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Barber_Shop_FurnitureBarber Shop Furniture

A good barber shop design needs perfect hair salon furniture to achieve the final effect. Whether you are looking for a vintage, industrial, classic, or modern style barber shop, you need the top quality furniture to equip. The right equipment can not only make the work more efficient, but it can also improve the business environments. An attractive front desk creates a friendly welcome first impression when customers walk through the door, while the functional styling stations can essentially enhance your work. Comfortable Styling chairs, Bright Salon mirrors, even the interior wall decorations all tell significant messages to customers. Only focus on details can we win the service.

Ant Display is tailored to the specific requirements of various style barbershops and supply the hair salon furniture most professionally. Whether you are looking for a hair salon reception desk, customized styling stations, hair cutting counters, shampoo wet stations, or need iconic piece salon chairs, We have the best models at the best price for you. The stylish and durable furniture that is finished with top-grade can primarily improve your barber shop interior space. Kids barber chairs, shampoo bowls, and other customized display cabinets are also available on a low budget. Contact our team to get your best barber shop furniture!

  1. Styling Stations
  2. Reception Desk
  3. Wet Stations
  4. Mirrors
  5. Styling Chairs
  6. Stools
  7. Shampoo Chairs
  8. Kids Barber Chairs
  9. Barber Pole
  10. Barber Trolley
  11. Backlit Sign Logo
  12. Hair Salon Design

Find the widest choice of barber shop furniture & decorations from Ant. We offer a one-stop solution for all types of barber shop fittings. From styling stations, salon wet stations to modern design reception front desks. You can get any salon furniture that is needed in a barbershop. Moreover, when you decorate your barber studio and looking for a backlit sign logo, stainless steel sign letters, or eye-catching rotating barber poles, you can also find it here. Besides the existing models listed, our customize service allows you have your dreamed display with unlimited ideas.

The flexible barber trolly and tool cabinets are just the perfect assistants for hairdressers. We stock an extensive range of stainless steel tool stands, foldable barber trolleys, and utility carts at affordable prices. With multiple color choices, you can choose the best favorites to fit your barbershop. Aside from the wooden styling stations and furniture, salon mirrors in unique style will bring you more than a surprise. As the leading manufacturer of hair salon furniture manufacturer, we have been designing and building barber shops for over 15 years. Find the best style barber shop design from Ant and choose your best furniture at an economical cost!