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Restaurant Booth

Restaurant booths usually refer to sofas or recliners in the restaurant. Their appearance is relatively simple and the production cost is relatively low. Most of these restaurant booths are made of wood, laminate, and interior decoration. Different materials are used to improve the aesthetics and comfort of the booth. Ant display’s restaurant booths come in various sizes and styles, which are very suitable for use in restaurants, bars, cafes, and restaurants. Using them can reduce the traffic around the table, and also improve the privacy and comfort of the guests. The space efficiency of these stalls makes them superior to standard bar stools, chairs, and other restaurant seats. You can also find various interior, weft, head roll, top cover, end cover, and exterior rear options in the Ant display. These restaurant stalls have a variety of styles from retro to modern and are great choices for making guests feel comfortable. The impressive restaurant booth in Ant display will surely meet your business needs.

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  1. Restaurant Custom Woven Solid Wood Table And Chair Dining Furniture
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Get The Top Quality Restaurant Booth at Low Price

There are actually two types of restaurant booths. One type is the recliner. In some cafeterias, western restaurants, and even cooking restaurants, lounge chairs are often used. The other is the restaurant booth in the cafe shop. The common ones are the sofas in branded cafes. They usually exist in the form of a solid wood booth, single-person fabric solid wood restaurant booth, and so on. The coffee shop’s booth is more private, followed closely behind. The appearance is simple, practical, and elegant. Most customers prefer the comfort and privacy of the booth

Best Material and workmanship

The restaurant booths are usually made of wood, with springs and high-density foam seats, and the backrests are decorated with fabric or vinyl cushions. Some stalls are fully padded and decorated, while others have partially padded backrests or wooden seats and backrests. They also provide relatively more privacy and comfort. The booth also helps maximize seating space by maximizing the use of each available space.

Functional In Usage

Comfortable cushions and backrests can support the waist more comprehensively, making meals safer. You can customize unique restaurant stalls according to the size of the restaurant. For example, the restaurant booth is designed with drawers or storage cabinets to store some temporarily unused kitchenware or daily necessities in order to flexibly use the entire space. The restaurant booth can also cater to the shop decoration and even make full use of the space. Therefore, according to the actual situation, making a restaurant booth that matches the specific environment is one of the more extensive methods.

Choose The Best Booth Seating For Restaurant

When choosing a booth for a restaurant, one should consider the style of the booth, the materials of the restaurant booth, and the shape of the restaurant booth.

Widely Booth Style To Choose

The restaurant booths are used to express and enhance your existing decoration. The style of the restaurant deck sofa should be in harmony with the overall design style environment. If the restaurant is in the European style, you can choose a relatively classic style and color, mainly brown. For modern style decoration, you can choose a simple form. If it is a Chinese-style decoration, you can use an all-soft package. They range from ordinary backs, rustic styles, tufted buttons, embossed panels, V-shaped backs, groove backs, and fan-shaped backs. Each style should be adapted to different interior designs.

Top Quality Finish Options 

The classic wooden compartment is made of easy-to-clean wood to make your store more modern and textured. Laminate rooms are characterized by easy-to-clean finishes on a sturdy wooden frame, most commonly used in canteens and bars. After confirming the purchase form and quantity, we must start to inspect the restaurant. Under normal circumstances, it is better than the seat cushion is recessed by about 5 cm after the human body sits down, the backrest slope should be between 92 degrees and 98 degrees, and the protruding part of the upper end of the backrest should match the curve of the human neck.

Various Dimensions Available

The restaurant booth should have the characteristics of comfortable sitting, relaxing, and unrestrained, and be able to narrow the distance between each other. If you have a small restaurant, please consider using benches, single and double seating. They can save you space and provide customers with more comfortable seats. A double-row restaurant booth is a better solution because it has back-to-back benches, so it can accommodate more people. For large restaurants and social occasions, customized restaurant stalls are the best choice. Semi-circular or even three-quarters of the booth will enable customers to comfortably participate in large gatherings while enjoying relative privacy.

Custom Restaurant Booth Seating For Sale

When your decoration your restaurant or food shop and looking for a nice design restaurant booth, Ant Display definitely your best place to go. We offer a large variety of leather booth seating in customized colors and styles. Besides the existing models on our site, we can also custom the restaurant booth in your required dimension and colors. Whether you are looking for a wood seating booth or need a metal restaurant booth Ant Display got all your needs covered. Contact our team and tell us your requirements. Our team will help you build a high-level food bar with top quality booth seating and decorations.