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Cell Phone Kiosk

With the developing of technology, cell phones gradually becoming part of our life. It not only make our life easy but also bring a more colorful and interesting world to us. Everyone will owe one or more smartphones. The market is always motivated by demands. Therefore, starting a cell phone-related business is one of the profitable small business ideas. Cell phone retail store can be the most popular shops on the street but when converted into an indoor mall. There are mainly three types of the cell phone business to go. Cell Phone retail kiosk, Cell phone repair kiosk and cell phone case kiosk. Mobile phone retail stalls in the mall offer a large variety of different cellphone brands with an experience table display. Smartphones not like old Mobiles, you can easily get the screen crushed when dropping on the floor and need to get it to fix in a cell phone repair kiosk. Cell phone accessory kiosk allows vendors to supply a huge range of different styles of phone cover with unique patterns or stylish characters. What’s more, a cell phone cover can also protect your precious iPhone from easy scratched or crushed. Ant Display is a leading mall used cell phone kiosk designer & manufacturer. We custom design and manufacture commercial display furniture for cell phone business presentation. From cell phone retail counter to cell phone cases & covers showcase or functional cell phone repair kiosk stands. Our large scale of attractive kiosk design will give you the best business advertisement. If you are planning to opening cell phone-related small business kiosk indoor or outdoor. We have the best display solution offer to you.
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cell phone accessories kioskAnt Display can custom build the cell phone kiosk according to customers' unique requirements. From kiosk colors to kiosk materials or fully concept kiosk design. With visually 3D rendering design and construction provided, you can easily figure out your ideal kiosk stands in the easiest way. No matter you need white baking painted cell phone display stands or wood veneer showcase counter, our finest selection will offer you the ideal choice. Browse our category and find 100+ modern design mall kiosks for cell phone retail, mobile phone repair, and phone accessories display.  There 5 main reasons that you should take a cell phone kiosk from Ant Display.

  • Ant offers free kiosk design including different 3D concepts and professional CAD detailed plans.
  • We are a direct mall kiosk manufacturer for cell phone displays. So, we can offer the best quality at an unbeatable price.
  • Mover than 150+ workers  and strict quality management system to ensure a high-quality finish with the fast delivery time
  • 17+ years of kiosk design and manufacturing experience allow us the leading mall kiosk manufacturer position.
  • Shipping assistant + installation guides ensure you a no headache kiosk setting procedure.

Mall Cell Phone Retail Kiosk For Sale

Starting a retail kiosk in the shopping mall or business center for cell phone retail is a good idea. Nowadays, people are more and more relying on a cell phone leaded life. The cell phone is already becoming the daily necessary merchandise. Many big cell phone manufacturers and distributors will choose to open a cell phone retail kiosk in mall to increase sales. You can either sell your own branded cell phone or franchise an existing brand to go.

Mall Cell phone Repair Kiosk For Sale

cell phone repair kioskCell phone repair kiosk is one of the most popular mall kiosk business ideas, it’s not only easy to start with generous revenue but also easy to franchise and ground to expand. Mobile phone fix is one of the most profitable small business trends that every vendor is hunting for. Nevertheless, find the right location in mall staring at a cell phone repair kiosk studio will be a smart choice. Ant Display has a huge modern cell phone repair kiosk design at a wholesale price for sale.

Mall Cell phone Accessories Kiosk For Sale

Compare to cell phone retail & cell phone repair, cell phone accessories are the lowest investment business but also has a juicy profit. China manufacturer offers thousands of beautiful cell phone cover at a very low wholesale price. What’s more, most of them also offer OEM custom service to provide a unique attractive phone case, tablet case, phone covers, etc. Besides phone cases, covers, you can also adapt small phone accessories with a retail kiosk, such as phone batteries, phone cables, phone chargers, earphones, etc.

The most profitable cell phone kiosk ideas are to combine such threes business within one kiosk. A cell phone repair kiosk shop can also retail cell phone covers, a phone case stands also present new brand smartphones. You will win 1 plus 1 more than 2 business effect. Want to know more information about cell phone kiosk business in mall or looking for creating a modern sleek cell phone retail kiosk design, please sent us an inquiry or call us.