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Fabric Light Box

Are you looking for a manufacturer of fabric lightboxes? Lightboxes are an effective way to increase visibility and attract the attention of messages. Our light boxes can be specified in various color temperature ranges, dimmable, single-sided, or double-sided, and can be wall-mounted, hung, or placed independently. The design of the fabric light box makes it complementary to any type of interior space. Our fabric light boxes are specially designed for indoor use and are very suitable for large backlit displays. Ant Display's fabric light box is your ideal choice. Our fabric light box can custom as big as you need to create a huge and magnificent version. Its specifications will satisfy your customized requirements, and its advantages and technical advantages will enable you to buy products immediately!

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  1. UV Fabic Light Box Outdoor Rainproof Double-sided Luminous Led Advertisting Sign
    As low as $200.00
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Get The Best Fabric Light Box From Ant Display Today!

All of our light boxes use a tension fabric system to produce high-impact seamless printed graphics, which means they can easily adapt to new interiors, promotions and information by simply changing the fabric. First of all, there is no need to worry about its installation part in the tension fabric light box, because its installation and removal are also very simple. There are thin silicon strips on the edge of the light box. The product has a simple fit and fabric pattern, can be easily removed, and can be stretched without leaving wrinkles. The fabric light box can be patterned with stitched silicon edges. This can help you easily manage the display of the fabric light box. You can easily fold the graphics and pack them. Opening the graph again can effectively eliminate the crisis, thereby extending the crisis to the frame. It reflects the least light and has very strong color saturation.fabric light box

Frameless fabric lightbox

If you want to increase the display of the light box, then the frameless fabric light box is the most suitable lightbox for you. It is made of extruded aluminum. Since the surface layer is only 1.5mm wide, it can be used on various occasions, especially small shops. It can help you make better use of space. The frameless fabric LED light box is very durable, not only lightweight but also high strength. The standard surface treatment is silver and black anodized. The tension fabric system allows simple assembly and removal of tension fabric patterns, which can be done by sewing the edges of silicon (base cloth). In this way, graphics can be transported safely and easily only by folding and packaging. Next time you use graphics, the tension fabric system channel will effectively eliminate creases by stretching to fit the frame. Provide standard sizes, and provide customized sizes according to your exact requirements.

Backlit LED frameless fabric light box

The lighting used in the fabric light box is edge-lit LED lighting. The etched light-shielding fabric makes the display look brighter because it can spread light throughout the display. It also has a backlight, no hot spots, or shadows. When you want a unique promotional effect, the backlit ultra-thin light box can help you. An excellent backlight LED frameless fabric light box is an ultra-thin choice in the field of light boxes. It only has a 1.5mm frame, almost no frame, and it looks great. When people see it, it looks elegant and mysterious. In addition, it also has an internal power supply, so there is no need to worry about the installation requirements of this light box.

Why Choose Ant Display Light Box

As the leading manufacturer of commercial display fixtures and light boxes, we custom design and manufacture baric light poster for retail stores and restaurants. Whether you are looking for a wall amounted menu poster or need a double side freestanding advertising stands. Ant Display gets all your needs covered. Check our site and choose the top quality light box in ideal dimensions. 

Advantages of Rally Fabric Light Box

The fabric LED light box is the latest visual display trend, and the tension fabric light box uses a high-quality aluminum frame and powerful luminous LED. Its large and eye-catching graphics attract the audience's attention. The pattern used in Ant Display’s backlit fabric light box is a silicone edge map, which is a stretched fabric pattern surrounded by elongated silicone strips that extend along the inner edge of the light box frame. Insert into a narrow groove. After insertion, stretch the fabric graphic to the entire surface of the light box to obtain a tight, wrinkle-free appearance. Fabric silicone edge graphics are usually printed by dye sublimation, which has strong color saturation and is very suitable for minimizing reflected light. The fabric graphics can be easily removed by pulling the small external label, which is located in the corner of the image without interference.

Applicable places of cloth lightbox

The tension fabric system is very suitable for exhibition displays and booths, retail displays, window displays, showrooms, reception areas, and foyer areas, roadshows, and museum pictures. In fact, any interior decoration can be supplemented by a graphic display including a tension fabric system. For example, retail stores, company offices, health, and medical facilities, exhibitions, and trade shows, and art galleries and museums to maximize visual effects. If you need a customized fabric light box, please feel free to contact us

Custom Fabric Light Box For Sale

Fabric light boxes are widely used in our daily life and in almost all business environments. Whether you want to build a backlit blue sky ceiling or need a large scale of product advertising, Traditional backlit posters can not build as big size as you require. Then the fabric will be the best choice. We can custom build the light box in any size you need with a frameless style.  It can not only light up your business space but also make your shop outstanding. What's more, the cost to build s fabric light box is much lower than any other style posters. Therefore, it just the perfect advertising equipment for every business industry. If you are looking for a portable light box, slim frame light box, or large size light box, welcome to Ant Display and sent us an inquiry. we will be happy to hear from you.