Nail Salon Design

  1. Manicure & Pedicure Service Stand Body Care SPA Store Interior Design

    nail shop

    In addition to professional technology and good service, the design of the store is also one of the reasons to attract customers. People like to go to beautiful stores, good decoration and professional equipment will make them feel comfortable and at ease, and a good environment will affect people’s mood. So a good store design and furniture are very important for our business. Many people will choose t...

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  2. Salon Store Display Furniture 3D Design| Multifunctional Beauty Store Layout

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    A beauty salon is one of the most popular businesses in the service industry. Its business range is wider, we can do manicure, pedicure, eyebrow, makeup, and hairdressing, etc. Some stores only do one kind of item, but there are some stores that combine these items. However, if we want to combine many items, we also need to consider many issues. Such as the size of the store, location, passenger flow...

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  3. High-end beauty nail bar salon store interior design

    nail salon shop front design

    Everyone has the love of beauty, especially the girls. The nail industry is developing rapidly, and the beauty industry's prosperity is precisely because of their contributions. It is the dream of many manicurists to open a nail shop of their own. But opening a store is like investing, and there is a certain degree of risk after all. If a store wants to be profitable, it is very important to make adequate...

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  4. How to arrange the furniture in the nail salon?

    nail salon

    Nail salons are popular with women no matter where they are. Nail art can make women more feminine. The femininity presented by finger paint is stronger than any cosmetics. Its feminine concentration is the highest, far above lip gloss. The more delicate the tips, the more flavorful a woman is. Fingernails, toenails, and hair are tied for the three tips, and nail art accounts for two of them. As a...

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  5. How to Decorate an Attractive Nail Store?

    nail salon interior design

    We must pay attention to the decoration of nail salons. Because the decoration is good or not, it will directly affect the development of the nail salon. Many friends who run nail salons will not have good reasons for doing well, so they can summarize the reasons for management, products, and services. However, the decoration of the shop is crucial to opening a nail salon. So if you need good decoration...

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