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Store fixtures are retail display stands, retail counters, wall racks, glass showcases, gondola shelving, or wall-mounted display cabinets used to display merchandise. It’s typical commercial furniture that helps you show your products in a better method. Noways, Store fixtures are a kind of display furniture and part of shop interior decorations. Every retail shop will need specific shop fittings. For example, You will need clothing racks or mannequins in a clothes retail store. And If you are opening a jewelry store, high-quality jewelry display cases, display stands are critical. Therefore Choose the rights store fixtures, and shopfitting is very important in shop interior decoration. Ant Display is a leading store fixtures manufacturer and shopfitting supplier in China for over 17years. We offer the finest store fixtures at an unbeatable price. Whether you are looking to kit out a small retail store or starting a franchise chain for exhibition display fixtures, you will always find your ideal store fixtures and display solutions here. From jewelry display, clothing retail to demonstrate case, display stands. We custom design and manufacture the best quality display furniture cost-effectively. In Ant Display, we make the display better and make business easier. 

There are many different materials to build store fixtures. Typically, wood, stone, metal, glass are the hottest choices. Within those materials, we can magic manufacture different types of display furniture shop fittings with unique design and modern concepts. Each Different material has many fabrication methods. Wood veneer, stone laminate, metal powder-coating, and baking painting are popular surface fixtures Our experienced team workers can skillfully operate those methods and create every piece of store fixtures in a high-quality finish.

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When you start a retail business, shop display and interior decoration are the most important parts. Store fixtures are commonly known as retail display stands, display racks, wall shelving, or furniture that is used to display products. Whether you are opening a small shoe shop or large jewelry trade center, you will need the finest store fixture to display your commodities. In our daily life, The most commonly used store fixtures and shopfitting are retail stands & retail shelves. With those stands and shelves, you can easily organize your store and present your products. However, the Only shelving display is far not enough. In real retail shops. a large variety of retail fixtures are widely used in product presentations, such as glass showcases, signage, lightboxes, mannequins, acrylic display cases, retail racks, gondola stands, and grid wall stall walls. In most cases, Retailers will decide which store fixtures are required as they know their products best. Some of them will follow the expert to give professional advice.

Retail Store Fixtures 

If you are just starting a retail store and looking for interior retail commercial display furniture. Ant Display will be your perfect partner. We have a specialist display for cell phone shop display, shoe store display, cosmetic store furniture, purse shop fitting, gun display fixtures, optical frame display racks, candy store display stands, watch shop counters, hat retail display, and wine display fit-out. Our display furniture is particularly designed for certain types of products. So, You can directly choose the right shop display stands and store fixtures for your business.

Wall Display

How to make your shop interior wall function display with a modern look? The answer is to choose the best wall shelving from Ant Display. From wood wall display cabinet to metal shelving or Slatwall display, pegboard wall display, Gridwall display you always find the right solution to decor your retail environment wall. We have over 1000+ different wall display ideas and concepts for you to choose from. Our wall display fixtures can apply to most of the retail spaces. And a huge color choice and surface finish will give you the widest design options. Wall-mounted metal shelving and glass shelving are our bestsellers which has the best feedback and testimonials.

Retail Counters & Glass Display Cases

white retail counterNo retail shop has a good business without a proper retail counter and display cases. Glass Display cases with led light not only present your products better but also make the whole shop more modern and attractive. The proper light display will wake up the deep consume desire of each passerby. Therefore, install a good quality display case will help you increase your sales in many aspects. A retail counter is also an important unit in a retail store. Most of the time, the retail counter is the cash register area that undertaking the work of the welcome reception counter. Ant Display has over 100+ modern style retail counters for sale. Whether you need a wood veneer finish or stone laminated surface. Our collections will offer you the best work.

Ant Display is a leading commercial store fixtures manufacturer, we not only design retail shops, but we also offer modern style shopfitting for sale. We have the best retail fixtures design available in attractive shapes. If you are looking for retail store fixtures or shop display furniture. Here you are in the right place.

In the past, Store fixtures for sale were used for display products or used as a storage cabinet to stock inventory. Shops are basic shops, However, with the increase of custom shop experience, the Only display product is not enough, the customer is more likely to enjoy the shopping procedure, which requires the store fixtures to upgrade more functional and attractive. From the store design to retail display manufacture, all steps have become more competitive. You are not only building a retail shop, but you also build a pleasant shopping world. Retail vendors require a more unique and functional stand out store fixtures Instead of traditional regular store fixtures for sale. 

Ant Display is a leading company with years of experience in designing and customizing store fixtures for sale. From small slat-wall hooks to large shop display cabinets, We offer the best design unique display fixtures that will align with your brand identity and customer experience!

When we start a retail business and decorate a retail shop. The importance of store fixtures cannot be overemphasized.  Only the right store interior design can allow you to have perfect store fixtures, Only the best store fixtures can lead your shop stands out. As we know that Visual merchandising can easily help retailers to utilize store fixtures and shop display furniture at its full potential. Ant Display offers standard store fixture services and custom store fixtures that including but not limited to choose an appropriate layout that optimizes traffic flow, perfect free-standing mannequin, attractive window display, branding, and LED storefront signage, and much more.

At Ant Display, we offer a high level of excellence store fixtures for sale. Over the past decades, we have successfully served thousands of hundreds of small business vendors, retailers to build a fantastic shop. With our rest assured of high-quality store furniture, you can organize your retail store in the lowest budget but high level finish. Satisfying our customers and match their requirements is of high priority to us. Therefore, except for a broad section of fixtures on our sites, we will also provide a customization service. We can build retail furniture exactly following your unique ideas and requests. With our fast store fixtures, we assure you of improved overall efficiency and enhance your retail shop in the lowest budget but with amazing effects.

Where to buy retail store fixtures? Ant Display has got all you covered!

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Store Fixtures For Sell

Every retail store will need store fixtures to display commodities, Whether you are opening a clothing shop or jewelry store, you will always need commercial furniture there to act as green leaves. Ant’s Store fixtures are available for various products. The different shops will require different display solutions, as well as unique racks and stands. we offer different types of store fixtures for various using space. From clothing display, shoe display to cosmetic display, or salon decoration. We got all your needs covered. As a commercial retail shopfitting manufacturer, we not only offer retail displays for sale. But we also deliver a higher level of interior decoration. And lead the new fashion tide of the full display industry.  Some popular stores fixtures for sell include:

Jewelry Store

Jewelry store fixtures are used to display jewelry in jewelry shops, private jewelry showroom, or jewelry trading centers. All the best sales rely on good design store fixtures. So, if you want to increase sales and run a good retail business. Start from the right display fixtures. Ant Display is well known for mall kiosks and retail store fixtures sales. We supply a large variety of jewelry store fixtures for sale, from wall display cabinets to island showcase, from conversation reception tables to mannequins. As long as you needed in a jewelry store, you will find it here. The material comes in various ways too. Some of them are made from raw steel, leatherette, and tempered glass, others may build with aluminum frames, solid wood, wood veneer, or other durable melamine laminates, acrylic is also a commonly used material to manufacture display stands, racks or portable showcases. We supply a wide range of store fixtures and shopfitting furniture based on your special display needs and budget.

When you launch into the jewelry retail business, you will understand how important the store fixtures are. You need a professional jewelry shop furniture manufacturer that will help decorate your jewelry store or showroom with proper commercial display furniture, Both in elegant design and durable quality. The right jewelry display can not only level up your shop brand name but also help you gather more customers and create sales. Jewelry is quite different from other retail products, You can hardly have lots of customers crowd there, On the contrary,  retailers should concentrate on a certain group of higher-level consumers. By providing standard and luxury jewelry store fixtures to create a nice and great shopping environment.

Most of the jewelry shops will need a jewelry display showcase to display products in both a clear and safe way. We offer lockable jewelry showcases, jewelry wall cabinets, and shop-in-shop stands for your convenient use. With bullet-proof layered glasses and high-tech locks, the theft or robbers can do nothing with your jewelry. Beside large retail display fixtures, We also sell a variety of designs of small earring display racks, male and female mannequins, acrylic necklace holders, bracelet display stands, etc. from countertop to floor-standing fixtures. You can decorate your jewelry shop on stop at Ant Display.

A jewelry display is one of our main products, we custom design and manufacture whole jewelry shop interior display fixtures for sale. From free-standing single pedestal jewelry display case, jewelry retail counter to jewelry wall display cabinet. You can find full set jewelry shop fittings in Ant Display. Besides jewelry shop furniture, we also have small jewelry display stands for sale. Such as earring display, necklace display, bracelet display, etc. Our jewelry display is a direct manufacture sale without a middle trading company, So you can get the best quality at the best price.

Looking to buy store fixtures for your jewelry store? Stop looking around, Ant Display got all your needs covered. Contact our team and share your layout plan. You will get a fast quote within an hour.

Cell Phone Store

With the development of modern technological society, Cell phones, computers, tablets, become our daily partners. Starting a Cell phone store become many retailers' first choice. Cell phone store fixtures are essential to every business vendor, because no matter how big or small a cellphone store is, no matter where you open the store, products are needed to display for better attraction. Only your attract customers and guide them into the shop then you can start the rest conversation. Every inch of retail space is important. Cell phone store fixtures and retail tables must be maximized adequately to maximize the average revenue. Our designer will help you make the best layout to help you achieve that every inch of land can generate profit.

Most of the cell phone retail shops will not only sell phones. They also combine phone accessories, phone covers, audios, batteries, and USB data wires. Therefore, a properly organized store fixture is important for both customers and staff. You can hardly recognize a certain product location if you have thousands of products displaying. As a professional store fixtures manufacturer, Ant Display offers the best cell phone display counters, tables, and wall cabinets in the most efficient way.

In Canada, Australia, the USA, and the UK, Ant Display is the primary manufacturer of store fixtures for cell phone and digital gadgets retail businesses. From cell phone display showcase, tablet display counter to accessories used wall cabinets. And we successfully worked with HUAWEI, SAMSUNG, APPLE, XIAOMI, VIVO, and other brands to supply the characteristic cell phone display furniture to franchisers. We offer various cell phone store fixtures to sell for over 17 years. and deeply cultivated in providing high-quality computer store fixtures for retailers all over the world.

To increase your cell phone shop sales. Spend time and effort on store displays fixtures is essential and worthy. When you plan to get a cell phone shopfitting from us, we will help you not only with appropriate material selecting, but we also implement the latest technology to accomplish top quality cell phone store furniture. All phone digital shop displays have come with simplicity and easy method of installation. Most of them are free from installation. Just unpack the packages and put them in the right places.

Candy Store

If you are looking for a retail store business with high profit but less investment risk. Starting a candy retail shop is a pretty good option. Candy store fixtures are colorful candy display racks and stands that used to stock and display sweets, licorice, lollipops, bubble gum, taffy, pick and mix chocolate, and other candy products. Candy store designs are quite different from other retail shops, likewise the candy store furniture. We design and manufacturer candy store fixtures to suit all your sweet retail shop needs. Nowadays, Sweet candy is of popular demand all over the world and face for all aged groups. Our special designed candy store displays and furniture are just the best display solution for all the candy shop decoration.

Aside from colorful wall display tubes for candy beans, We also have the boat shape candy display table, train, and bus shape candy display counter, and well as small animal concept Slatwall shelving, retail display racks, and stands. These retail fixtures are specially designed for children and suitable for and candy/sweets shop display. When you start a candy retail shop, Ant Display should be your first stop, we provide candy shop fittings with eye-catching and spacious design. And manufacture amazing candy store fixtures for sale at an amazing price. What’s more, our candy displays will display your commodities in the most amazing manner.

Candy Shop shelving displays are the most commonly used display fixtures. You can display lots on clear candy boxes, candy jars, and candy bins on top of it. These acrylic display items not only organized the candy shop but also useful for clients to pick the right commodities. Ant Display custom display cabinets and shop furniture for candy/sweet retail at an economical price. Check our candy display page and enjoy shopping.

When you decorate a candy retail store, the outdoor shop signs and poster display are so important and useful, It not only provides the appropriate guide signage for your clients but also offer an easy way to remember your shop location. Good shopfront signage is worth thousands of dollar’s advertising. Therefore, You can emphasize your candy store by place a customized candy shop sign outside, either floating or fixture style is working Only bear in mind that the signage must be attractive and large enough.

Candy store fixtures are quite different from jewelry to watch shops. You do not need a clear glass display showcase to present products. On the contrary, you need a comparatively open space and display counter to let the customer shopping in the most convenient way. we have a large board of Candy display cases that come in various shapes, dimensions, and materials. You can choose the rustic appearance wooden store fixture, or classic metal store fixtures or modern acrylic displays at your wish.

Shoe Store

Are you looking to buy shoe store fixtures? Footwear retail is an easy start business that many retailers like to start. A wide range of footwear products can sell within a shoe store. From high heels to sneakers, sandals to slippers, male leather shoes to female boots, children's shoes to baby shoes. Anyone born on the ground needs to dress up with comfortable shoes. Therefore, start a shoe store business is a great retail business opportunity for every retailer. However, start a business is easy, what makes you win a retail business still lay on store fixtures. Ant Display offers the best shoe store fixtures appeal to customers, alongside wall shelving, shoe display racks, and other display furniture for sale.

Our customized shoe store fixtures are available in a wide array of designs, shapes, and styles, from a single shoe display racks, shelving to an extensive display table or middle island display counter. Ant Display got all your needs covered. Whether you are looking for a single spot shoe pedestal display or need large wall cabinets that accommodate a wide variety of sports shoes, winter boots, or high heels all at once. You will always find the right shoe display furniture here. From metal racks to wooden display stands, from wall shelving to free-standing pedestal, As long as it used in a shoe store, you can get it from Ant Display.

For sport and athletic shoe stores, slat wall store fixture most popular retail displays, While in fashion female shoe store. A free stand display table is more common. Dumb bins and wooden high fixtures can be used for kids' shoe store display. Wall against display cabinet and shelving is the most appropriate design for male shoe presentation. No matter which category of shoes display you need, Ant Display will offer your the best shoe shop furniture like a laborious ant and bring it to you.

As a business owner, study your customer’s reactions while they are making a purchase. Quite a number of them will want to try their shoes on at your store or mall kiosk. Therefore, a comfortable seat should be provided for them. Our shoe store chairs are the perfect option for customers to try out a chosen footwear.

Shoe store furniture plays an important role in daily sales, A pleasant and comfortable shopping environment is essential for both retailers and customers. The right Store fixtures that will help upscale your products displaying. You can provide a comfortable seat or shoe store chairs with mirrors nearby to please the clients. Or You can use Mannequins with raised feet to showcase the latest boot or high heels.

A proper shoe store retail display comes from a well-organized shoe store design. If you are looking to buy unique design store fixtures or display shelving for your shoe shop, our design team can assist you to accomplish a wonderful shoe store design with the best arrangement of retail display layout. Contact our team and get your best shoe storage furniture.

Optical Store

Optical store fixtures and shop furniture are part of our major products. Over the past decades, we have built hundreds of modern optical stores with modern display fixtures. From shopping mall used eyewear kiosk, sunglasses display stands to optical showroom fixtures, we offer modern styles frame displays combined with luxurious trendy retail store fixtures for sale. Ant Display offers a wide variety of good quality standards eye-glasses store fixtures for optical shops.

Optical store fixtures are mainly combined with wall frame displays and LED lighted glass display showcase, and need bright and elegant fittings to appeal to customers. The biggest difference between optical store displays and other retail shops is the display method. Lots of drawers are equipped with every piece of optical display. From frame display cabinets to island display counters. These drawers made it easy for both customers and shop owners.

If you want to set up a unique design optical store with your own brand theme and color combination. With the help of our experienced designers, we can help create a functional and modern style optical shop to meet your specific needs. And also plan the perfect layout best suit for sunglasses and the optical display. The professional design of your optical shop or optometry clinic will not only create a functional workspace or eyewear retail shop, but it also enhances shopping experience between customers and sales. 

Ant Display offers a large range of eyewear display racks and optical shop display stands that can maximize your sale. You can choose the right shelving or aluminum eyewear racks in the easiest way. When you want to customize your store fixtures with a special design theme, we have experts offer you 3D shop design together with the architectural output. Contact our team today and get your optical store build in the most economical way. 

Pharmacy Furniture

Medicine store fixtures are another popular shop furniture for sale. Are you looking to buy store fixtures for your pharmacy? Then, you are in the right place here. Ant Display is known as a professional pharmacy furniture provider and medical store display fixtures suppliers all over the world. If you want to start a pharmacy and need a pharmacy design, or you need any style pharmacy shelving for your medicine shop. Our full range of pharmacy furniture will offer you the widest choice. From double sided shelving to cash register counter. You can get your full pharmacy equipped here.

Since 2002, Ant Display has been built pharmacy for over 18 years, we offer elegantly designed pharmacy store fixtures and shop furniture for sale. From the highest quality drugs display showcase, wall amounted medicine furniture or any display stands, to under-counter storage cabinets. We have a large variety of pharmacy furniture and medical store fixture available in charming colors and modern styles. Aside from the exiting models, We also have experts who will guide you and customize well-designed counter cabinets and shelving for your pharmacy. In the same vein, Whether to build a big or small pharmacy, Our professional team will help you create an organized, user-friendly, functional pharmacist workstation. And a wonderful retail space with elegant pharmacy furniture that is pleasing to the sight.

If you are looking for a modern pharmacy design or any latest style pharmacy, we have a board of designs that suit for you. From pharmacy drop-off and pick-up counters as to drug display and drug bay counters or double sides drug display shelving units. All of our pharmacy shopfitting is designed professionally with a full set. No to assemble when you got them. Our pharmacy display not only has a clean trim appearance but also has functional inner display areas, together with adjustable shelving and easy handling drawers. With our shelving unit, staff can easily improve the workflow more efficiently, thereby enhancing a better service to your clients.

Clothing Shop fittings

Clothing retail is the most popular retail business ideas. You can see clothes shops in every street corner or business plaza. Ant Display has a large range of clothing racks made from metal and wood. Whether you are searching for industrial style clothes racks or modern shapes pipe clothes racks, you will find the best design here. Mannequins are also an important character in a clothing store. People will more willing to pay when they see the merchandising on the right model. Ant Has a large number of male mannequins, female mannequins, child mannequins, and parts display. What’s more, we also offer OEM service, if you have any special offer, just sent to us.

Cosmetic Store Dispaly

Ant Display also custom design and build effective modern style cosmetics store fixture that will help you improve your cosmetic retail store. Our top-quality modern cosmetic shop shelving and display unit can not only help you maximize your sale but also increasing customer experience. We have a large variety of cosmetic display shelving, make-up stands, facial beauty products display stands for sale.

It’s crucial to build cosmetic shop furniture that can help customers find products conveniently. From the initial cosmetics store design to final store furniture installation. Our expert team will give full professional guidance and help you develop a proper store layout to display cosmetics adequately. we also promote visual appeal cosmetics displays furniture in a modern outlook and glossy surface finish. Those well-designed effective and attractive cosmetic store fixtures can not only help you capture customer’s attention but also arouse the shopping impulse.