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Wall Display Case

Are you looking for display options for products, prizes, or collectibles? Our series of wall display cases are wall-mounted and come in a variety of sizes and depths. The patented swing-open case system is just one of many unique features, and no other features can be found. This collection can easily meet the needs of your project, if you can not meet the needs, we can customize a shadow box for you. What type of cabinet fixtures can save floor space, but still have the functions expected of high-quality display cabinets? The Wall display case is the same as the style and selection of the free-standing cabinet. Built-in cabinets have the style of retail goods, business operations, professional enterprises, and private collectors. Ant Display offer a large variety of wooden wall display cases, wall amounted showcases, wall floating glass cases, and acrylic cases for sale. Check our site and find your favorite wall display fixtures. 

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At Ant Display, we provide a variety of wall-mounted display cabinets and wall-mounted display cabinets, which are designed to fit a variety of environments, including retail stores, medical offices, schools, commercial stores, and offices. Our wall-mounted displays are ideal for displaying high-value items, including collectible antiques and handicrafts, jewelry, accessories, trophies, and awards.wall display case

The wall-mounted display cabinet can be installed directly on the wall surface, or it can be recessed into the wall to form a built-in appearance. Space-constrained environments allow these displays to display items at the same height as the eyes without affecting the visibility of the items or crowded ground space. Each wall-mounted display cabinet is equipped with tempered glass to meet the special requirements of the location. These display racks are ideal for school use, and can display trophies and medals of smaller sizes, and are ideal for displaying high-value items, including collectible antiques, artifacts, jewelry, and accessories.

Streamline Wall Cases

Streamline Wall Cases are the most furniture-like cabinets in all display cabinets, providing a lot of space for displaying your products along the wall. The wall cabinet is also equipped with a standard front locker, which can improve efficiency and is very suitable for the promotion of elegant fashion, exquisite appearance, and stylish products. Ant display's display cabinets are made of high-quality materials with attention to detail. These aisle boxes come standard with aluminum finishes, with optional gold or black finish frames. We provide a variety of lighting options and can customize display cabinets according to your requirements.

Wall-mounted Glass Display Cabinets

Wall-mounted display cabinets can create elegant museum-style exhibits for goods or collectibles. The spacious interior can easily display artworks, figurines, antiques or personal treasures. The box design of these display cabinets is ideal for creating 3D exhibits without limiting visibility. The anti-collision cover is screwed to the base to protect valuables from dust and fingerprints and provides additional protection against theft or damage.

Wooden Wall Display Showcase

A traditional wooden trophy box with a swing door is part of our antique collection. They are made of oak or cherry wood and are carefully molded to give the quality of handicraft heirlooms. These non-locking models also have adjustable shelves and mirrored back covers, but no internal lighting.

Product Wall Showcase

The wall-mounted display cabinet not only saves floor space but also saves space. They are particularly useful when showing customers that small but valuable items are protected by both locks and keys. In addition, retailers can install the closet next to the floor model to increase interest, or hang the closet behind the counter, and almost every customer can see it at checkout. If you need a unique wall display case, Ant-Display can help you customize it.

Before buying a wall display cabinet, remember, especially for smaller expensive items; the location of the display cabinet you choose to hang on the wall is as important as the product you choose to display in it. Because these types of boxes are usually visual displays and need help viewing the actual content, especially in a retail environment, they need to be hung on a wall level with the eyes. If consumers can stand next to the display to see the product, then they are more likely to buy it.

Custom Wall Display Cases For Sale

With more than 20 years of experience in retail store fixtures, trophy wall showcase, retail display showcase, glass display cabinets, medal display cases, Ant display has various display cabinets in different styles, colors, dimensions, and material that meet your unique requirements. Whether you need display cabinets to display products to be resold in retail stores, or to display school trophies, collectibles, medals, awards, or to display your commercial products and services, we will have the right wall display cases for you at an affordable cost.

All styles available, including floor, tabletop, wall-mounted, locked, and counter style. Choose from wooden frames, metal structure, aluminum frames, acrylic shells, or our frameless glass display case. In some wall display cases, including the latest LED lighting and transformer system to ensure a longlasting quality. Various sizes of colors and finishes can match your modern interior decoration. You can find our wall display cases, wall mounted display cabinets, wall shelves, and wall showcase in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries.