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The mobile coffee cart & coffee bike are one of the most popular devices to start a small food-beverage business. In recent years, Whether on the street, playground, park, or school gate, you will very easily find some food carts, portable coffee cars. Why do people love to do a mobile food cart to start a business? The first thing is because the food cart is small, it comes with wheels, can move and changes place very flexibly. So where to have a lot of people, you can move cart where. Second is because do a food cart cost is less, and no need for high rent like in the mall. This way you can get a profit quickly. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks, Moreover, coffee production is very easy and no need for complicated machines. You just need a small coffee cart with a commercial coffee machine. and able to move it anytime to places that have customers. In the past, customers need to go to a cafe shop to buy a cup of coffee, now with the help of a nice coffee cart, you can deliver the nice coffee to the front of customers. And no need to pay high rent. This is a perfect idea for new starters. We have offered several nice design function coffee carts and coffee bikes for sale. Check our page and find your favorite food cars to start your coffee shop business. 

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The Main Advantages of a Coffee Cart Business:

  1. The low cost to start:

Even your budget is less, you can also start a coffee cart business. Because we have different styles and prices coffee cart for you to choose. The price started from 1500USD to 4000USD.The normal wood cart as usually about 1500USD-3000USD, some stainless steel cart, or very complicated model about 3000-4000USD.and size can customize as your size, cart style, and look can design as your cart

  1. High-profit revenue

The gross profit of coffee can be as high as 90%, this is why many coffee companies who opened many coffee shops and do a franchise. And where have a lot of people, have a big consumer market, you can just move the cart where, if have a lot of people buy, you can sell many cups one day.

  1. Open in four seasons

Coffee as a drink, it can do hot and cold and different taste. So you can sell the whole year. if you are starting an ice cream kiosk in the mall, the most profitable time will be summer.  Coffee sales do not have any influence on seasonal change.  as long as you can provide the best coffee, you will always in good business. 

  1. Flexible

Some people choose a coffee cart as their main business, some people just treat it as a sideline.No matter when you have time you can choose to sell coffee by your coffee cart. And the places you can choose very flexible.

Ant display is a leading mobile coffee cart manufacturer, we can supply different kinds of the mobile coffee cart, our coffee cart mainly included push coffee cart and coffee bike. Push coffee cart will have push handle on one short side, it as usually need people to push to move; a coffee bike with comes with a bike can ride. The materials used to make the mobile carts usually have several styles. One is made of wood, the surface can use paint or laminate, the countertop can be stainless steel, this kind cart more suitable for indoor use when the sunny day can use at outdoor; one is all made of stainless steel, this kind very suitable for outdoor use. The stainless steel is weather-proof and very durable. Considering the mobile cart not easy to get electricity and water, we can supply a water system with tanks for you to storage water.we can add a Solar panel or generator to supply electricity.

How to Start a Coffee Cart Business?

Are you interested in opening a coffee cart business? maybe you still have no idea how to start a coffee cart business, here are some steps hope can help you:coffee bike

  1. Find out the Legal Requirements in your area

Some places may behave requirements about opening a cart. you need to connect the local Health Department and Environmental Department what kind of needs they have for opening a coffee cart.

  1. Research the market

Before you start the coffee cart business, you need to research the market in advance.who will be your customers? what do they like? what options they have? why they can choose you? these are what you need to think.

  1. Find the right location

A right location plays a very important role for your business.when you choose a location, below several factors, you need to take into consideration:

  • 1)if the places are easy to be found by people and have convenient transportation
  • 2)If the location space suit for you to put the cart
  • 3)Have big human traffic
  • 4)If the location has competition and has how many people do the same business

You can think about the locations which are available, then choose the most suitable from them.

  1. Think about your menu and prices

The menu is very important, it will decide what machines you will need, the coffee tastes you will have and your customers.when you make a menu, you must have your own feature and special products for customers, you should make it different as your competitors. The price also needs reasonable, could too high or too low.

  1. find a supplier to make your coffee cart

There are many coffee cart suppliers, how to choose one to get the styles you want also with good price? You’d better choose a customized factory, which can do customize, they can do the cart as your needs, at the same time can give you a nice price.

  1. Order your machines and hire staff

Well, after reading the above, have you got some ideas on how to open a coffee cart business? To start a business of course have many challenges, but don’t hesitate! Only you try then you can have change be successful.

Custom Coffee Cart For Sale

We have a large variety of modern design coffee carts, indoor wooden coffee carts, coffee pod stands. express coffee stands and coffee bikes for sale. you can select your favorite model that you like. if you need any coffee station with a unique style or custom logo. Welcome to contact our team. you just need to tell us your requirement. Our design team will give you a free 3D design for your reference. and then build the coffee stand exactly following the drawing.