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With the improvement of people's material life and spiritual civilization, people use flowers to cultivate their sentiments, and self-cultivation becomes more and more common. In the past, the flower and bird market was dominated by the elderly, but now, it is not only the elderly who love to get along with flowers but also many young people. Flowers have quietly entered the lives of urbanites. There are many kinds of flowers in the world, and they are everywhere. Flowers are inextricably linked to human life. It can not only be used for medicine and food but also beautify and purify the environment, which is pleasing to the eye and is naturally beneficial to human physical and mental health. Growing flowers can green and beautify the motherland, protect and improve, and purify the air so that people can work and study in a beautiful environment and live a better life. The cost of flowers is not very high if you plan to sell flowers. You can consider finding a suitable location in the mall first. We will help you customize a flower kiosk according to the size of your location. Ant Display offers a large number of flowers kiosk and flower shops stand that perfectly for indoor and outdoor environments. Whether you are opening a kiosk in a shopping mall or start a flower shop stands on the street. you will always get the right kiosk booth in Ants. Check our site and buy a custom flower shop kiosk to boom your business. 

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Get A Unique Design Flower Kiosk From ANT

Ant Display is a leading flower kiosk manufacturer for over 17 years. We are specialized in designing, producing and exporting retail kiosk to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and so on. We will customize the flower kiosk with modern style and fashion elements. Are you still found the unique flower kiosk to display your flower? We have countless types to choose from you. We have a professional design team, we will help you design a perfect kiosk that belongs to you. You can tell us all of your requirements. Then we will display all of your requirements on the 3d max design and construction drawings. After you confirm the design and get the approval from the mall. We will build exactly it according to the design and construction drawings to make you receive the flower kiosk with no mistake.flower kiosk

Perfect Kiosk for Indoor & Outdoor

Our retail kiosks are the perfect display stand in the shopping mall or outside. If you are planning to open the flower kiosk in the mall or outside. You absolutely believe us. Ant Display will offer the best solutions for you and will work out the solid plan for you. If you have no idea about the flower kiosk, you can browse our website. Hopefully, it can give you some ideas. A good display counter will make your business boom, and obtain more profit.

Top Quality On Kiosk Fabrication

Ant Display will use the high-standard material to build the flower kiosk. We will use the plywood and fire retardant panel to build the mall kiosk. The surface will use the laminate or Formica laminate. In some times, we will use the wood veneer and varnish as a surface. If you want to build a good shape, the MDF is a good choice. For the Glass, we will use the tempered glass to build it, it will be more clear and more strong. If you want to add the light belt, we also can help you install the light belt to make the flower more bright and attractive. We will build the flower kiosk that more attractive according to the local environment.

How To Start the Flower Business?

If you start to sell flowers, you need to consider your budget for the business. If its the first time to sell the flower for you, we suggest that you need to can rent a kiosk place in the mall. Because it will cost less than a shop. Then there is some step you can take a reference.

  1. Firstly, you need to found a place in the mall and get an accurate place in the mall. If the mall does not have enough space for you, you can rent the place outside. Then sign the contract with the mall or landlord.
  2. Second, need to find a good manufacturer to design and build the flower kiosk for you.
  3. Third, sign the contract with the manufacturer and start to produce.
  4. Fourth, after receive the flower kiosk, install it with the guideline.
  5. Fifth, if it's possible, you can do the advertisement in the mall when you open to make people know your brand.
  6. Sixth, if the space is big, need to consider hiring some florists to work for you

Custom Flower Kiosk For Sale

Selling flowers is easy to obtain the profit if you can arrange a good appearance for the kiosk and the flower. It will attract more attention from the customer. If you are going to sell the flower in the mall or outside, you can contact us. We can work out the perfect solution for you. From kiosk design to material chosen or kiosk manufacturing. Ant Display offers a one-stop solution for all your retail businesses. Whether you need a flower kiosk in a shopping mall or need an outdoor flower shop, ant display supply the top quality kiosk stands for you.