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Display cases provide a perfect platform to represent all kinds of merchants excellently. It is widely used in retail stores, exhibitions, boutique shops, trade shows, pop-up kiosks, museums, optical stores, pharmacies, offices, salons, outdoor occasions, and even our living rooms. We use those display fixtures to highlight our best commodities to the target people.

Showcases with excellent design and supreme quality are the best option for the commercial equipment of your business. A display showcase is a cabinet with transparent glass covers sitting on a wooden plinth to display objects. It is the main carrier for expressing commodities in business and the mainframe that constitutes commercial space visually. Different products will require different forms and functions of display showcases. 

Choose the right display equipmenttall-frameless-glass-display-showcase-with-black-base

Are you looking for retail display showcases but don't know where to begin? Most retail retailers will use a combination of the island counter, wall cases, floor-standing pedestal, and cash register counter to configure a store. Here is an easy way to help you choose the right showcasing furniture.

  •  Counter height Showcases and cash wrap counters allow employees to work behind to offer service and complete transactions. The most retail shop will need it.
  •  Floor standing cases are pedestal stands to display bestsellers or focused products. It's an excellent option for a jewelry store, watch shop, museum, or art gallery. 
  • Countertop display cases are small portable showcases with lightweight and elegant design. Usually used to display jewelry, gifts, or small items. It's the perfect display fixture for trade shows, exhibitions, and business fairs.
  • A wall-mounted case is a perfect cabinet for school trophies and collectibles. You can also use it in your salon or retail store to display gifts that offer a better. 
  • Glass tower showcase featuring fixed or adjustable shelves where possible to display products for all sides view. 

When you get aware of each type of retail cabinets, you start to choose the right stands that meet your needs. If you are displaying expensive merchandise like jewelry, electronics, or other high-value products, you need to pay attention to the materials used. Metal or chrome stainless steel frames with ultra-clear glass tops are perfect options. And you will want the rear access cases for security's sake. But when you display ordinary retail commodities, you should concentrate more on function and design style.

In case you do not find the desired glass cabinets, contact our team to custom a unique one.  

Features of our glass showcase

Display cases come in various styles and featuring perfect commercial furniture in both display and promotion functions. Shopper head to for help with a favorite product or to checkout for their purchase with those display cabinets. Some displays with glass-enclosed sections display products, while others are pedestal stands with no glass at all, such as display plinth or cash warp counter. Here are the features of our top-rates glass cabinets:

  • Pedestal display showcases and tower display cabinets are floor-standing display cabinet in a square shape design. It comes with a glass top showcase and a wooden base. Some of the bottom plinths can use as storage cabinets. Those cases can do hold too many items, but it's a perfect stand for special offers. 
  • The frameless display cabinet is almost all-glass build fixtures that offer a 360 C encircle viewing. Adjustable shelves allow those cabinets to display as many as possible and strong locks keeping them free from dust, dirt, and wondering hands. It's an ideal retail fixture for gift stores, sports shops, stationery, and other businesses that retail small-sized commodities. 
  • Curio Cabinets are always used for residential applications and antique shops. It features classic solid wood construction and decorative styles with heirloom-quality finishes. Glass shelves inside offer comfortable display sections and make it the perfect display for collectibles and vintage antiques.
  • Rotating Display Showcase offers round display shelves in motor auto-rotating and manual types. It offers a more easy way for a customer to view your commodities better, and locks make it safe from possible theft.
  • Counter height Showcases are the most popular display fixtures in retail businesses, with a 12" glass top and a 30" storage cabinet beneath. Such retail counters are the perfect display for electronic gadgets stores and jewelry shops. Thanks to transparent and crystal-clear glass are it will give the entire store a sense of brightness and is the most convenient for displaying products; 
  • Register Counters are register cabinets where shoppers check out and finish the purchase. It has a functional rear cabinet with different storage, and some of them have a glass display showcase on the front to promote more desirable products. 
  • Illuminated showcases are display cabinets with the spotlight or LED stripe light around the top to light up the interior area. 

Find out more interesting features of our showcases and retail counters. Ant display will help you build your retail shop and fit the display equipment in the easiest way.

Why choose Ant display?

Ant-display is a leading company specialize in making different kinds of display showcases. Our design team has been engaged in displaying display cabinets for 10 years and has extensive experience. 

  • Modern, sleek design: Every display cabinet design features the latest and most fashionable concepts. It will level up your store immediately.
  • Professional team: Over the past 20 years, we gather a group of experienced designers and construction teams and allow us to offer perfect retail fixtures.
  • Strong Custom ability: Most of the supplier only sale the ready build models; we can custom the showcases in your dreamed way, from colors to styles, and from material to dimensions 100% customization to fit your needs.
  • Top-rate material: we commit to using high-quality materials on every piece of our retail fixtures. Whether you are ordering a small retail showcase or full store equipment, you will get the perfect furniture here. 
  • Competitive price: As a china display showcases manufacturer, we can offer our client supreme quality stands at an economical price.
  • Fast Delivery: We own a 5000 square meter factory with over 200+ skilled workers, which allows us to finish any large order and urgent request in a limited time frame.

Custom Service

Here are just some of the most popular models. If you need to buy a customize color glass display cabinet or need any special request, please do not hesitate to contact our team. As a professional store fixtures manufacturer, we can bespoke display cabinets, glass cases, and retail counters with any dimension and materials. When you start a retail store and looking for showcases, welcome to visit ANt Display and buy your ideal shop fittings.

Three-step to custom a display showcase.

  1. Talking with our expert sales team and give us your detailed request for dimensions, colors, materials, and desired styles.
  2. Our design team will offer you a 3D rendering and detailed construction drawing accordingly. Which exactly indicated all the details of the showcases. 
  3. Arrange the deposit after you confirmed the showcase design, and we will start to build the furniture exactly following the plan. It will take 10-20 days depends on the quantity.