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Restaurant tables are essential furniture in every restaurant. The comfortable and beautiful dining table can give customers a comfortable feeling and leave a good impression on the guests. The dining table has many styles and different materials. Choosing a high-quality, comfortable, and the durable dining table can add a lot of color to your restaurant. We can provide a variety of dining tables to meet your different needs. Restaurant tables come in many different sizes and shapes. Common are rectangular, round, square. The rectangular table is the most used, the round is suitable for accommodating places, and the square is suitable for fewer people or families.  As the leading commercial table set manufacturer, Ant Display supply a large variety of modern design restaurant tables, bar table, coffee table, and shop tables at an economical price. Browse our page and find your favorite design.

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Whether you starting a fast food shop or small mini food court, you will need to provide the customer with a pleasant dining space.  restaurant booths, tables, and chairs are playing an important role in it. Choose the right table and seating will help you improve the customer experience and then increase sales.  Therefore, every food shop owner should spend more effort on comfortable seatings. wood restaurant table

wood restaurant tables

Wood restaurant table: The wooden dining table has the characteristics of natural, environmental protection and health, emphasizing the combination of simple structure and comfortable function, suitable for simple and stylish home style. Wooden restaurant tables can be divided into solid wood and plywood. The solid wood dining table shows the natural texture and thick substance of the wood, adding the natural atmosphere of the home, and processed by carving, engraving, dyeing, etc.; and the plywood finished by solid wood veneer or wood laminate, which not only retains the natural texture of the solid wood, The surface is also flat and smooth, and the cost is lower than that of solid wood.

Metal restaurant tables

In the catering industry, durable metal dining tables are essential. The metal dining table is very easy to clean and disinfect, the material is strong and durable, and it is lighter than wood. We provide a variety of surface treatments, sizes, and metal tables of different colors for you to choose, so you can choose the metal table that suits you according to your restaurant style.

Stone restaurant tables

Stones commonly used for restaurant tables can be divided into marble, artificial stone, and quartz stone. Marble is divided into a natural marble dining table and an artificial marble dining table. The natural marble restaurant table is elegant and beautiful, but the price is relatively expensive, and due to the natural texture and pores, the stain is easy to penetrate and it is not easy to clean. The artificial marble dining table has high density, oil stains are not easy to penetrate, and cleaning is easy. Artificial stone can be seamlessly spliced in any shape, so it is also very popular.

Picking out restaurant tables may be just as important as picking out cooking equipment. So when choosing a restaurant table, you must spend some time and energy, not only to choose a dining table that matches your restaurant style and characteristics but also to ensure its sturdy, durable and comfortable experience.

Picking out restaurant tables may be just as important as picking out cooking equipment. Customers spend most of their time at the table and ensuring it matches all of your restaurant needs is important. We offer folding tables, bistro tables, cocktail tables, and restaurant tables.

What questions customers always ask?

what’s the best table materials?

The one that suits you is the best. Wooden restaurant tables are more retro and natural, so they are suitable for restaurants with more retro decoration and pursuing nature; stone ones are more suitable for high-end restaurants; metal ones are more suitable for modern and fashionable restaurants.

what’s the difference between round table, square table, and rectangular table?

The round restaurant table will make you feel very formal, and it has a large capacity, giving a formal feeling. It is usually suitable for banquets or weddings. Square and rectangular tables are suitable for small friends and family dinners will give you a comfortable feeling.

when would I need a folding table?

The purpose of the folding table is mainly for convenience, if you have limited space, you can choose some folding tables. It is very suitable for parties or banquets with a lot of people.

How I choose the table to meet my restaurant size?

The size of the restaurant first determines the size of your restaurant table. Therefore, before renovating, it is best to measure the area of the restaurant first, and then choose the appropriate size table according to the area of the restaurant. Generally speaking, the table area accounts for about one-third of the entire restaurant. If the table occupies more than two-thirds of the entire restaurant, it will be very crowded.

Custom Restaurant Tables For Sale

Ant display is a company that specializes in supplying different kinds of restaurant furniture. We provide various metal, wooden, plastic and stone, tempered glass countertops, and supporting bases for various dining tables. Whether you are a fast-food restaurant, a small restaurant, or a high-end restaurant, banquet hall, coffee shop, you can find a style that suits your needs and budget on our website. From the selection of materials to processing, to making desktops, we have dedicated personnel responsible for strict control. All wooden we provide. Tables made of resin, tempered glass, stone, and metal are made of strong, commercial-quality materials, so they can be used for a long time. And we have tables with different configurations to meet your different budgets.

Are you interested in buying restaurant tables and chairs to start your business? Come here, you will find what you want!