Nowadays, the Milk tea shop is a popular and profitable business. Many entrepreneurs choose to open a milk tea shop. To open a good milk tea shop needs its self conditions and needs good staff to bring good service. You can start a bubble tea kiosk in the mall or start a bubble tea store in the business street. No matter where you open the tea shop, you have to bear in mind that quality and cost control are the critical key to success.

Staff Needed In a Bubble Tea Kiosk

Entrepreneur owner who select projects do not know what kind of staffing is better. The following analysis here gives you tips on how many employees you need to open a milk tea shop.


Milk tea kiosk needs several employees to help offering service, but how to train them, this is the problem a lot of shop owners should thinking about .

The number of employees in a bubble tea kiosk determined according to the store's turnover. Generally speaking, milk tea kiosk employees have three positions: cashier, assistant, and manager. If you are not franchising a bubble tea brand or the boss manages it himself, he can be the store manager and cashier himself.

  • If the turnover is about $1,000, one cashier and one assistant are needed;
  • If the turnover is about $2,000, one cashier and two shop assistants are needed;
  • If the turnover is over $3,000, one cashier and three shop assistants are required;

Among them, the shop assistant can recruit a long-term employee. If you still need a clerk, you can consider recruiting for a part-time job. Arrange the part-time work time in the peak period of store consumption, which can also reduce staff costs.

In the early stage of a business opening, considering that the staff is not familiar with the product and operation process, so you can arrange more employees appropriately. After the team can operate skillfully, the store business is stable, and adjust the number of employees according to the actual operation situation.

Employees Training

At present, the bubble tea kiosk operation is not only the competition of products but also the personnel service. The employees of milk tea shops can take up their posts after professional training. The staff training of milk tea shop involves the following aspects.

First, professional product production training, skilled use of various machinery and equipment, rapid identification of different raw materials, strictly following the product production manual to operate the product, so that every drink sold is the same standardized product, the shop assistant can not change the production method and standard ratio of products at will;

The second is the training of service skills and service awareness. The catering industry belongs to the service industry, and shop assistants' impression of customers is essential. Service language, service process, service awareness, and skills need continuous training.


Management Skills

In the actual recruitment of employees, according to the store's real situation, location, passenger flow, and other essential conditions, flexible personnel allocation, and pay attention to control the mobility of personnel. mall kiosk for bubble tea are quite different from inline shops , but they follow the same rules, As long as you can offer a better service, the employee quantities not so important.