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Food Carts

Food Carts are smaller food stall and portable food station that used in an indoor shopping mall or outdoor vending space. Some of the mobile vending carts are pushed with four caster wheels while others are food bike vending carts to ride forward. The material used to build a food service carts are also various of the different usages. When we construct a indoor food carts such as crepe carts or coffee stands. We will used plywood or solid wood give a natural outlook. However, if the mobile food service carts used for outdoor, modular fiberglass, stainless steel and aluminum are the ideal choices. Food vending cart are just perfect for people who are limited to a higher budget to start a food kiosk or where you can not able to get a bigger size rental lease. Mobile food carts Stand is also ideal display fixtures for small food businesses. such as sweet corn carts, or cotton candy carts ,hot dog carts, or beer retail stands. What’s more, Bike food-beverage carts is also perfect for public locations that do not have any representation of fast food, coffee or any beverage service. Such as airport, train station, metro station, city square, ground parks or interior showroom, museum, etc. Typically, Bike food carts are different from a food trailer or food truck . You can ride your food business into any places needed instead of waiting for the customer to come toward you. Mobile beverage dink carts will make the business easy to handle and more efficiency. Moreover, food carts cost far less than an indoor kiosk while the profit is generous. Therefore, if you are new to a food business and want to start a kiosk cart. starting with portable food carts will be a great idea to go.
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food cartAnt Display is a leading custom food cart manufacturer with huge mobile food carts, concession carts and bike food carts vending supply. We custom design and build mobile vending food carts for sale. From portable coffee carts to mobile ice cream carts, hot dog carts, juice carts. We bespoke the best mobile food carts with cheap price and supreme quality. Moreover, Our food service carts are fabricated with self-contained sinks and water plumbing systems, So you can easily use it in many locations to prepare clean and safe food. In the past, the cost to buy food carts are very high, many vendors choose to rent food vending carts. Nowadays, With the developing of logistics, you can get a fantastic food service cart direct from food carts to manufacture at a wholesale price.

Our mobile carts for sale are designed to service the rapidly changing of clients' trends. Whether you are looking for a food bike for sale or portable food stands, we have the best portable cart design with attractive features. You can provide as many selections of delicious foods or tasty drinks at the best display presentation. Generally speaking, mobile food stands are easier to operate then indoor food kiosks. On the one hand, it occupy less labor cost to start , On the other hand, it can win a immediate customer with fast cash flow. What’s more, a large variety of food and drinks can serve within a mobile cart. Such as coffee, fruit juice, beer, smoothie, ice cream, popsicle, cotton candy, roll crepe, in which you can choose your best suitable food business to start.  


Mobile food beverage carts for coffee & espresso

Starting a mobile food serving carts for coffee is one of the most popular small business ideas. Within a commercial coffee machine and portable coffee cart, you can move your coffee business into anywhere needed. Typically ,portable coffee stands are ideal display fixtures for indoor while bike food carts are perfect for outdoor vending. Running a coffee carts or coffee bike business will bring you generous revenue instead of huge invest on other possible trends. Ant Display has a large quantity of mobile food bike and food carts for coffee and espresso. Choose our best coffee display stands with a cheap price.

Portable food service carts for ice cream & gelato

food bike for saleIce cream retail can be the hottest food stall in summer, whether in the transmitting system or outdoor parks even in the business shopping center. Mobile Ice cream food carts always have an enviable business and customer groups. Thus, staring at a portable food service carts for ice cream or gelato retail is a smart business idea. Ant display has over 20+ stainless steel ice cream carts , ice cream bike integrate with ice cream freezer and gelato display showcase. From push ice cream stands to bike ice cream carts, you can choose the ideal cart stand that suits you with various cost options.

Mobile beverage carts for fresh juice & smoothie

Another hot small business ideas similar to ice cream is fresh juice serving. Whether you are opening a juice bar inside the shopping mall, or starting a juice kiosk in the corner of the street or even ride a portable beverage cart. juice and smoothie serving will bring profitable revenue that other businesses can not catch up with. Ant display has a large variety of beverage drink carts for fresh fruit juice and cold smoothies. From the solid wood look to the modern fast bike. You can choose the ideal carts stands to start your business. When growing bigger and want to open a juice kiosk indoor, our large scale of juice kiosk design will also bring your absolutely fresh business topic.

Fast food vending carts for the hot dog

Starting a fast food vending carts for hot dog retail is also good business ideas to go.