Lighted Signs

Lighted signs are widely used in various industries, whether it is commercial, industrial, catering, transportation, etc., all need to use lighted signs.Commodity stores and even companies are paying more and more attention to their own brand image, and advertising illuminated signs have become a powerful tool for businesses to promote their own product features. Therefore, from the design to the use of materials, the choice of styles is highly valued by people. Luminous letters have become popular among the public are becoming unique in the category of advertising signs. Choosing a good luminous word can make the store stand out among many stores. For example, in a commercial street, luminous characters can let people see your brand from far away, and then pay attention to your own store, making the store a beautiful scenery in people's lives.

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What benefits our lighted signs have?

  1. Easy to read, high visibility

The lighted signs are very bright, people can see the signs from very far place.lighted signs can make your brand more attractive. It can help you get more exposure. When night people can see your signs clearly, it can help your business a lot.

  1. Require low maintenance

Our lighted signs used very durable and strong materials, like thick acrylic, stainless steel and other metal. They are weather-proof and heat-proof, can use very long time. And inside light as usually will use LED light, the Led light can work about 5000 hours, so you no need maintenance. It can help you save a lot of cost.

  1. Economic and affordable

The lighted signs can use very long time, and led light consumes very little power.Use lighted signs can help promoting your business. And their cost is very low, so it is very economic.

  1. Represent the values of your brand

The styles, colors and designs of signs will reflect your brand concept and business type directly. Lighted signs will achieve a better display effect.

    5. Completely customizable

The color, styles, size, luminous type of lighted signs all can choose. We can customize the lighted signs as your needs completely.

  1. Provide a variety of options

Our lighted signs have different types, such as backlit lighted signs, front lit lighted signs, custom lighted signs. Depending on the light source used, it mainly include LED lighted signs and neon lighted signs. And they can made of different materials, such as different kinds of metal, acrylic etc.

If you want your brand be more attractive and noticed by more people, nice and high-end lighted signs will be a good choice no doubt. Ant display limited can supply you lighted signs in different styles, from acrylic lighted signs to metal lighted signs, from lighted letters to light boxes. Our materials are selected carefully to give you superior quality. The surface can do different colors, we can also paint the surface. No matter you want to use it indoor or outdoor, you all can find the suitable lighted sign on our web. We have our own polish and cutting workshop, can give you very favorable factory price.

Our lighted signs mainly have the belowing types:

  1. Backlit lighted signs

backlit lighted signs

The light is come from back panel, that’s why it called backlit lighted signs. It won’t hurt your eyes and looks too bright, but can create a high-end feeling.Backlit lighted signs can help make your brand or logo looks more attractive. Our backlit signs have different kinds of finishes, like different kinds of metal, colorful acrylic etc.

  1. Front lit lighted signs

led signs

Front li lighted signs also called channel signs. It mainly have 3 parts, return to fix the light inside, trimcap used to protect the frame. The front as usually used acrylic, light come from front. The side as usually used plastic and metal ,front as usually used acrylic.They are 3D letters, sign and light box. Channel letters can be seen from very far place.It surface can do different colors.

  1. Push through lighted signs

Push through lighted sign is one kind very unique sign.It as usually made of acrylic. It couldn’t work itself. It must fixed on a panel or wall. The wall or panel need cut the sign shape in advance, then push the sign inside the groove.inside the groove have led lights.

  1. Led light box

Led light box are widely used to display menus, signs and as guide. We supply different kinds of light boxes, from wooden frame light box to crystal light box to metal frame light box. They also supply a good way to display the signs.

  1. Neon lighted signs

A neon sign is a cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL). It can do many different kinds of colors for your choice. They are very durable and cost-effective. The Neon lighted sign only use very less power can create an amazing bright effect. It is greatly welcomed in entertainment industry and catering industry.

Ant display have various different kinds of lighted signs on our web for you to choose from. If you need any help just feel free to contact us!