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Sydney Modern Design Bubble Tea Kiosk Juice Kiosk Bar Counter For Sale

Solid Wood Texture Bubble Tea Kiosk Design Of Mall Juice Bar Food Kiosk For Sale

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Bubble tea is one of the most popular juices and beverages in a shopping mall. Whether you are traveling a scenic area or wandering around a business center. You will see many tea kiosks are stand by crowded customers. During the recent research, bubble tea occupy almost 60% of our mall drinking market, if you are looking for a mall kiosk business idea. bubble tea kiosk definitely should take into consideration.

Why bubble tea kiosk is so popular?

  • 1, tea kiosk is quite easy to start, especially for a new business starter, you do not need too much budget or experience to open a bubble tea kiosk.
  • 2, tea kiosk has a large volume of customers. almost everyone will be potential customers. from young to elders, from boys to girls. no one will refuse a nice cup of juice tea.
  • 3, the high-profit margin is another reason that every businessman rushes into this industry. 
  • 4, easy to franchise or grow big. bubble tea kiosk or green tea station is not only good for small businessmen but also for a big company, you can easy franchise a brand and soon grow to a big company.

Ant Display is a leading mall kiosk and food kiosk manufacturer, We based in China where can provide low price raw material and labor, this advantage allows us to offer our clients the best quality kiosk with the most competitive price. Moreover, Ant Display provides a free kiosk design service that no other company can do. Contact our team and build your tea kiosk at low price.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood
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