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Bar Counter is a necessary and popular display fixture in the retail business environment and service space. Generally, a bar counter is needed in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, tea shops, clubs,etc. and used to provide guests with drinks, cash register, and other services. In most circumstances, the Bar counters act as both reception counter and service counter. The bar counter is the core part of the shop, originally derived from the bar. Bar Counter can now be seen in many modern entertainment and leisure services such as food shops, restaurants, hotels, etc., but they are generally used as cashiers or service desks. Ant Display offers a large variety of modern design industrial style bar counter for sale. Perfectly reception counter for your cafe and food court.  Besides the existing counter stands, we can custom design and build a unique bar counter with your own brand culture and special ideas. Contact our team to learn more. 

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The bar counter is composed of (front bar) bar cabinet (back bar) and operation table (center bar). The size and composition of the bar are also different depending on the specific conditions, so the style can be varied. There are three basic bar counters that are the most common.Stone Bar Counter

Modern Design Bar Counter For Sale

  • The first is a straight bar with closed sides. The advantage of this bar is that the waiter at the bar will not turn away from the guests. There is no fixed size for the straight bar. It is generally believed that the bar that a waiter can effectively control is about 3.5 meters.
  • Another bar shape is a horseshoe bar or U-shaped bar. The bar protrudes into the shop, and generally, three or more operation points are arranged, and two sections are pressed against the wall. In the middle of the U-shaped bar, a concave storage cabinet can be set.
  • The third type is the round bar or the middle square bar. There is a small island in the middle of this bar for storage and display of alcohol drinking. Others are semicircular, elliptical, and wavy. The hotel bar counter is generally located near the gate, where guests can easily find and reach. The design of the bar should be elegant and comfortable.

Delicate Material for the bar countertop

The decoration should be beautiful and generous. The atmosphere should be intimate and soft, giving guests a feel at home. Furniture should be particular about the application. The bar is best decorated with high-grade marble that displays luxurious elegance. However, because marble gives a cold feeling, most bar counters are framed with wood or metal and are covered with a dark hardwood.

The design and decoration of the bar should be carried out in terms of equipment, walls, floors, ceilings, lighting, windows, and some decorations. There are no two identical store counters in the world. Although the target market, function, space, and environment layout of each store are different, to a certain extent, the layout of the store needs to follow certain rules. Ant Display can customize your own bar according to the style and size of your shop.

The Material of the Bar Counter

Different styles of bar counters have different materials.

Granite, you can choose different colors and styles of granite to make the bar. Although granite has a more complicated structure, it is a natural material, and it has a disadvantage of being brittle.

Marble, marble, and granite are all-natural stones. But compared with granite, marble has a richer and more beautiful appearance. It feels very comfortable. But marble also has the same shortcomings as granite and is fragile. Generally speaking, marble is more likely to crack than granite. And marble is easier to have seams.

Artificial stone, now the artificial stone is more and more popular in our lives. Its advantages are not only reflected in the appearance, but also in its quality and structure. The quality of the artificial stone is light without gaps and can be seamlessly spliced. The most important thing is that it also has the advantages of environmental protection and nature. Because artificial stones are made artificially, they also have the natural color and texture, which is one of the properties of artificial stones. But the artificial stone is divided into many different color systems, and each color system has a variety of shades. This can satisfy people's personalities who like colorful tones. When buying artificial stones, you can choose artificial stones according to your favorite lines and colors. But also pay attention to the overall tone and style of the entire store, to make the tone of the entire store more harmonious.

To sum up, granite corrosion resistance and wear-resisting, however, from the beautiful speaking without marble grain good-looking. The marble is more beautiful in design, but the stone is more fragile and wears easily. Marble is commonly used in metope or ground of partial high-grade environment. Artificial stone easy to process and after finishing basically can not see the seam, the aesthetic sex that gives a customer is stronger. And the artificial stone is more affordable, economical, and durable. 

The Wooden, Many people will choose the classic retro style, this time most people will use a wooden bar. Using wooden materials as the countertop of the bar, the polished smooth wooden surface can also show the brightness and smoothness similar to the stone material. Wooden bar counters have become more common and more practical in life. Wooden Bar Counter usually used in the retro literary decoration style

Custom Commercial Bar Counter For Sale

Many bar counters provide guests with snacks or drinking, fruit platter, etc. This not only meets customer needs but also increases bar sales. So. The bar should have kitchen design and certain installation facilities. Most of the bar counters are easy-to-eat, easy-to-make snacks, fast food or other foods. So we only need to put some juicers, coffee machines, beer drinks.