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Food trailers are becoming more and more popular and for good reason. Due to people's love of mobile food, the industry is developing rapidly. With increasing demand and relatively low start-up costs, food trailers have become major business opportunities for anyone who likes cooking or wants to start a food business. Our company is composed of a professional designer team and construction team. All of us put our goal at the center of everything to help our customers succeed as quickly as possible. To this end, we focus on the design and production of the entire process and other requirements, and we can order our own food trailer so that you can set it up according to the exact needs of your customers. Ant Display Supply Modern design food trailers, food carts, and food kiosk at a reasonable price. Contact our team to get a food trailer today.

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In the past ten years, our team of designers has designed thousands of food trailers, food courts, food carts, portable food kiosks, and helping our customers successfully started many different food shops and restaurants. Whether you are buying your first food truck or expanding your business, our selection of trailers will definitely help you. Our concession food trailers are including but not limited to the barbecue trailer, pizza trailer, coffee trailer, dessert trailer, hamburger trailer, donut trailer, crepe trailer, bubble tea trailer, ice cream trailer, a fast food trailer, and many trailers for sale

Top Quality Mobile Food Trailer at a reasonable price

Whether are you a new business starter looking for a small food cart to start your food shop business or fast food want to expand your brand, Our functional food trailer will offer you the best platform. The ultra-useful food trailers can custom according to your requirement and build in the best quality safety food standard materials, check our page and find your ideal design

The features of the food trailer:

  1. Larger storage space. Larger working space can bring more storage space. Compared with food trucks, food trailers have more space to place food, refrigerators, ovens, and other cooking utensils. This will be more conducive to your food business expansion.
  1. More favorable price. It’s important to note that if you can stay still, a food trailer is a better choice. If you plan to move to various places frequently, it may be worth buying a food truck instead of a trailer.

Either way, for food trucks or trailers, having a good brand will make your truck look more professional. Make sure the logo is clearly displayed on your food trailer, and try to stick to the theme of your food brand.

Modern food truck & food trailers

When you walk down the street with a hungry stomach, there is no more popular sight than a food trailer parked near you. After all, mobile food services sell all kinds of delicacies. From fried sausages to pasta to a variety of ice cream and juice drinks, food trucks or trailers allow you to taste a variety of delicious foods at affordable prices.

Choosing a food trailer or food truck depends on your budget and goals. Food trucks provide more space and greater mobility, while food trailers are cheaper and come in various sizes. Food trailers and food trucks have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Read on to learn more about food trucks and food trailers so you can make an informed decision!

Mobile & Easy Handle Food Trailers

Due to their size and mobility, these food trucks allow you to store and sell a variety of foods in different locations. It eliminates the need for towing and can easily accommodate commercial kitchens. and If your food truck encounters any problems, you will not be able to operate it until it is repaired. Maintenance costs are also very expensive.

However, The cost of food trailers is slightly lower than that of food trucks, but one disadvantage is the food trailers need for separate transportation vehicles. Compared to food trucks, food trailers generally provide more space and allow more windows, so you can store and sell more types of food and serve more customers. 

Nevertheless, Compared to food trucks, one of the biggest advantages of food trailers is that those trailers provide greater flexibility in terms of size and design. You can add sticker designs on them, or customized color and styles. and even turn them into mini restaurants with colorful banners, outdoor tables, and buffets. This can attract customers and bring you more business. 

Custom Food Trailers for various usages

As you can see, both food trucks and food trailers have advantages and disadvantages. Which one you choose depends on your needs. If you need a lot of space, flexibility, and low maintenance costs, then you can choose a food trailer. If you want more convenience, then you can choose a food truck. Of course, the other is to consider the cost. Compared to food trailers, food trucks will be more expensive and will likely require more maintenance.

Food trucks and food trailers are good choices to start your food retail business. The final choice is up to you. Please contact our team to discuss your options so that you can make an informed decision! You can browse our food retail trailers and choose your ideal model. Whenever you do not find the ideal design. Our design team can help you create a unique trailer design with your own brand logo and advertising posters.

Ant Display is a professional food kiosk, food trailer, and food equipment manufacturer in China. We have successfully build a large number of food trailers, food vans, and food carts during the past decades. If you are starting a food concession business and looking for high-quality food kiosk stands or trailers. Ant Display definitely your best place to go. Contact our team with your detailed requirements, you will get a perfect mobile food shop in a short time.