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Salon Wet Station

We all know that the barbershop is very popular. There are many kinds of furniture in it, such as the front desk, display cabinets, and wall-mounted cabinets with mirrors. Among them, wet stations are also common furniture that every barbershop need to equip with. On our website, you can see many different styles of wet stations, their materials, colors, and sizes are different.  Ant Display offers large quality to high-quality salon wet stations, shampoo stations, hair wash stations, and chairs. Except for the existing station models and color choice. We also supply customized service. Our professional team can design the unique style wet station according to your barbershop theme and match the color of your store. From the hair cutting styling station to wall decor mirror or hair washing wet stations, even the bowls, and chairs. fully customized according to your requirements. Contact our team to learn more. 

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Top Quality Salon Wet Station In Reasonable Price

Generally speaking, the standard equipment of the wet station is a mirror, drawers and cabinets, and a sink. For barber shops, mirrors are very important. Haircuts require a mirror to observe whether the client's hairstyle is symmetrical, and the client can also see how he looks through the mirror. The drawer can put some of our tools, such as scissors, hairdryers, or other wet station

Best Customer Using Experience

The cabinet is relatively large and there are many things that can be stored. We can use it to put towels or some conditioner. The sink is the most important. If there is no sink, he will not call a wet station. The sink is to facilitate the clearance of the customer's hair. We all know that barbershops generally provide shampooing services. If we shave some male clients, water is also needed, so it is convenient to install a sink on the station.

Perfect Dimensions

The size of the wet station can be customized, but generally, its size is not very large. For a single wet station, the length is about 1.2-1.8m, and the width is 0.4-0.5m. The height is generally 2m. For a longer wet station, it will have two tanks, the length can be 2-3m. This type of wet station can accommodate two work stations and two tanks, of course, the size can be customized, regardless of What size do you want. You can tell us. However, it is generally not recommended to be too long. For exported or imported furniture, consider his transportation. , Our cabinets will not be too big. So we recommend making a single wet station.

Why Choose Ant Display Salon Wet Stations

There are two most obvious types of wet stations. One is with a mirror, and the other is without a mirror. For barber shops, wet stations with mirrors are more popular. Because mirrors are necessary for barbershops. A wet station without a mirror will be smaller and simpler. You can also see the difference between the two from our website. The location of the sink can be placed at will, generally the types of wet stations are similar. However, materials and colors may vary.

Top Quality Materials

Wet stations are generally made of wood materials. Plywood is used as the base material, and laminates are used for surface treatment. Laminate is a new type of advanced composite material, also known as a high-pressure decorative refractory board. It is a refractory building material for surface decoration, with rich surface colors, textures and special physical properties.

Perfect Surface Finish

Fireproof boards can be used in many places in home decoration, such as countertops, furniture surfaces, stairs, etc. You only need to close the plywood and the laminate base layer together. There are many wood choices for laminates, such as elm, oak, walnut, and so on. They also have a lot of colors and patterns, so we have many choices.

Custom salon wet station for your shop

If the existing styling stations and wet station design on our website does not meet your requirements or does not match the style of your shop, then you can contact us and tell us your thoughts. Proportion what style you want, if you have a reference picture, you can send it to us. Tell us what color and size you like. Our staff will reflect your ideas to our designers, and they will help you design the wet station according to your requirements.

If your shop is new, we can also help you design the whole shop, so that we can see the effect of the wet station in our shop. So the first step to order is to contact us and make a new design. After confirming the design, we will start production according to the detailed drawing, and the detailed drawing will be sent to you for confirmation.

If you have any problems, please tell us in advance, and we can make changes in advance. It cannot be modified after the start of production. We have our own factory, so we can update you on the status of the goods at any time. You can know the progress of the entire project. After completing the goods, we will ask you to confirm. If there is no problem, we will start packing and arrange transportation to your designated port or address. The price of the wet station depends on our final design. What are you waiting for? Let’s start your project.