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Restaurant bar stools are widely used in casual restaurants, bars, and waiting areas. It is usually placed against a wall or glass. Because it is usually placed in a row against the wall and has a small depth, it takes up little space. It can help some busy places make full use of space. It can help add functional seats to your restaurant. And the style and color are diverse, which can make your restaurant more abundant and diverse. so your restaurant or shop space is limit, and you want to put more seats, can choose put bar stools. Ant Display supply a large variety of modern bar stools, counter height bar stools, industrial bar chairs, and solid wood bar stools. Whether you are looking for a few metal bar stools for your cafe shop or need bulk order to use in your large restaurant, You will find your ideal style at the most competitive price.

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There are lots of unique style modern design bar stools available now. The different environments will need a different chair to apply. Choose the right height bar stool, right style bar stool will not only make your restaurant more organized but also looks more professional. oak wood bar stools

Types of restaurant bar stools:

For bar stools, the choice of appearance and materials is very important. There are three main materials used in bar stools: wooden bar stools, metal bar stools, plastic, or resin bar stools.

Wooden bar stools:

Wooden bar stools are generally made of solid wood. The biggest advantage of the solid wood bar chair lies in the natural wood grain and the changing natural colors. The texture of the solid wood bar chair is very good, giving a natural feeling. It can be matched with your storefront to create a comfortable and natural atmosphere.

Metal bar stools:

Metal bar stools are generally made of steel, stainless steel, etc. as the main material. Generally, the seat surface will use leather soft bags or wooden. This bar chair is very strong and durable, very suitable for some industrial style and modern style restaurants.

Plastic bar tools:

A plastic backrest chair is a chair made of plastic. It belongs to a light material, which is very light. So it is very convenient to take. The toughness of plastic is very strong, it can shape any shape, and there are many colors to choose from.

How to Choose a Bar Stool?

Consider the style and shape of the bar stool.

Different shapes of bar stools and shapes have different functions, you should consider the shape and style when choosing. The chair with backrest can get lumbar support, which will make guests feel more comfortable. Those without backrest can save space. The rotating chair allows customers to easily move around the table. The foldable bar stool can be conveniently stored.

You need to check your restaurant layout and space

Before you buy bar tools, you should first check how big the space in your restaurant can put bar tools. then you need to think about putting what kind of bar tools and check can pout how many. Swivel bar tools and high-back chairs take up more space, and circles take less space than squares.

Measuring height

When you choose a bar stool, be sure to take the height into account. First, you need to measure the height from the ground to the top of the counter, and then measure the height from the ground to the bottom of the counter. The height of the bar stool should be determined according to these two heights. The distance between the cushion and the seat surface is generally 10-11 inches. This height is very comfortable. Generally, 30 inches high is more suitable for high bar tables and counters.

Find your favorite style

When you choose a bar stool, find the style you like and suitable is very important. Firstly you need to check your shop or restaurant-style, if your restaurant mainly wood theme, you can choose wood bar stools. if your shop mainly simple modern style, white or black, you can choose plastic bar tools.If your shop industrial style, you can choose the metal bar stools.

Frequently Asked Questions

what size bar stools I need to choose?

A: the heights of bar stools mainly have 3 different types: counter height, standard height, and Ultra-high height.Counter height bar stools suitable for 35-37inch height counter. The standard bar stools height as usually 20-32inch, to match it you can choose 41-43inch table. if the bar counter very high then you need to choose Ultra-high height bar stools, as usually 33-36inch.or for convenient use, you can choose an adjustable height chair.

what materials I can choose for bar stools?

A: For basic materials as usually have hardwood, iron metal and plastic. the seat surface has cloth, fabric, leather, and wood, can check our list will find different materials match.

what kind of bar stool is best for my bar counter/table?

A: Firstly you need to see your restaurant, your bar counter or table is what kind of color, what kind of style. If you want to match then you can choose a similar color theme and similar materials. If you want the bar stools very stand out, then you need to choose different kind styles. In a narrow area, space not enough, then you can choose bar stools with no back, when don’t use you can just hide them under counter. If your space enough, then you need to take more about comfort.

Ant display is a company specializing in making restaurant furniture, here we can supply you different kinds of bar stools and can supply your tables to match. If you have any needs, welcome to our web to see more details.