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We all know that if you want to open a nail business, whether it is a nail shop or a nail cabinet, a nail table is an essential piece of furniture. The manicure counter is a table for manicure staff to work and provide a place for customers to do a manicure. It is usually equipped with corresponding facilities, such as nail cleaner, nail lamp, drying lamp, nail polish rack, etc. Manicure tables need to provide enough space for technicians to work and provide customers with a comfortable resting position. Therefore, the position between each nail position should be sufficient. The countertops are generally made of materials that are easy to clean, resistant to corrosion and scratches. Ant Display Custom design and manufacture a large amount of wooden manicure table, portable manicure table. These manicure desks are perfectly suited for nail kiosk, nail salon, and nail bar. Check our site and buy your favorite manicure table at an affordable cost.

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Nail tools and nail polish are usually put on the nail table. Therefore, it is best to choose a solid material that is resistant to corrosion and not easy to scratch. Marble, quartz stone, and tempered glass are all good choices. The cabinet can be made of wood with decorative panels or wood with baking varnish. The bottom leg is usually made of metal.manicure table

Get Top-Quality Manicure Table at Economical Price

Ant display was founded in 2008, is a company specializing in the production of shopping mall display cabinets and storefront furniture. We can provide nail tables for various nail shops, salons, and spa shops. We have many different styles and colors for you to choose from. Many nail tables are equipped with a full set of equipment, nail lamps, nail cleaners, drying lamps, and are equipped with drawers and cabinet doors for you to store and put tools. We will take the wires and install the sockets, so all will be installed. After you receive it, you only need to put it in the corresponding position to use. And we have different materials for you to choose, you can match the corresponding materials according to the budget, we provide customized services, you can create a beautiful nail table that fits your budget and is very beautiful.

Modern Design

Good manicure table design will always win the business. Not only from the owners' positions but also form the customer user experience view. In order to improve better user experience. Ant Display offer a large amount of modern style manicure tables with UV lights, desk amount manicure dust collector, as well as drawers to organize small polish bottles. 

Manicure tables are used in various environments to fit different business models. when you using a nail kiosk in the mall you will need a modern style functional type. while using in the nail salon, you should choose a more classic with patterns and textures to generate a more esthetic mood.

High-Quality Materials

Our countertop usually uses tempered glass or quartz stone, and the surface is made of anti-acetone laminate. This combination is very durable and beautiful. If you have enough space, you can choose a slightly larger manicure table, if the size is small, we can provide a folding nail table, and you can add wheels according to your needs. We have our own professional design team and production factory, which can give you the best service and quality from design to production.

Choose The Best Manicure Table Today!

Well, if you ready to order a manicure table to start your business, how to select the right manicure table? Suitable is the best before you decide you need to take these factors into consideration.

Find Your Dream Manicure Desk

Before you buy the manicure table, you need to know your aim clearly.this can help select the exact product you want. if you only use it to do nails, you need think when do nails maybe will need what kind functional and machines, tools; if you want it multifunctional, maybe also want to use it makeup or do another service, then you also need think other businesses need it has what kind function, so this will take longer time.

Chosen The Right Table Dimension

Size is a very important factor you need to take into consideration when you choose a manicure table. because your nail table needs to have enough space to work and put the tools, machines. when you choose the nail table, the space for legs is very important. Because customers and staff all need to sit a long time.

Arrange Necessary Storage Cabinet

A storage area is necessary for a manicure table. Because when do nails, will need a place to put tools, put nail polish, lights etc.if nail table has enough storage area, then stuff no need leave the seat to get the tools they need, this will help save time and more convenient.

Easy Clean Countertop

When manicure nails, will easily have dust, nail polish, gel left on the countertop, so you will need always clean the countertop when you clean, you need choose easy clean and smooth surfaces, like tempered glass, the stone is a good choice.

Long Durability and Functional Usage

You need to think about the nail Technical staff needs. because they need always to sit there, so the nail table needs to consider their needs. When you choose a manicure table, you need to take care of quality.this is very important. because the nail table needs to use every day, so you need to choose durable materials.

The Best Style and Color

If you already finished your shop decoration and have some other furniture, when you choose, you need to select the colors which can match your shop theme and other furniture, this way your shop will look very nice.

Custom Commercial Manicure Table at Factory Price

When you choose a manicure table, you will surely take your budget into consideration. if your budget is small, you can some important area of nail table-use high-cost materials, some areas which don’t have special requirements you can use normal materials.and style can choose a simple but functional style.

If you are interested in ordering a manicure table, just come here!you will get what you want!