Track Lighting

Now more and more stores and shopping malls use track lights, especially some mobile phone stores, clothing stores, and retail stores. LED track spotlight is also called LED track light, it is a kind of spotlight that adopts rail type and uses an LED light source to emit light. It has high brightness, rich colors, environmental protection, and energy-saving. It usually uses an aluminum alloy shell, light and convenient, beautiful and generous, especially used in high-end clothing stores, shopping malls, and some jewelry stores. It is very power-saving and energy-saving, and the lighting and decoration effects are very good. 

The distinguishing feature of LED track lights is that they can move on the track and change the direction of illumination. They are suitable for exhibition halls, museums, retail stores, point-like effect projection, local lighting in art galleries and offices, etc., and are widely used in shopping malls, restaurants, wine bars, and retail shops’ lighting decoration.

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Lamps and lanterns used for lighting in daily life generally have the characteristics of wide range and low brightness. If you want to use these lights in a specific area, you need to use track lights. Track lights have a good condensing effect.

track light

Advantages of led track light

  1. The led light source is a cold light source, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, pure color, high luminous efficiency, low-frequency flashing, energy-saving, and health.
  2. The luminous directivity of the LED track light is very strong, and the brightness attenuation is much lower than that of the traditional light source. The price of the LED track light is also very cheap.
  3. Led track lights have a long life and are very durable. The energy concentration of the light emitted by the led track light is very high, and the life span is also very long, usually between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.
  4. Led track lights are spotlights that use light-emitting diodes as the light source. Traditional track lights have low luminous efficiency, relatively power consumption, and short service life. Led light sources are far superior to traditional lighting fixtures in terms of light-emitting principle, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

What are the characteristics of Led track lights?

  1. Energy-saving: LED lamps of the same power consume only 10% of the power of incandescent lamps, which is more energy-efficient than fluorescent lamps.
  2. Long life: LED lamp beads can work for 50,000 hours, which is longer than fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps.
  3. Dimmable: The previous dimmers have always been aimed at incandescent lamps. When incandescent lamps are dimmed, the light will turn red; it is difficult to see fluorescent dimmers, which is the main reason why the dimming technology has not been developed for many years; LED can be dimmed, and both bright and dark light is the same color (the color temperature is basically unchanged), which is obviously better than the dimming of the incandescent lamp.
  4. Can be switched on and off frequently: The life of the LED is calculated according to the time it is lit, even if it is turned on and off thousands of times per second, it will not affect the life of the LED. LED lights have an absolute advantage in occasions that need to be turned on and off frequently, such as decoration.
  5. Rich colors: There are various colors such as positive white light, warm white light, red, green, blue, etc., whether it is the small colored lights or neon lights used to decorate the headlights in the living room, they are very bright.
  6. Low calorific value: Many incandescent lamps break after a few days of use because of heat. The LED spotlight can work for a long time without a transformer, and the heat is low.


What are the categories of LED track lights? What are the key points of its purchase?

LED track spotlights are generally divided into two types according to the LED chip packaging structure:   

The first type is composed of a single 1W or 1-3W high-power lamp bead, which is made of a single high-power lamp bead. The power is generally 3W-36W. This kind of LED track spotlight highlights the LED industry's Technical content.   

The second type is called integrated track spotlight. There are two types of track spotlights: low-voltage and high-voltage. Consumers are better to choose low-voltage spotlights, which have a longer lifespan and higher luminous efficiency.


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