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Museum Display Case

Are you looking for unique museum display cases? Museum display cases protect cultural relics and antiques while maintaining maximum visibility. These display cabinets are usually used to display artworks and create a high-end and solemn atmosphere. You can find any museum display showcase you need at ANT DISPLAY, because we provide customers with professional customized services. We manufacture museum display cabinets and cultural relic display cabinets. We have been working hard to design, research and develop, improve the structure and process of museum display cabinets, shorten the manufacturing and installation time of display cabinets, save time and labor costs. We can make museum display cabinets of different sizes, colors and styles for you to match the theme of the museum. And ensure that all works are better presented to visitors. Our design team can draw complete CAD design drawings, so that we can clearly see the design of the entire museum, and set appropriate counters and wall displays in advance. There are several types of museum showcases: ordinary museum display case, independent museum showcase, wall-mounted museum showcase, electric showcase, museum niche cabinet, constant humidity showcases, and so on.
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How to designate exhibition showcases for museums or exhibitions

Do you need to order or specify display cabinets for the museum, but do not know how to choose the right museum display cabinet to achieve the best display effect? Let us choose the most suitable counter together to avoid large investments and small profits. Usually, the display cabinet will become the center of the exhibition, and they will house your exhibits. They will also be a major part of your display case

Ordinary museum display case

Ordinary museum display cases are usually made of special materials that are environmentally friendly and can protect cultural relics from harm. Such as fireproof materials. Its structure is very rigorous, and the switch of this cabinet can hardly be seen from the outside. The showcases of museum showcases are of a very high level. Not only are they equipped with a variety of anti-theft functions, but even the way they are opened cannot be known to ordinary people.

Independent museum display showcase

  1. A frameless multifunctional museum display showcase. The all-glass cabinet is equipped with overall lighting, with high specifications and outstanding display, and safety.
  2. There are independent or multi-unit, two structural modes. The shape of the showcase structure is stepped, cross, L-shaped, triangular, hexagonal, octagonal, or polygonal.
  3. Especially suitable for displaying various rare and precious treasures with high brightness.

Wall-mounted museum display showcases

Hanging cabinets can be seen in museums, art galleries, and art galleries. The hanging cabinets fill the gaps on the walls of the exhibition hall. Together with floor-to-ceiling exhibition cabinets, the display forms of the exhibition cabinets are diversified and the exhibition contents of the exhibition hall are enriched. He can be used to display clothing accessories, tea, art paintings, etc. It can also be used to promote corporate culture and products.

Museum niche cabinet

The museum niche is embedded in the wall, and only one side displays cultural relics. It is compact and can effectively use the exhibition space. It provides a highly safe display environment for cultural relics and can be used for the display of various cultural relics.

 is to open a hole in the wall, and make hidden light on both sides of the hole, so that the decorative objects in the hole show a hazy feeling like a veil, and it can also be illuminated above the hole to fully display the wonderful display. Alcove holes can be large or small, long or short, square or round, depending on the environment. The focus of the alcove decoration is to create a frame-like feeling around the outer edge of the wall hole, and use a variety of different frames to set off the beauty of the virtual space in the hole, thereby displaying a cultural fashion. The alcove has the function of expanding the interior space. This is because the alcove recessed into the wall extends the human vision

Constant humidity showcases

The storage, protection, and display of precious cultural relics have always been the concerns of museum staff. Some more expensive artifacts not only need to control their humidity but also need to regulate the temperature well. Constant temperature and humidity display cabinet can meet the demand. With independent heating, cooling, humidification, and dehumidification functions. It can also be customized to resist UV rays. Ultra-humidity, ultra-temperature, smashing, alarm activation function, perfectly meet the needs of cultural relics storage and display.

We are glad to help you purchase suitable museum display cases. Ant Display is good at making museum display showcase and wall cabinet. You can tell us your requirements, we have highly skilled workers to make customized museum display cases for you. You can find everything you need here and save costs.