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With the development of technology, cell phones gradually becoming part of our life. It not only makes our life easy but also brings a more colorful and interesting world to us. Everyone will owe one or more smartphones. The market is always motivated by demands. Therefore, starting a cell phone-related business is one of the profitable small business ideas. Cell phone retail store can be the most popular shops on the street but when converted into an indoor mall.

There are mainly three types of cell phone business to go. Cell Phone retail shops, Cell phone repair kiosk, and cell phone accessories kiosk. Mobile phone retail stalls in the mall offer a large variety of different cellphone brands with an experience table display. Smartphones not like old Mobiles, you can easily get the screen crushed when dropping on the floor and need to get it to fix in a cell phone repair shop. Cell phone accessory kiosk allows vendors to supply a huge range of different styles of phone cover with unique patterns or stylish characters. What’s more, a cell phone cover can also protect your precious iPhone from easy scratched or crushed.

Ant Display is a leading mall used mall retail kiosk designer & manufacturer. We custom design and manufacture commercial display furniture for cell phone business presentations. From cell phone retail counter to cell phone cases & covers showcase or functional cell phone repair desks. Our large scale of attractive kiosk design will give you the best business advertisement. If you are planning to open a cell phone-related small business kiosk for indoor or outdoor. We have the best display solution offer to you.

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phone accessories kioskAnt Display can custom build the cell phone retail kiosk according to customers' unique requirements. From colors to materials or fully concept design ideas. With visually 3D rendering design and construction provided, you can easily figure out your ideal shop stands in the easiest way. No matter you need white baking painted retail display stands or wood veneer showcase or glass counter, our finest selection will offer you the ideal choice. Browse our category and find 100+ modern design mall kiosks for cell phone retail, mobile phone repair, and phone accessories display.  There 5 main reasons that you should buy cell phone kiosk from Ant Display.

  • Ant offers free kiosk design including different 3D concepts and professional CAD detailed plans.
  • We are a direct mall kiosk manufacturer for cell phone displays. So, we can offer the best quality at an unbeatable price.
  • Mover than 150+ workers  and strict quality management system to ensure a high-quality finish with the fast delivery time
  • 17+ years of kiosk design and manufacturing experience allow us the leading mall kiosk manufacturer position.
  • Shipping assistant + installation guides ensure you a no headache kiosk setting procedure.

What Kind Of Cell Phone Business You can Do In Mall?

cell phone-related business is very popular and profitable that every vendor wants to join this competition. from simple smart-phone retailing to cell phone screen fix, or phone covers, phone cases sale. Lots of business you can start with a cell phone shop in mall. But the most popular is the blow three category.

Cell Phone Retail 

Starting a cellphone retail kiosk in the shopping mall or business center for cell phone retail is a good idea. Nowadays, people are more and more relying on a cell phone leaded life. The cell phone is already becoming the daily necessary merchandise. Many big cell phone manufacturers and distributors will choose to open a retail kiosk in the mall to increase sales. You can either sell your own branded cell phone or franchise an existing brand to go.

Cell phone Fix & Screen Repair

cell phone repair kioskCell Phone repair booth is one of the most popular mall kiosk business ideas, it’s not only easy to start with generous revenue but also easy to franchise and ground to expand. Mobile phone fix is one of the most profitable small business trends that every vendor is hunting for. Nevertheless, staring at a cell phone repair kiosk studio still be a smart choice. Ant Display has a huge amount of modern kiosk design at a wholesale price for sale.

Cell phone Accessories , Cases & Covers Retail

Compare to cell phone retail & phone repair, The accessories are the lowest investment business but also has a juicy profit. China manufacturer offers thousands of beautiful cell phone cover at a very low wholesale price. What’s more, most of them also offer OEM custom service to provide a unique attractive phone case, tablet case, phone covers, etc. Besides, you can also adapt small phone accessories with a retail stall, such as  batteries, cables, phone chargers, earphones, etc.

The most profitable popup kiosk ideas are to combine such threes business within one kiosk. A cell phone repair kiosk shop can also retail cell phone covers, a phone case stands also present new brand smartphones. You will win 1 plus 1 more than 2 business effect. Want to know more information about cell phone retail business in the mall or looking for creating a modern sleek kiosk design, please sent us an inquiry.

Why Choose Ant Display?

Ant Display is a professional kiosk manufacturing company that operates with and believes in High-quality products and professional service. We offer our best in manufacturing every single piece of mobile phone booth, and utilizing professional expertise, From fire-rated plywood, basic raw materials to cell phone repair, phone fix equipment. Every detail kiosk component is combined with smart ideas and functional characters. Each phone shop that we build is specially designed with stylish features that make your unit outstanding from other stalls.

We not only supply popup electronic kiosks that are well structured technically, but we also offer aesthetic design with stylish features to draw in your customers. Clients From All over the world trust us to give them the best quality kiosks furniture And Here are core reasons.

Custom-Made Kiosks With Unique Ideas

At Ant Display, we always put our customers in the first place. Whether you are ordering a simple cell phone display showcase or build a phone retail kiosk or build a cell phone store. You will always get the same service here. Clients' requirements always come first.  Aside from our standards kiosk concept, we also help customer custom-make kiosks with unique ideas. Because each kiosk counter dimension is different, as well as functional requirements and materials. Therefore, customized mall kiosk can better suit for each unique idea and perfectly display products in the customer's ideal way. Together with our creative design, we can offer 3D design with any style in your mind. And build it out accordingly.

High-Quality Kiosk at Affordable Prices

Due to the high material cost and daily rising labor cost, the cost to build a electronic retail kiosk can hardly lower down. working on a budget might seem impossible for many kiosk manufacturers, but here at Ant Display, that is not a problem.  We are direct kiosk manufacturer location in China, where has lower rent cost and labor cost, But we have the best technology and equipment from Canada, USA, AUSTRALIA, and the UK, These advantages allow us to offer our clients the best quality kiosk stands with affordable cost.

Moreover, We ensure that all materials used on our cell phone kiosk stands are of top quality, all the surface finish on our display showcases are best treated. Whatever your budget is, you will definitely get your dreamed cell phone shopfitting in Ant Display. From Big in-line store fixtures to mobile mall RMU cart, All the display furniture from Us are at most cost performance.

Simple Shipping Options

All our manufacturing factories are based in China but we deliver globally. We start exporting mall kiosks and store fixtures as early as 2002 and Mainly delivery to the United States, Canada, and Europe. We have very flexible and easy shipping options to suit each customer. From LCL container loading to FCL. Or Even door to door service. If you need the kiosk in a short time.  Air shipping is also available. Our shipping services also come at an affordable rate. With us, we ship the full phone store furniture in single showcases. you need not worry about any issue because we would deliver your package directly to your warehouse or front gate of the shopping mall. Additionally, our benefit professional shipping service comes with custom clearance support, commodity inspection support, land transportation support, etc.

Easy Kiosk Installation

Our cell phone shop kiosk are designed in a special way that each kiosk component can easily knock down and reassemble again. You can install the kiosk booth on your own instead of spending money to hire an extra worker.  The kiosk is split into several showcases, you just need to put them together, join male and female wiring connectors and bolted from inside. Standard size kiosks can finish installation within two hours if you have one or two assistants.

Start Cell Phone Accessories And Repair Kiosk In Mall

If you are looking for a high-quality cell phone repair shop or accessories kiosk, here you are in the right places. Aside from the hundreds of existing models, you can choose from, we can also custom the kiosks according to your special requirements and unique ideas. Contact our team now and start your mall kiosk business today.