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Clothing Racks

Are you looking for retail clothing racks, wall hangers, and shelving for your apparel store? As we know clothing display fixtures are one of the most important decorations for the garment store interior decoration. It can not only beautify the clothing shop but also make the clothes retail display more organized, Moreover, an attractive retail store displays not also level up the brand name and grab the passerby’s attention then drive them into a store. In the end to help increase the business sales. Ant Display has a wide selection of clothing racks made with stylish simplicity design for sale. Whether you are looking for shirts display rack, hats display racks for women clothing retail or garment display shelving for men garment store, you will find the best stylish boutique racks here. Our retail clothing racks can be used both home and retail stores too. Besides standard freestanding garments racks, we also have a large variety of portable clothing display fixtures, pop up boutique displays, as well as clothing wall display shelves. From traditional rail rod hangers to modern solid wood oak clothing racks, from white, black color to chrome finish, from pipe clothing racks to industrial style racks. our largest collection of retail clothing rack options will satisfy any of your customized requirements. Choose from these sturdy, high-quality apparel racks that various in industrial rustics and modern sleek design.
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pipe clothing racksAnt Display is a leading commercial display fixtures manufacturer, We custom design and builds commercial clothing racks for sale. Whether you are looking for industrial rustic clothing racks or modern wooden clothing racks, we have the best displays for you. Our unique design clothing racks come with different styles to apply different display environment space. From wall amounted clothing racks to free-standing portable display stands, from straight pipe rod clothing racks to gold round clothing racks, from 2 way double sides wooden clothing racks to multi-display metal clothing racks, Our ultra collection of display solution will give your totally new inspiration on clothing retail presentation. No matter you searching clothing display fixtures for baby or children clothing retail shop or hat, garments, bras, suits for grow ups. You will get the finest retail display shopfitting in Ant at a wholesale price.

Wall Clothing Racks

In every clothing retail store interior decoration, wall garment hanging display racks are always popular and welcomed display solutions. We have a large range of metal and wood wall clothing displays racks for commercial usage. You can soon build up your garment retail store with our easy wall clothing shelving system. In addition, our different variety of color and style racking systems can accommodate any themed clothing retail shop. From baby clothing store to luxury women garment shop. Ant Display clothing racks will help you create a modern sleek, clean, organized and user-friendly garment retail store.

Rolling Clothing Racks

If you are looking for portable clothing display stands or racks, The rolling clothing racks will just perfect you. Ant display has a huge amount of portable rolling garment racks with strong wheels and caster on the bottom. Moreover, All the wheels are equipped with a brake so you can stop anywhere you need to. The top of the racks is built with a strong stainless steel rod with an up and down system below to adjust the different height. Those freestanding mobile metal hanger racks are perfect for apparel retail store or business events.

Metal Clothing Racks

Heavy-duty garment racks are also necessary for most of the garment stores. Because we want to display as much as possible to get more traffic. This will require a stronger display rack to give a proper presentation. Our metal clothing racks can just satisfy your needs. And Display custom design and manufacture a large variety of modern sleek style heavy duty garment racks for sale. From stainless steel to powder-coated iron rod, from black to white, from mesh to the wire, There’s always one perfect metal clothes racks fit for your requirements.

Wooden Clothing Racks

wood clothing racksThe solid wood element is also a popular design character in boutique clothing store interior design. The wood features can not only give fresh ideas on the whole environment but also a great way to reflect the merchandising effect. Therefore, many high-level garment shops will choose solid wood clothing racks for presentation. Especially for women clothing stores and purse retail shops. Ant Display has over 100+ modern design A shape wood clothes racks and T bar garment racks in a perfect finish for sale. From Oakwood, maple to birch or cherry wood, Our finest racking design will give the most surprising inspiration on shop decor. If you are looking for an attractive wood garment stands with short delivery time. Here is the best place to shop. Most importantly, Ant Display is the direct clothing racks manufacturer in China where has a lower Labor and material cost. So we can offer our clients an unbeatable price with a top-quality finish.

Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

Do you want to build your clothing shop unique from others? Our vintage industrial pipe clothing racks will bring you to a totally natural classic industrial environment. All the racks are designed and built with rustic style metal pipe with raw solid wood shelving. From wall amounted hanging racks to free-standing retail racks, we have the full shop wall display racks, display stands and display table risers in industrial style design. With a simple structure and assemble tools provided, you can easily assemble the pipe racks in a short time. In order to create a real vintage industrial design or urban aesthetic styles, Our attractive sleek pipe clothing racks system is constructed from raw industrial standard plumbing accessories. Such as elbow joints and spigot handle locks which used to adjust the different height of the racks. As well as Genuine forged fixtures for hanging rods. With our industrial rustic style pipe clothing racks, you can form an attractive, eye-catching and unique garment store.  Ant Display supplies a board range of various design pipeline garment racks to meet different retail display requirements. Those pipe racks can not only be used for boutiques, garments shop, thrift fashion stores but also for home or salon decoration. Our unique display racks will provide a bold raw aesthetic display style to accentuate your merchandise and a cohesive expression for your store fixtures. Shop with confidence.

Retail Clothing Racks

Our retail clothing racks are a wall against the shelving system ideal for garment retail stores. With a specifical design to feature different display sections and levels, you can display as much merchandise as you need. Those clothing racks with rails are constructed with strong metal frame and solid wood shelving panels to display large quantities of products, While the smaller sections are just perfect for hats, purse, bags and shoe display or high-end items. If you are looking for commercial clothing racks for your apparel store. Those attractive and multi-function retail display racks and hanging rack system will make your boutique shop unique and outstanding. In addition, it will draw the attention of the customer and guide them into the shop for consuming. Whether you need retail clothes racks for dresses, jackets or shirts or looking for commercial display racks to display underwear or lingerie. our modern sleek design open stylish garment hanger will present your merchandise highly visible to clients in the irresistible charming style. Choose Ant display perfect clothes racks and display fixtures with fast shipping and wholesale pricing.