Sign Letters

metal sign lettersGlad to know you are looking for unique sign letters for your business. The logo letter is very important in business because it displays the company name, brand and becomes a symbol for promotion. Sign letters include marquee letters, acrylic letters, wood letters, metal letters, push-through letters, outdoor letters, etc. They use different materials to make and have different effects. The sign letters usually attach to the shop front, wall, and inside the store. No matter how unique is your sign letters, you can get a wonderful solution and has a great effect.

The sign letters produced by the Ant display have a beautiful appearance and are durable. You can install sign letters on almost any wall, including indoor office drywall, exterior wall tiles, stone, metal siding, etc. Installation is simple, fast, and safe to use. We have a professional production and sales team, you can find the perfect sign letters. Ant Display has more than 20 years of experience in sign letter production. Our sign letters are popular in many countries, such as Australia, Canada, UK, the USA, Germany, and other countries. Just send us your brand logo file to get the perfect sign letters for business.

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Introduction of sign letters

Logos are mainly used to express your brand culture and brand to the public. We can use sign letters to support the effect of bright light. Bright light is a good idea to catch the eye. And can be clearly seen at night. Here are different styles of sign letters, let’s learn more information together.

sign lettersMarquee Letters

The marquee letters usually have a very illuminated effect. It is full of small bulbs on the surface for brilliant. Each bulb has a certain distance directly so that they will not affect each other when they emit light. From the outside, brand letters are composed of every light source, and they look very vibrant especially at night. We can even add variable-color light sources, and the changing colors are usually impressive

Acrylic Letters

Acrylic letters are one of the most popular brand signs. They usually look very beautiful and can perfectly show your design ideas. Acrylic letters can make a variety of different shapes and colors. We can install the light bar to make the acrylic letter glow. For example, 3D illuminated acrylic letters, backlit letters, etc. Acrylic letters are usually the perfect solution for outdoor and indoor signage. They are not fading, are not easy to crack, have high hardness, and can withstand bad weather.

Wood Letters

Wood letters are a solution for indoor signage. It is very suitable for creating a natural, classic shop style. Ant Display’s wood letters are usually installed on the counter or the wall. You can decorate the signed letter in any color you like, such as black or walnut. We can also paint them to red, green, blue, gray, etc. Wood letters usually use MDF or Plywood as the basic material while the surface material is baking paint, wood laminate, veneer, etc. We can see wood letters in handicraft workshops, kindergartens, food stores, decoration stores, etc.

Metal Letters

The metal letters have bright colors and eye-catching effects. Its advantages are high-temperature resistance, resistance to deformation, resistance to fading, rain resistance, fire resistance, and spontaneous combustion resistance. We can use different metal materials to obtain different effects, such as bronze letters, iron letters, stainless steel letters, titanium letters, 3D luminous letters, titanium-plated gold letters, etc. You can buy suitable metal letters from Ant display. Metal letters usually use welding and cutting processes, and create an artistic atmosphere

sign lettersPush Thru Letters

Push-thru letters are usually used as an image wall. It is usually made of a shape or letter arranged in a metal sheet and then made of transparent acrylic. Push-thru letters can produce high-tech and exquisite effects with light strips. The shadows left on the wall also enhance the three-dimensional sense of signage. And the soft light of Push thru letters can make any environment active and bright. They support customization and allow you to choose colors and styles

Outdoor Sign Letters

Outdoor sign letters are usually installed on the outside of buildings, and each letter is very large so that people can see it even if they are far away. Outdoor sign letters are also used as road signs to guide customers to enter the store smoothly. The outdoor sign letters sold by Ant display are equipped with rain and leakage protection devices, which are safe to use and can serve for a long time.

Flat Cut Letters

Flat-cut letters attract people's attention because they are usually fixed using locators and templates. The material is usually acrylic, metal, aluminum, or wood. We can even have a more metal frame and polish it, which means that your brand’s flat-cut letters seem to be installed on the wall and look more three-dimensional. Ant display can also provide upgraded flat cut letters, such as mirror, brushed, and other effects.

About Ant Display

Ant Display is a professional design and manufacturer of sign letters. We provide store and office designs suitable for your business and show you the installation effect of sign letters in advance. Our team of designers provides you with the latest sign letters solutions, and your satisfaction is our driving force. Whenever you need attractive sign letters and shop furniture, please contact us immediately! I believe you can get satisfactory sign letters here.