Fiberglass is also called fiber reinforced plastic, generally refers to the reinforced plastic with glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix, glass fiber or its products as the reinforced material, called glass fiber reinforced plastic, or glass fiber reinforced plastic .It is light in weight and very strong, stable in performance, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, waterproof and moisture-proof. It is a very popular building material.It is widely used in aerospace, railways, decorative buildings, home furniture, advertising displays, craft gifts, building materials and bathroom, yacht mooring, sports materials, environmental sanitation engineering and other related industries. It is a very popular Welcome new materials. FRP products are also different from traditional material products, and are much better than traditional products in terms of performance, use, and life attributes. It is easy to shape, can be customized, and colors can be adjusted at will, so it can be used to make many outdoor furniture.

Ant display limited is a direct factory specialize in making customize furniture and suppling builidng materials. We are located in an industrial zone, and there are many direct raw material suppliers around, so we can give you the most favorable raw materials at the lowest price. We can provide you with very favorable factory prices and excellent quality. And we have our own design team that can help you customize the style, color and size you want. We have different materials for your choice.

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  1. Outdoor Park Landscape Ornament Simulation Squirrel Fiberglass Sculpture
    As low as $30.00
  2. Outdoor FRP Ice Cream Model | Model Decoration Outside Ice Cream Shop
    As low as $200.00
  3. Christmas Decorations | Santa Claus Ornaments | Outdoor Snowman Sculpture
    As low as $40.00
  4. Outdoor Violent Bear Decoration | Fiberglass Cartoon Character Decoration Model
    As low as $350.00
  5. Frozen character ornaments | Anna/Elsa Display Model
    As low as $1,500.00
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Why choose fiberglass as building materials?

  1. Light weight and high hardness

FRP is lighter than other decorative materials, such as wood, stone, glass, etc. And its hardness is very high, very strong and durable.

  1. Corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of FRP is very good, and it can withstand corrosive chemicals and liquids. Therefore, it can be used in various industries and fields, not only indoors but also outdoors.

  1. Good designability

(1) A variety of structural products can be flexibly designed according to needs to meet the requirements of use, and the product can have a good integrity.

(2) Materials can be fully selected to meet the performance of the product

  1. Excellent workmanship

(1) The molding process can be flexibly selected according to the shape, technical requirements, use and quantity of the product.

(2) The process is simple, it can be formed at one time, and the economic effect is outstanding, especially for products with complex shapes and small quantities that are not easy to form. Its process superiority is more prominent.


FRP has unparalleled durability and long life and can be used outdoors. Maintenance costs are very low, which can help save costs.


Fiberglass is easy to process, does not rust or rot, and does not need to be painted. my country has widely adopted FRP to manufacture various small motorboats, lifeboats, yachts, and automobile manufacturing, saving a lot of steel. Since FRP is a composite material, its performance has a very wide range of adaptability, so its market development prospects are very broad.

The main application areas of fiberglass are summarized as follows:

  1. Construction industry: decorative panels, sanitary ware and integral toilets, saunas, surfing baths, building construction templates, storage buildings, concrete templates, reinforcements, and solar energy utilization devices.
  2. Chemical and chemical industry: corrosion-resistant pipelines, sewage and wastewater treatment equipment and accessories, etc.
  3. Automobile and railway transportation industry: automobile shells and other parts, all-plastic mini-cars, and large passenger car body shells.
  4. In terms of highway construction, there are traffic road signs, isolation piers, sign piles, sign boards, highway guardrails, etc., boats and water transportation industries.
  5. Make some furniture for outdoor use, such as chairs, outdoor pavilions, etc.

What questions you may be have before ordering the firberglass or fiberglass furnuiture?

  1. How is your packing? Is it safe?

A: Yeah our package is very strong and durable, it is very safe. You no need worry about shipping. We will pack all surface and corners use EFE foam and pearl cotton carefully. Then use hard wood boxes to pack the furniture.

  1. How is the payment term and payment style?

A: before productiion we need your side arrange 50% deposit for production. After production finished before shipping you arrange the rest 50% balance will be ok.

  1. Can you do customize? If the shapes and colors, size can change?

A: Yeah sure, the shape, color, size all can customize as your needs. We have professional design team, we can create 3D design for you to see effect.

  1. Do you supply assemble service? Is assemble easy?

A: we don’t supply assemble service. But assemble is very easy. If the furniture size not big, we will do it whole piece and whole assembled. If size is big, we will divide the furniture into several pieces, then pack them use wood boxes. We will do a detailed guideline, you just need to put them together follow the guideline, then connect wires will can use.