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When it comes to an outdoor juice cart, everyone may be very familiar. When we go out shopping, we can often see a variety of carts on the street. They sell different foods, among which are the juice carts. We all know that the cost of an outdoor cart is very low, everyone can afford it. And it is also very convenient to carry. Therefore, when people with low budgets want to start a business, they often choose to start from a cart. The length of our common juice cart is 1.2-2m, and the distance from the ground to the countertop is generally 0.9m. The height from the ground to the top is generally 2.2-2.5m. 2. 5m is relatively rare, 2.3m is the most common height, we can determine its height according to our own situation. As the leading commercial furniture manufacturer in China. Ant Display custom design and build juice carts, juice bikes, and portable juice stand in attractive outlook and reasonable price. Whether you are looking for mobile juice carts for outdoor business to need a juice kiosk in the mall, Ant Display gets all you covered, check our page, and find your best juice carts.

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Get The Best Juice Cart, Juice Bike Today!

Juice carts and juice bars business are perfect for new starters. With a little investment on a mobile juice bike, you can start your own business and working for yourself today. The different using environment will require different styles of carts and stands. Some of them are used for only decoration while others may need a functional operation area. Ant Display custom design and fabricate juice carts, juice bike 100% suit for your unique ideas, and widest usages.juice cart

MDF and baking paint Interior carts

When you looking for an organic style, unique shape, or wave textures juice carts. Standard material can hardly be bent or form a round smooth surface. MDF will be the first choice to achieve those effects, whether used in a juice kiosk or juice cart. MDF panel can always create any shapes that other materials can not do. However, MDF has a fatal defect. Water can not stay on it, Therefore, most of those MDF carts are using thick baking paint on the surface. 

A kind of medium-density fiberboard (artificial board) whose main components are wood fiber and resin glue. After hot grinding, drying, sizing, pavement, hot pressing, post-treatment, sanding, it is an environmentally friendly furniture building material alternative that replaces logs. Its main advantages are that it is cheaper than logs, easy to process, and has uniform materials. It has good physical properties and can be waterproof and moisture-proof after adding paraffin and other items. When the wooden cabinet is finished, we need to polish the wooden cabinet. When the cabinet is polished to a certain degree, we can paint it. Baking paint is a new method (process) of spray paint in furniture manufacturing. The method is to spray a layer of paint on the substrate polished to a certain degree of roughness. And shaped by high-temperature baking. This process requires high paint and good color rendering. The price is relatively cheap compared to other materials.

Plywood Indoor Juice Cart

Plywood, also known as plywood. It is made of three or more layers of one-millimeter-thick veneer or sheet glued by hot pressing. It is the most commonly used material for handmade furniture. Plywood is a three-layer or more-thin sheet made of raw wood by rotary cutting into veneer or wood planed into thin wood and then glued with adhesive. The surface treatment of plywood is usually laminate or veneer. For juice carts, we often use laminates. Laminate is also called a fireproof board. It is a refractory building material for surface decoration. It has rich surface color, texture, and special physical properties. The price of the plywood material is centered among these three materials, the most expensive is stainless steel.

Stainless steel Outdoor Juice Cart

Stainless steel is the most commonly used material for outdoor cars. This material is familiar to us. In our lives, stainless steel is everywhere. We know that many countertops or machines for making food are made of stainless steel, which is food-grade and very safe and reliable. Sometimes in order to make it more smooth and shiny, we will also polish it. Carts that are all stainless steel are not good-looking. We can paste some stickers on the car body. For example, we sell juice, we can paste some pictures of juice so that the cart looks better. Stickers are suitable for every material cart.

Mobile Metal Juice Bike

Metal is also widely used in juice cart fabrication. In most cases, the Manufacturer is using metal to create fantasy-style shapes and form the structure of the decorative stripes. And Powder-coated surface gives a wide color range to meet any custom ideas. We offer a large variety of mobile juice bikes for sale in an appealing style and affordable cost. Contact us today!

Profession Juice Cart To Boom Your Business

Our cart will generally include stickers, lightbox paintings, led light and logo, it is designed according to your requirements. We will install the sockets, wheels, handles, and all accessories on the cart. When you receiving the carts. We generally put our machines and products on the countertop, so that we can directly see our products and buy them, we will install sockets on the countertop or in the cabinet. They can help us to operate our machine normally. Regarding the light, whether it is installed on the top or the bottom, there is no problem.

Whether you are looking for an indoor wooden juice cart, juice bar counter, or need a mobile juice bike for outdoor business. Ant Display always offers you the best carts. 

Ant display is a professional juice cart manufacturer. We are a custom company, no matter what you think, you can tell us, we will help you make a 3D design. This design is done exactly according to your requirements. After the design is completed, you can clearly see all the details. We will help you install all the accessories when you receive the goods, you only need to connect the local power supply, it can use it normally.

Custom Juice Cart in Reasonable Price

Our work process is to first pay a design deposit of 300. After receiving the design deposit, we will start designing, and the design time is 2-3 working days. After completing the design, we will quote you based on the final design. Then make the construction drawings. After confirming the drawings, you need to pay 50% deposit. After the goods are completed, pay the remaining 50%. After the payment is collected, we will arrange transportation to arrive at your designated port or address. You can find many models of juice carts here, if you have a favorite style, please contact us.