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When you want to start a bubble tea business, you possibly have two ways to go.  one is a franchise a mature brand in the market, the other is build your own brand. Either of them have it's own advantages and defects.  When franchise cost is raising too high, many smart people will choose to create their own bubble tea brand. Whether you are starting a bubble tea kiosk in the mall or opening a bubble tea shop on the street. Create your own brand with your own stylish products are always successful.

But how to set up your own bubble tea enterprise? Here are 7 simple steps for you to guide.

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|--How To Start A Beverage Bubble Tea Shop (Juice Bar) Business?

|--Where to Open a Bubble Tea Shop?

1: Solve the technical problems, that is, product production

First of all, you need to solve the product problem in the store. Without the product, everything else is empty talk. Here I offer several methods:

  • 1. Recruiting a store manager with product R & D experience has the disadvantage that it is difficult to recruit a store manager;
  • 2. Contact the raw material supplier who provides the product formula. According to the product formula practice, the disadvantage is that the taste of the product can not be guaranteed, and the product update is slow;
  • 3. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time and the products you can learn from our very limited;
  • 4. Find a service company or organization that can help you provide training and support in terms of products and raw materials;

 2.Raw materials and equipment

Raw materials and equipment are linked to products, and your raw materials and equipment are determined according to your products. There are many ways to find the good quality raw materials, you can either get it from Alibaba or Amazon which are quite cheaper or going to the nearby wholesale market. As you are going to need in long time further. So, build a strong relationship with your suppliers is very important.

As for the bubble tea shop, equipment are quite simple, you can still get it easily equipped online, many famous machine companies are offering online sales now. 

3: Determine the style and operation strategy

The above two steps can be solved easily. Next, you should first think about how your store should operate and how to locate it! A lot of people absolutely operate things after they become stores, which is a big mistake! In the beginning, you have to think about the operation direction, and then you can do some site selection and decoration to echo it! Otherwise, it will take more time and energy to fix it.

  • Store positioning: consumer orientation, location positioning, product positioning, style positioning
  • Store operation: mall food kiosk or window-shop or restaurant? Branding or privatization? How to attract target consumers? How to protect consumers? Can we also join in? Or direct chain, or cooperation to franchise? ... ...

In short, many problems need to be considered, prepared, and solved in advance. Although the plan can't keep up with the changes, don't fight unprepared battles~~

4: Choose a good shop location

When you think about how to position, how to do the follow-up operation and development, you can choose the location and find the shop according to this.

The most important thing to pay attention to in finding a shop is not to be cheated by the second landlord, the third landlord, and the fourth landlord, and then patience. Finding a shop is a relatively long process and needs fate!

5: Shop decoration design and construction

There is no need to talk about the decoration style. It has been solved in the third step. It only needs to connect with the decoration design company. There is also a need to pay attention to the design of the logo, door head, and cup. Door head, cup class production can also be solved by Amazon. If you need any bubble tea shop counter or bar counter. Ant Display has a large variety of modern design shop interior displays fixtures and store fixtures for sale.

6: Staff recruitment and opening

Generally, there will be a business opening activity, which can be simple or colorful. It depends on yourself.

7: Operation and expansion

The operation and management of stores are very important, including store material management, staff management, etc., how to improve consumer satisfaction and communication, improve the turnover of the store, etc.; in fact, if the store operation is good, many people will ask about joining in, which depends on how the individual decides whether to join in or directly operate or cooperate, etc., as mentioned above.

In General, it is not a very difficult thing to see a bubble tea shop on one's own. It depends on whether one has the intention to do it. You can have the idea that flying in the sky, but you should also be stand by your own foot.  There's never a simple way to any succeed. As long as we spend time and effort, as long as we work hard and did our best, good luck always waiting for us in the further yard ahead of us.