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Slatwall Display

Are you looking for slatwall display cabinet? Slatwall display and retail fixture is an excellent way of displaying merchandise that helps increase sales and earn profits. Slatwall display offers a modern contemporary look while offering great flexibility to rearrange and change your merchandising layout to keep your store looking fresh. With our large inventory of slotwall accessories, Ant Display can meet all your display needs. We can easily see the slatwall tower, slatwall hooks, slatwall shelves, slatwall sign holders and frame in the retail store. Slatwall can be used to place fixtures in the entire store. The free-standing unit takes up very little space and can make full use of your space. Slatwall displays are modern and have great flexibility. They can rearrange and change the product layout and keep the store fresh. Slatwall display showcase is the ideal place to start selling. If you have clothes or other hanging items, Slatwall display is great. The shelf can also be hung on a wooden wall. From wire mesh baskets and bookshelves, acrylic display shelves, slat hooks or shelf brackets, we can provide you with one of the largest slat walls and accessories in the industry. You can find a custom slatwall display stand in Ant Display. We can make it in any size and unique slot options in the different color match to your shop decoration. We have a professional design team to create new design drawings to meet customers’ requirements.

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  1. Display Rack Supermarket Retail Melamine Surface Slatwall Display Showcase Display Cabinet Stand
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Slatwall displays are characterized by horizontal grooves in many forms, from wall panels to freestanding fixtures. They are used in conjunction with accessories such as dustbins and shelves, which are tightly hooked into the slats. This means you can update the Slatwall display in minutes without any tools.gondola slatwall display

Slatwall Towers

Slatwall Towers is a simple, modern solution that turns floor display racks into multifunctional sales tools. We also provide complete slat wall shelves, brackets, finishes, hooks, hanging rails, hanging baskets, signage racks, and other products to enable the successful display of slat walls. Available models include small and large H-type wall panel vending machines and 2-sided and 4-way wall panel vending machines. You can also use a rotating four-seam salesman to display products while maximizing the use of valuable floor space. All slat wall fixtures are compatible with our slat wall accessories.

Slatwall hooks

Slatwall hooks are the main method of hanging products. You can choose black, white, or chrome according to your needs. Thin wall hooks are heavy metal units that can be placed in wooden troughs. You can find any

Slatwall sign holders

Slatwall sign holders and frame Are you looking for a unique way to display the product logo? The SLATWALL logo holder is a good way to creatively display product prices and information to customers. You can easily rearrange them as the inventory changes, or you can make new seasonal displays. Our high-quality slatted wall signage racks are available in various sizes to perfectly meet your unique retail display needs.

Slatwall shelves

Slatwall shelves Are you looking for an effective way to display your products to attract customers' attention? The plate-type wall shelf makes it easy to display products on the shelf and is a multiple functional sales tool. Acrylic slat wall shelves are specially manufactured for your slat wall fixture system. Our high-quality flat wall accessories (such as shelves, pockets, and brackets) come in various sizes and shapes to perfectly accommodate the items you want to display. You may want to use shelves in the store. Use a wall-mounted shelf bracket to secure the glass or wood shelf. We have seen many places use these brackets at their retail locations. You can use Slatwall display shelves for any purpose.

Custom Slatwall Display For Sale

If you have a dark space, try using slat wall lighting. Light up dark places and use metal lamps to make your cracked walls look more beautiful. Seat board easel is a good way to display merchandise on the wallboard. Our flat hat display rack can be used for various types of hats. As we all know, slatted walls have multiple uses. These slat wall displays perfectly display sunglasses or reading glasses.

Slatwall display is so effective because it allows vertical display, which saves space in the store. Slatwall display cabinets can be used with valuables that you need to put in the hands of customers. When you need Slatwall display showcase, slat wall display stands, and Slatwall rotating display, please don’t hesitate to find them in Ant Display. We have a professional team of designers designing Slatwall displays suitable for your shop decoration. Our main purpose is to provide the best Slatwall display cases with high quality and help our customers to save costs and earn more profit. We look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you and provide you with comprehensive storefront settings and services. Whenever and wherever you are in need of shop decoration and customized Slatwall display products, please feel free to contact us.