sealing device, and it will automatically seal, which is very convenient and easy for new starters. The staff can continue other work during the milk tea sealing process. It's especially necessary when the passenger flow is large.


Cold drinks are popular in summer all over the world, so ice machines are essential to a tea shop. One thing to pay attention to when installing, the water in the ice maker must pass through a water purifier, and then ice is made after filtering. If the funds are limited or you open the store in winter season, you can use the refrigerator's icebox to make a small ice amount.


Smoothie Machine

The smoothie machine is used to break smoothies or break cheese and is an indispensable beverage production tool. Here are some more available juicers that can also crush ice, so you can buy a better juicer that can squeeze and crush ice.

Mixing Stick

The mixing rod has a fork at one end, a spoon at one end, and a spiral shape in the middle. The ladle can use to scoop raw materials, and the fork can also use to pick up fruits. Generally, The mixing rod is made of stainless steel, so there is no need to worry about rust, and it has little effect on the flavor of the tea.

Electronic Kitchen Scale

Many milk tea formulas need to be blended, so the ratio of raw materials is critical, Thus, the electronic scale is particularly critical, helping people make more delicious milk tea. 

The small electronic weighing scale, the measuring range within 5KG, is used to measure the proportion of solid materials, such as tea, fruit particles, pearl boba, etc., mainly used for weighing. Since many products of milk tea come in a particular proportion, an electronic scale is needed.


Pearl Pot:

The more classic milk tea shop is pearl milk tea, so it is necessary to boil the pearl pot. The commercial pearl pot for milk tea shop is fully automatic one-key quick steaming.

Tea Bucket:

The specifications of the tea barrel are: 35cm*35cm, capacity: 10L, 40cm*40cm, capacity: 15L, 45cm*45cm, capacity: 20L. All are stainless steel solid steel drums, produced with high-quality stainless steel materials. Easy to clean, tough, and durable.


Milkshake Machine:

The new single-head stainless steel milkshake machine has five significant advantages: product health and environmental protection, micro switch control, high-speed motor, uniform mixing, stable operation. It adopts a Taikang compressor, finned high-efficiency all-copper condenser, and mature computer control panel---the domestic advanced.

Various Cups

It is a measuring cup for brewing beverages. The cup body has a scale, which can accurately measure the required materials and is very convenient for brewing milk tea. The specifications of measuring cups are 5000ML, 1000ML, 250ML, etc. 5000 used to make tea and as a container. There are 40ML and 20ML ounce cups.

Packaging Materials

 You also have to prepare packages for your shop such as Parafilm, plastic cups, plastic bowls, straws, shaved ice bowls, shaved ice spoons, adjustable sticks, coffee cups, etc.

Auxiliary equipment

Bubble tea counter

Operation table Which is also known as bubble tea counter. it is the most basic equipment in every milk tea shop, The operation table of the milk tea shop is very important because we not only need an operating table to make drinks. but also make up a clean and comfortable working area. This bubble tea counter can split customer and staff on two sides. 

If conditions permit, the bubble tea shop counter can be made flat and cold. The surface is a stainless steel working table, and the memory is a storage room with refrigerating or freezing functions. In this way, you can save money on buying a freezer.

Typically, The bubble is the main working area of ​​the milk tea beverage store. In the case of non-affiliation, this operating table is usually designed by itself. Usually, the size is 1.2M, 1.5M, 1.8M, and 2.0M, and the height is 0.8M. These can be selected according to the actual area of ​​the store.

You can get a customized bubble tea counter from the stainless steel kitchenware manufacturer or get one from Alibaba. Ant Display is also a leading manufacturer for bubble tea shop counters.


Induction Cooker

The milk tea shop must-have equipment for cooking and preparing ingredients. At the same time, you need to buy a matching pan for cooking pearls, taro balls, red beans, and other components.

 Cash Register

The cash register includes a small ticket machine, a label printer, and a cash drawer. The online version of the cash register system software is selected to help you check the store's real-time cash register situation. You should prepare small ticket papers, thermal sticker papers for the uprising sales.


Other appliances

In addition to the above-fixed appliances, the equipment needed to make milk tea also requires some daily consumables, including milk teacups, sealing films, packaging bags, straws, snack boxes, and so on.


If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. In this high-tech era, the quality of equipment is too vital for a milk tea shop. The right equipment can significantly improve efficiency. For friends who want to open a milk tea shop, buying a set of the right equipment will make it easier to start a business. 

The equipment must not be bought too cheap, which will affect the efficiency and quality of future sales. If the business is profitable, passenger flow reduction due to equipment problems is not worth the loss. To purchase a good set of top quality bubble tea equipment, you still need to shop around for specific inspections. 

Franchising a bubble tea is a recommended idea for people who open start a new bubble tea shop. Bulk Data shows that franchised chain restaurants' survival rate is far higher than that of individual stores. Various guidance and support after fare will also reflect in the equipment. The milk tea franchise brand is very mature and can help you choose suitable and value-for-money milk tea equipment.

In addition to the above-mentioned large-scale equipment, there are also many small tools. The milk tea shop owner can choose and buy according to his needs and the size of the shop. if you want to build bubble tea kiosk or need an bubble tea counter for your shop, welcome to visit ant display.