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Are you looking for a candy store design? When you start a candy retail shop decoration, the most critical step is to create a great candy store interior design. Whether you are starting a big sweet candy store, or small candy shop, or a candy kiosk in the mall, The Best Ideas always come to a high-end design. From the 3d design, you can clearly see what the shop will look like and improve, update the design to finalize a perfect retail store. 

A successful candy store design must has a philosophy on details. And stand on the point of customers. Only user-friendly stores can have a long-term business. The primary element that you should be aware of are from the following five aspects:

Layout Design

When we got a candy store to design, the first step is to create an appropriate floor plan. In a professional layout design, we should indicate all the possible display stands, furniture, and the proper distance between each fixture to leave enough space for the customer. Space in-between each unit can neither be too long nor too narrow. If too large, the entire shop will look empty, and you can not display many commodities. On the contrary, too narrow will make the entire environment feel depressed and difficult to walk through.

The excellent layout design for candy stores must able to balance the display requirement and user shopping experience. Large candy stores use unique style display fixtures, while small candy shops can use frendly shaped stands. Leave enough space for the entrance area, and put an entertainment space for children.

Wall Decoration Design

When you enter a candy store, you will be abstracted by the wall displays at first glance. Wall display is always the most appealing area to drive passersby into a store. Featured wall shelving display can not only help you organize the store to display more candies, but it can also attract kids' customers to buy. 

Shelving units for wall decoration are essential and functional ideas to go. You can also add some cartoon pattern shelves or fixtures to demonstrate the entire space.  

Retail Display Design

Retail fixtures design is the most crucial part of a candy shop concept. Proper using suitable display stands, tables, retail racks, baskets, barrels, or candy racks can primarily help you organize the store and make the working efficiency. 

In the middle of the candy store, it's best to place gondola shelving, while on the sideways, you can position some featured units. Sweet candy racks it best to put against the wall to display acrylic boxes or other sweet beans. Moreover, you can also put some fiberglass candy statues like huge-sized lollipops or umbrellas for both decoration and displays. 

Color Design

Color Design is the primary concern of candy store decoration. Kids are fascinated by colorful things by nature, So, we should create something that solely for them. A good candy store designer knows how to use a single color and combined colors to create a unique, attractive space.

Whether the retail fixtures or wall displays must be colorful and bright to meet kid's curiosity, the color design should also follow the central theme of the store. A larges various colorful candy stands can hugely add a more lovely sense to the interior decoration.

Lighting Design

Lights design is also essential in a candy shop interior space. Bright and clear space can offer a more pleasant and safe shopping environment and help improve the working efficiency. Colorful lights can also add more beauty to the entire retail store.

Bear in mind. Try not to use too many direct lights such as spotlight or halogen light. LED-backlit light with conventional color is the ideal option for a candy store.

Ant Display is a leading candy store fixtures manufacturer. We can custom design and build candy stores with modern, attractive store fixtures and retail displays. Whether you are looking for complete set shop display furniture or need single retail stands for a candy store, you will have the best display here. Check below the best candy store decoration ideas and interior design concepts.

  1. Shopping Mall Toy Store Display Rack Retail Stand Design

    toy shop

    With the development of the social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, consumer products related to children have good development prospects. Playing is the nature of children. Buying toys for children is inevitable for every parent for thousands of years, so the sales of toy stores are very good. Toys have many types, so they require large storage and display area. If w...

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  2. White Candy Store Design &Unique Sweets Display Stand Candy Shop Interior Decoration

    White Candy Store Design &Unique Sweets Display Stand Candy Shop Interior Decoration

    Candy is very common in our life. This is also why many people will be in the candy business. It is easy to do, need not the skills. Just need to find a location, and make a good shop decoration.

    Only a good interior decoration can leave a good impression on the people. Next, I will introduce a candy store to you, and you can take it as a reference.


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  3. Magenta Color Candy Shop Design Custom Wall Display Cabinet For Candies

    candy shop

    People of all ages will feel inexplicably better when they see a colorful candy store. There’s this mahic in candy, so for many candy store owners, they want to make their candy store appealing. The usual candy store is colorful, and it has many colors inside. So it looks very beautiful. There are also some choices of solid colors, w...

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  4. Lovely Candy Store Interior 3d Design Candy Display Rack in Store for Sale

    Lovely Candy Store Interior 3d Design Candy Display Rack in Store for Sale

    Candy is very normal in our life, and most people like it. From children to the elder, people like candy in different types. If you have enough capital, we suggest that you can open a candy store. Opening a candy store does not need skills, just making the good decoration, finding the candy supplier, and the display fixture’s supplier.

    Next, I will introduce a...

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  5. Toy Shop Inside Furniture Design 3D Interior LayoutFor Retail Store

    toy shop design

    Toys and sweets are among the favorite things of children, and the main customers of these two kinds of stores are children. We all know that today’s children are very expensive, and sometimes toys are one of the ways to reward children. When we pass by a toy store, if the interior is attractive enough, we also choose to go in and take a look. Therefore, the interior design of the ...

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  6. Rainbow Color Candy Store Interior 3D Furniture Design Idea

    candy shop furniture

    We are a professional store furniture manufacturer. We have done a lot of the store for many countries customers. You can provide your shop floor plan, our design team will design the inside furniture for you. The above store is in Germany. On our website, you can see a lot of beautiful furniture. Our customers have selected a few favorite pieces of furniture on our website, and we will put this furniture...

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  7. Introduction To The Most Popular Furniture In Candy Shops-----Interesting & Colorful

    candy shop furniture

    Candy has always been a good market. With the progress of the times and the development of transportation, many sweets and snacks from other countries and regions have gradually poured into the market. Therefore, the variety of candies is becoming more and more abundant, and it also meets many different tastes people.

    However, in recent years, the consumer demand and power of the snack market...

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  8. Shopping Mall Small Candy Store Display Furniture Design

    candy shop

    The candy store is one of the most popular stores. There are many types and flavors of candies, and customers can choose their favorite flavors. Moreover, the candy shop is colorful and full of innocence, and walking in can make us feel comfortable. Therefore, the interior design of the candy store is important. We need to leave a good impression on our customers.

    Candy shops are divided into...

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  9. Toy Store 3d Design Toy Display Stand Toy Display Shelving for Sale

    display stand

    Toy Store 3d Design Toy Display Stand Toy Display Shelving for Sale

    At present, the consumer group in the toy industry has a tendency to expand. Among many age groups, children have always been the main force in toy consumption. The number of children in a country is often an important basis for the country's toy consumption. The improvement of material life has prompted a higher proportion...

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  10. Candy Store Design Candy Display Stand Candy Display Counter for Sale

    candy store

    Candy is very common in our lives. You can see a lot of candies in the supermarket, and these candies are also very popular with children. But many of the candies in the supermarket are not very complete, so you can open a candy store.

    So when you are going to open a candy store, what do you need to pay attention to?

    The first is to choose a good location because a good location can...

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  11. The Interior Layout Of The Big Candy Store | Children's Game Corner Design

    candy shop design

    For a store with a large area, the arrangement of furniture is more complicated. Without a good idea, we can’t buy furniture rashly. When buying furniture, we need to consider many issues. For example, what kind of furniture should be placed in different areas, how to match their colors, how to choose the size, and so on. Design at this time is very helpful. Through the floor plan of the store, we c...

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  12. Modern Candy Store Interior 3D Design Custom Creative Furniture

    candy shop design

    A beautiful store can always attract the attention of many customers. In our impression, candy is colorful and very beautiful. Some even use unique display furniture. Candies are loved by children, so the interior design of candy shops is generally very bright. Many people will choose to do a 3D design first after receiving the shop lease and floor plan. Because the furniture can be customized. We...

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  13. Toy Store Retail Store Design | Large Capacity Toy Display Stand

    top shop

    Toys are very popular with children, and we also choose toys when we give children gifts. There are many types of toys. Boys like machines or toy cars. Girls like Barbie dolls more. Due to the wide variety of toys, we will buy some large-capacity furniture to display when we sell them. Today I mainly introduce the furniture of retail toy stores.


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  14. Candy Shop Full Set Of Custom Furniture Sweet Store 3D Design

    candy shop design

    For candy stores, we need to consider not only the capacity of display furniture but also their shape and color matching. The customer of candy stores is generally kids. If we want to attract more customers, then we need to spend a little attention on store decoration.

    We have made much interesting candy display furniture for clients in many countries. They come in many colors and shapes, like...

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  15. Colorful Candy Shop Interipr Design Ideas W/ Creative Shopfitting/Display Stand/Retail Racks

    candy shop furniture

    The candy shop is equivalent to a children’s dream world. There are not only a lot of delicious candies but also a lot of cute furniture. Some candy shops also provide toy corners, and children can also place them here. When starting a candy store, more and more people will choose to buy some special-shaped furniture and will choose s...

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  16. Park Candy Shop Display Design | Activity Center Sweet Shop Furniture Layout

    candy shop

    There is a lot of traffic in the park and activity center. Most of them are elderly people and children. Many people will go out for a walk on a rest day or after dinner. There are many recreational and fitness facilities in the park. Some people do entertainment projects, and some people want to open a candy shop. Their main customer groups are children.

    The location in the park is limited...

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  17. Candy Store Interior Design | Best Retail Display & Decorating Ideas For Sweet Shop

    Candy Store Interior Design

    Start an interior design for retail space is the first step to open a candy store. Before we create the design, we should clearly understand the products and customer group. The shop design is only facing the customers and offers a tremendous shopping environment to clients. An excellent first impression is a key to return customers. 

    What is the...

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  18. Beautiful Candy Store Design Ideas | Colorful Candy Shop Retail Display Concepts & Decoration

    candy shop interior design

    Starting a candy retail shop business is a profitable idea; many retailers choose to open up a candy shop. But A attractive interior design is essential for every candy store, Not to say candy store fixtures and retail wall decorations. Candy stores have a timeless, beautiful charm to every visitors. A successful candy...

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  19. Sweet Store Retail Furniture | 3D Design For Candy Shop Interior Decoration

    candy shop

    Here is a candy shop design we did recently. When we confirm the final design, we will produce the shop inside furniture. So make a candy shop design is the most important step. This is especially true for a custom company. We have infinite imagination and creativity. By design, we can find more unique display stand.

    This candy shop is for our Belgium customers. His shop is irregular in shape...

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  20. 6 Useful Tips for You to Open the Candy Shop

    6 Useful Tips for You to Open the Candy Shop

    Candy is a very common food in our lives. There are several brands that we know. Each brand also has different types of candies. If we want to open a candy store, then we need to pay attention to a lot of details. Only in this way can the business be done well and enlarged. There are some factors here that you need to refer to.


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