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Store Fixtures

Store fixtures are retail display stands, retail counters, wall racks, glass showcases, gondola shelving or wall amounted display cabinets that used to display merchandise. It’s typical commercial furniture that helps you show your products in a better method. Noways, Store fixtures are not only a kind of display furniture but also part of shop interior decorations. Every retail shop will need specific shop fittings. For example, You will need clothing racks or mannequins in a clothes retail store. And If you are opening a jewelry store, high-quality jewelry display cases, display stands are critical. Therefore Choose the rights store fixtures and shopfitting is very important in shop interior decoration. Ant Display is a leading store fixtures manufacturer and shopfitting supplier in China for over 17years. We offer the finest store fixtures at an unbeatable price. Whether you are looking to a kit out a small retail store or starting a franchise chain for exhibition display fixtures. You will always find your ideal store fixtures and display solutions here. From jewelry display, clothing retail to display case, display stands. We custom design and manufacture the best quality display furniture in a cost-effective way. In Ant Display, we make the display better and make business easier. Browse our category and shop with confidence.

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There are many different materials to build store fixtures. Typically, wood, stone, metal, glass are the hottest choices. Within those materials, we can magic manufacture different types of display furniture shop fittings with unique design and modern concepts. Each Different material has many fabrication methods. Wood veneer, stone laminate, metal powder-coating, and baking painting are popular surface fixtures Our experienced team workers can skillfully operate those methods and create every piece of store fixtures in a high-quality finish.

Jewelry Store Fixtures

A jewelry display is one of our main products, we custom design and manufacture whole jewelry shop interior display fixtures for sale. From free-standing single pedestal jewelry display case, jewelry retail counter to jewelry wall display cabinet. You can find full set jewelry shop fittings in Ant Display. Besides jewelry shop furniture, we also have small jewelry display stands for sale. Such as earring display, necklace display, bracelet display, etc. Our jewelry display is a direct manufacture sale without a middle trading company, So you can get the best quality at the best price.

Clothing Shop fittings

Clothing retail is the most popular retail business ideas. You can see clothes shops in every street corner or business plaza. Ant Display has a large range of clothing racks made from metal and wood. Whether you are searching for industrial style clothes racks or modern shapes pipe clothes racks, you will find the best design here. Mannequins are also an important character in a clothing store. People will more willing to pay when they see the merchandising on the right model. Ant Has a large number of male mannequins, female mannequins, child mannequins, and parts display. What’s more, we also offer OEM service, if you have any special offer, just sent to us.

Retail Store Fixtures

If you are just starting a retail store and looking for interior retail commercial display furniture. Ant Display will be your perfect partner. We have a specialist display for cell phone shop display, shoe store display, cosmetic store furniture, purse shop fitting, gun display fixtures, optical frame display racks, candy store display stands, watch shop counters, hat retail display, and wine display fit-out. Our display furniture is particularly designed for certain types of products. So, You can directly choose the right shop display stands and store fixtures for your business.

Wall Display

How to make your shop interior wall function display with a modern look? The answer is to choose the best wall shelving from Ant Display. From wood wall display cabinet to metal shelving or Slatwall display, pegboard wall display, Gridwall display you always find the right solution to decor your retail environment wall. We have over 1000+ different wall display ideas and concepts for you to choose from. Our wall display fixtures can apply to most of the retail spaces. And a huge color choice and surface finish will give you the widest design options. Wall-mounted metal shelving and glass shelving are our bestsellers which has the best feedback and testimonials.

Retail Counters & Glass Display Cases

white retail counterNo retail shop has a good business without a proper retail counter and display cases. Glass Display cases with led light not only present your products better but also make the whole shop more modern and attractive. The proper light display will wake up the deep consume desire of each passerby. Therefore, install a good quality display case will help you increase your sales in many aspects. A retail counter is also an important unit in a retail store. Most of the time, the retail counter is the cash register area that undertaking the work of the welcome reception counter. Ant Display has over 100+ modern style retail counters for sale. Whether you need wood veneer finish or stone laminated surface. Our collections will offer you the best work.

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