Optical Displays

Are you opening an optical store and looking for optical displays? The primary purpose of the optical store fixtures is to show customers the outstanding features of eyeglasses & sunglasses. Therefore, These retail displays are always the core decoration of an optical shop, and each optical shop will have a different, unique, attractive, functional eyeglass shopfitting. Ant Display endeavors to provide customized optical retail furniture. We customize design and manufacture glasses shop furniture according to the size of your shop and the style you want. Our professional team will help you create modern, stylish optical retail fixtures with backlit lighting effects for the entire shop. We have already built hundreds of beautiful optical stores with beautiful eyewear displays, frame displays, and wall-mounted racking displays. Check our page and find your best shop fittings.

    One-Stop Optical Display Solution

  1. Floor Display Stands
  2. Eyewear Display Cases
  3. Optical Display Cabinet
  4. Eyeglass Shelving & Racks
  5. Frame Display Rods
  6. Optical Dispensing Table
  7. Wall Mount Optical Display
  8. Countertop Display
  9. Sunglasses Display
  10. Light Box Display
  11. Frame Storage Cabinet
  12. Optical Store Front Desk
  13. Optical Store Mirrors
  14. Sunglass Kiosk
  15. Store Front Sign
  16. Optical Store Design

When you design or decorate an optical store, you should visit Ant Display and find the best display fixtures; here, we offer a large board of retail displays from floor standing stands, countertop displays cases, frame display rods illuminated wall shelving units. As long as needed in an optical shop, you can find it here. Our one-stop solution for eyeglass store decoration will help build your store quickly.

Free Standing Display: Each optical store will have a large number of free-standing display stands. It's the most functional display stands with multi shelves and sections to display eyewear from all angles. 

Wall Mounted Display: Wall-mounted optical display is another popular eyeglass display method. It can not only help organize the entire store, but it will also beautify the interior space with attractive racks or illuminated shelves.

Frame Display Rods: The best and practical display for eyewear presentation is the frame rods. You can have either free retail display or lockable display rods options; moreover, those frame rods and bars can easily be combined with other retail fixtures to create a functional display panel or boards for decoration. 

Optical Display Cabinet: Wall display cabinet for eyeglass display makes up the main store fixtures in the optical shop. From backlit shelving units to frame rods display cabinets, each optical store will have many wall showcases. Those wall display fixtures offer a significant advantage in both retail display and interior decoration.

Countertop Display: if you want to display sunglasses or featured frames, countertop display is the ideal way; rotating countertop display stands allow you to present your client with different sunglasses in a small unit.

Sunglass Kiosk: With the increase of the mall kiosk industry, start a sunglass kiosk or optical kiosk in the mall becoming a popular business. You can retail all kinds of sunglass with a small booth but reach huge custom volumes. optical display fixtures

Professional Optical Store Design 

3D rendering is a form of visualization and reproduction of the design intent and concept of the designer or decoration client. The designer uses hand-drawing or computer software to design and decorate the design style before the decoration. The 3D rendering of the optical shop is the most intuitive and vivid expression of design intent, and it is the most direct way to present the customer's ideas in a multi-angle three-dimensional form. As a result, customers can further see the effect of the entire store. 

With the decoration renderings of the glasses shop, we can communicate further. When you are satisfied with the whole design, you can directly decorate the store according to the design and drawings. The primary function of the optical display fixtures is to display and sell eyeglasses. Different types of eyeglass displays have other characteristics. You have to choose the appropriate eyewear display according to the needs of the store.

Floor Standing Frame Display

The advantage of a floor-standing display is that more eyeglasses can be displayed in a compelling space. Generally, this kind of display is suitable for displaying sunglasses or decorative eyeglasses. Customers can choose glasses according to their requirements. The typical floor standing display can be rotated because with a rotatable base on the bottom. And makes it very convenient for customers to try and choose eyewear. The materials for this display generally include metal, wood, aluminum-plastic panels, and other materials. You can choose materials according to your needs and the decoration of the shop.

The Window Display

We all know that the first impression of an optical shop is significant, so we need to make reasonable use of the window displays. Proper use of window showcases can not only attract more customers to come into the shop, but it will also save a lot of space for the entire store.

 The most important thing is that the modular display is more popular with everyone. You can make design choices according to your needs. These optical displays are equipped with mirrors on the sides, so customers can easily see themselves, and they can also see what they look like after wearing a new set of frames or sunglasses. The primary materials are:

  • Generally acrylic laminate display
  • Glass laminate display
  • Wooden laminate display
  • Commonly used aluminum trough boards

Glass Showcase Display

The glass counter showcase is Is often used in optical shops to display different models of eyeglasses. The typical counter showcase comes in two parts: a top glass display area and a wooden base. Because the mirror reflection effect of the glass and the LED lighting system in the cabinet can better demonstrate the advantages of eyeglasses, Our glass display cabinets are made of high-grade hollow double-layer tempered glass with clear and high transparency. And to better display the format eyeglasses in the counter showcase to customers. 

The bottom part of those counter showcases usually equipped with multi-drawers for storage. 

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How to open the optical shop business?

At present, the eyewear market has vast room for development, and the profit of this industry is also relatively high. So we need to consider many aspects to ensure that our eyewear shop can make a profit.

Market conditions

Before preparing to open an optical shop, it is necessary to know the local market situation, such as population, business district, peer competition, peer performance, target group, consumption power, etc., to judge whether it is suitable to open an optical shop, this is a prerequisite.

Qualification certificate

A business license is required to open an optical shop. Stores need to have personnel who hold intermediate optometrists and intermediate scheduled labor qualification certificates, and contact lenses also need a medical device business license.

Address conditions

The location of the optical shop is critical, focusing on the business district and areas, import and export flow, upstream and downstream, and even sunshine and wind direction. A good location can bring better results for the store. In contrast, a poor area will be a poison to your business. 

Design and decoration

After the address is selected, the decoration of the optical shop is needed. The decoration is also vital and complicated, conforms to the positioning and style of the optical shop, and has a reasonable layout. Our goal is to make consumers feel comfortable and natural, and lighting effects are the soul. This series is very demanding for designers. Ant Display has professional interior designers who can help you design and decorate a fantastic optical store. 

Retail Furniture Selection

Choose the right retail furniture is essential in optical store decoration. Ant offered customized shop furniture strictly according to 3D design and construction drawings and fabricated the store fixtures with high-quality material and excellent quality. If you want to start a sunglass retail kiosk in the mall or decorate an optical shop, come to Ant Display and furnish your shop with the most straightforward way and lowest cost. 

Get A TOP-Quality Optical Frame Display From Ant Display

We have successfully built various optical shop furniture, frame displays for optical shops worldwide. If you are ready to start your optical retail business, come to Ant, We can help you custom design and build an eyewear shop that suits your particular need. Ant Display offers a one-stop solution of all-optical store fixtures and frame displays from design to display fixtures manufacturing. No matter what material is needed, what style is required, we get you all covered. Contact our team today and get the best price for your optical store furniture.