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Stainless Steel Letters

Stainless steel is a very popular logo, as well as the address and number of the advertisement. All stainless steel letters, numbers, patterns and other logos are shipped without a clear polyurethane coating. Our internal and external stainless steel logo letters are cut from high-quality solid stainless steel plates, which can be used safely both indoors and outdoors. In the impact sign, we only use water jet cutting. This ensures the highest density of our stainless steel wall letters and provides a tight internal structure and precise details. Common types of stainless steel are C304 and C316. In most cases, C304 alloy will not change color. However, if the stainless steel letters or LOGO are placed in a salt water environment, alloy C316 has better corrosion resistance and discoloration resistance. Like other numbers and letters, stainless steel can be installed with a stud, so that stainless steel is easier to install. In addition, if you need a stainless steel logo, we can create one for you according to your needs. You only need to provide your needs and size, we can customize it for you. In addition to using steel letters on houses and buildings, stainless steel characters can also be used on retail store and salon interior decorations,Check our sites and find your favorite letters color and fonts.

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Stainless steel fonts will decorate your retail store and salon to a certain extent and will make your shops more beautiful and attractive. Stainless steel letters will give your business shop logo a very beautiful look. Compared with the acrylic logo, the stainless steel font is sharper. Stainless steel fonts are very easy to install, we recommend that you purchase the installation mode. Especially if you have never used this type of logo before. The installation mode can help you put the letters in the right place. If you have any questions, you can contact me as soon as possible.stainless steel letters logo

Custom stainless steel logo letters for sale

Alloy C304 alloy is the standard "18/8" stainless steel; it is the most widely used stainless steel. If you are within 50 miles of the coast, experts recommend using 316 alloys. Many industrial zone groups also give such advice. The use of 304 in coastal areas may fail the entire project because alloy 304 is not as corrosion resistant as alloy 316.

Alloy 316 is the standard molybdenum-containing grade, ranking second only to C304 in stainless steel. Because alloy 316 is rich in molybdenum, alloy 316 is more resistant to corrosion than alloy C304. Especially in the chloride environment, the advantages of alloy 316 are more obvious.

Cor-Ten steel is weathering steel made of copper, chromium, and nickel alloys. When exposed to air, the material forms its own protective layer. In other words, the surface layer will rust, and then protect the steel under the surface layer. Natural surface treatment generally does not require other treatments, such as spray painting. This will save costs. This type of steel is also called raw steel letters. Cor-Ten, also known as raw steel letters, is unprotected and can easily rust. So this kind of stainless steel is not suitable for LOGO.

Brushed steel letters are particularly easy to absorb pollutants in the air from harsh environments. In many cases, these residues seen by customers are actually rust. In most non-maritime situations, if the brushed stainless steel has rust, it is only necessary to clean the brushed stainless steel surface. This is easy to do, because stainless steel letters will encounter rust during transportation, and the letters of ordinary stainless steel cleaners can remove rust. Return the entire stainless steel LOGO to a new state. In harsh conditions or at sea, 316 alloys with a longer service life is recommended, which will be more durable. If the outside environment is bad, you need to protect it with paint.

How to install stainless steel logo?

You can install Ant Display's cut stainless steel letters on almost any wall. Including indoor office drywall, exterior wall brick, stone, metal wall panel and stucco can be installed with stainless steel letters. We will use a bolted bracket embedded in the back of the letter to help the installation. For projection effects, use intervals (also included) to make your letters float on the wall. All our cut metal letters will send drawings to assist with installation and will tell you where to drill. Many of our customers will choose to purchase the stainless steel fonts he needs, and they will install them after receiving them.

Can it be customized according to size?

Yes, we can customize according to your size. Ant Display Limited provides customized services. You can send us your size and letters. We will produce according to your needs. Each of our letters is carefully customized and professionally processed according to your needs. So please rest assured.

Ant Display was established in 2006 and has extensive export experience in this field. Our goal is to help customers produce products that are suitable for them and make every effort to meet their needs. So you can contact us if you have any questions.