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Backlit Sign

The backlit sign is usually a sign from the back of the light source. A backlit sign (also known as a sign with illuminated lighting) is a type of light that is illuminated from behind by a light source (mainly an LED lamp). Backlight signboards are widely used and can be used indoors or outdoors, such as shopping malls, retail shops, kiosks, and retail displays. Now backlit signs are widely used in different areas, no matter what kind of shop or kiosk, all need put a sign, this is necessary. The service life of LED can be as long as 100,000 hours. This makes the life of the LED-backlit sign very long. And the LED backlight has a better color gamut, and the color reproduction effect is better. So the backlit sign mainly LED backlit signs. Ant Display offers a large variety of modern backlit signages, led signs, and posters. From acrylic signages to stainless steel backlit sign letter or metal plastic sign, you can get any material signages that fit your space.  Besides existing sign fonts and letters, we can also custom backlit sign logo for your unique environment. browse our site and find your favorite signs.

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LED-backlit sign can play a good role no matter in the day or night, no matter indoor or outdoor, excellent halo effect makes your sign has always become the focus of people's attention, suitable for companies, buildings, and home use. At night, it will look very beautiful, because it is backlit, it will not be dazzling, and it looks very bright.led backlit sign

LED Backlit Signs for Shop & Brand LOGO

The backlit sign mainly has two types according to the different acrylic panel at back:

Luxury model: The acrylic backplate of this sign is relatively thick, and part of it is exposed outside the metal sign. This sign can directly shine through the exposed acrylic. People can see the light directly behind the acrylic backplate. This kind backlit sign brightness is very good, and the luminous effect is also very three-dimensional, mainly used in high-end storefronts.

General model: This kind of backlit sign, acrylic luminous board is located in the 3D metal sign housing, this kind of lighting effect will look more uniform. This sign needs to reflect the light through the wall because the acrylic is inside the metal. This kind of logo cannot be directly attached to the wall, and there must be a small distance before the wall, generally 10-20mm, this kind of sign also widely used in-store decoration.

The materials used to make backlit signs mainly acrylic and metal. The backboard we know as usually are acrylic, the front surface can be solid color acrylic or mental. The Galvanized stainless steel and Aluminum are widely used for surface finish.

Backlit sign installation

Many customers will worry about the installation of the backlit sign, here I want to explain to you in detail. Its installation is not difficult. First of all, we know that the backlit sign needs to emit light, so you need to walk the wire in advance at the location where the SIGN is installed to provide power. Because the backlit signs require a very small voltage, generally 12V, we will provide a transformer, you need to install it in one place, please note that before selecting the backlight sign letter, you need to have an electrical connection. We will provide the power supply (transformer) needed to power the low voltage LED. Because you need to fix these backlit signs on the wall, you need to make a hole and fix these letters with screws from the back.


1. What power source is needed for backlit signs?

Backlit signs generally require the use of a 12v low voltage power supply. The amperage range is 5-15 amps. We will provide a transformer, so after connecting the power supply, the transformer will automatically change the voltage to the voltage required by the backlight logo, which is very convenient to use.

2. How much does a backlit sign cost?

The price needs to be confirmed according to the material, style, and the size and thickness of the backlight letters you want to make. We provide customization, which can be customized according to your requirements.

How long does it take to make a backlit sign?

It usually takes 5-10 days, depending on your size and complexity.

How to maintain backlit logos?

Maintenance work is very simple. All you need is a cloth, then wipe with water. It is not recommended to wipe with alcohol or other corrosive solutions, because there are acrylic and spray paint in some places. Alcohol will damage the surface and cause damage.

Custom backlit signs for sale

backlit logoWe all know that people are more attracted to led backlit signs when walking on the street, especially at night, the glow effect can make people see clearly. If the logo is not illuminated, it is difficult for people to see your brand at night. Ant display has a professional cutting production equipment and professional production team. As a factory opened for 10 years, we can give you the most favorable factory price and high-end quality. We provide customized services that can communicate with you to understand your needs to create an effective backlit sign that fits your budget, brand, and environment.

If you have any needs, just contact us, send us your sign file and how you want to do, we will create what you want.