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For shop retailers who sell clothing, what's the key point for engaging customers towards making a purchase? The answers are using proper mannequins or models. The mannequins in the shop add a sense of authenticity. Using them allows buyers to see how a piece of clothing is actually placed on the body, providing visual cues to stimulate shoppers' desire to buy. In addition to their use to being a sales tool, the retail store mannequins also add vitality to the entire store decoration, making your clothing store look more vibrant. All our store mannequins are designed for display purposes only. Most models are manufactured from lightweight, durable plastics for easier handling while moving, dressing, or storing.

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  1. Running Model Stainless Steel Base Clothing Store Window Model Props
    As low as $500.00
  2. High-end Female Mannequins| Clothing Store Model Display Stand
    As low as $80.00
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Ant Display has a large number of Child mannequins, male mannequins, female mannequins, mannequins head, and mannequins leg for sale. If you are looking for good quality mannequins at the lowest price. You have come to the right place. Browse our mannequins categories and the best mannequins in the store.

mannequins for saleWhat styles of store mannequins do we have to offer?

we have a large variety of retail store displays & mannequins for sale. Whether you are looking for one simple display model for your fashion shop or looking for bulk quantities mannequins for your business presentation. You will always get your best work here.

Child Mannequins

Child mannequins are in great demand in the clothing market. Baby and children's clothing is a huge industry that benefits from the use of mannequins in shop retail displays. Moreover, teen clothing is a large industry as well, so teen mannequins are very popular too. Shoppers can visualize what clothing would look good on their child or teen when they can see it on a life-sized human physique. If you want to help your customers by simplifying the shopping process for child clothing, then add some child mannequin to your children's clothing store. Ant Display provides a nice assortment of the child, baby, and teen mannequins for you to select from.

Male Mannequins 

If you want to display men’s clothing, male mannequins are essential. Store male mannequins are one of the most valuable display tools available to retailers. We can use them to help a retail store attract more customers. There are usually many women who will help their husbands or boyfriends to buy clothes. At this time, mannequins play an important role. They can see clothes more suitable for their husbands or boyfriends from the male mannequins. Our male mannequins come in all different sizes, colors, and designs. And they are available in a wide variety of poses, including standing, running, or sitting. Welcome to Ant Display we can help you one-stop service.

Female Mannequins

Our female mannequins are a powerful marketing tool for all the retail lady's clothing stores. As a matter of fact, research shows that female mannequins can really boost a retail store’s sales. If they can see that the clothes are worn on another person, people will be more inclined to buy these clothes that are worn on the mannequins than those that hang up. This helps them imagine how the clothes look like on their own body. With the help of female mannequins, the retail store has added different human elements to the overall interior design, which enriches the shopping experience.

Mannequins Head

Ant Display offers a variety of affordable headdresses for retail boutiques, beauty supplies stores, and a range of men's clothing retailers ( including protective sports and industrial headdress suppliers ). In addition to displaying wigs and hats, the head display is also suitable for modeling jewelry and accessories such as earphones, sunglasses, glasses, and scarves. We also provide a variety of mannequins head styles, from realistic flesh color, facial features including eye color (including makeup), lips color, etc. There are also hairstyles and expressions that can be similar to real people. Easy to operate and lightweight, our mannequins head is the perfect model product to display on countertops, shelves, and shop windows.

Mannequins Leg

The lower body mannequin can be used to display jeans, skirts, and track pants, as well as socks, pantyhose, knee pads, and footwear. Mannequins' leg requires less space than complete body mannequins. Leg mannequins are easy to place on tables, counter-tops, shelves, and window displays. In fact, for professional pants, skirts, and lower body apparel retailers, leg styling is the most cost-effective display solution.

At Ant Display we supply leg display mannequins for male and female apparel display plus single legs for leggings and sock display. Our mannequin legs come in a variety of standing and sitting poses, with black, white, flesh color, and gloss or matte effects.

The material of the mannequins:

  1. Fiberglass fiber

FRP is a composite material composed of epoxy resin and glass fiber. The synthetic fiber is called synthetic fiber like polyacrylonitrile, polyester, polyamide, etc. Glass fiber and epoxy resin are generally used for mannequins, which can have the same hardness and strength as steel, and also enhance the wear resistance of mannequins.

  1. Polyurethane

Different chemical blending degrees also make it improve physical properties such as density, elasticity and rigidity.

  1. Cotton fabric

The mannequins are filled with cotton, with soft steel wire inside, which can be folded and bent.