Office Furniture Tips

  1. How much does the marble front desk cost?

    marble front desk

    How much does the marble front desk cost? Many factors can determine the cost, but the market price is generally quoted on a square meter. Moreover, the marble classification is more complicated, and the cost of different types of marble is various. Besides, labour costs and miscellaneous...

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  2. 7 popular ideas for modern office decoration trends

    office design

    If you are considering redecorating your office, today we will see some of the latest office decoration innovations. Can inspire creativity in your office look. Because every day, the office is no longer a grey and monotonous environment but has become a popular multifunctional space.


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  3. Office design-how to choose the suitable reception desk for your workplace

    reception counter

    Imagine when doing office design- your office reception is not only a beautiful reception desk but it also the perfect blend of elegance and function.

    Office design front desk

    Your visitors will be impressed as soon as they enter, and your receptionist can provide them with powerful assistance...

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  4. The Top 5 Mindful Ideas Of Reception Desk

    The Top 5 Mindful Ideas Of Reception Desk

    The reception desk, as the name suggests, is the place to receive customers. Front desk reception is one of the positions in modern enterprises, usually responsible for customer visits and registration, telephone transfer and other matters. This encyclopedia will introduce you to the reception desk design concept, reception desk layout design, reception desk production, reception desk size standards,...

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  5. How to Choose A Suitable Reception Desk?

    office reception desk

    Every company will have a reception desk, whether large or small. The reception desk and the receptionist are the facades of the company. The first thing customers see when entering the company is the reception desk. Thus, A suitable reception desk can easily make customers feel relaxed and happy....

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  6. Top 4 most popular style of Office front desk

    office front desk

    Almost every company now has a front desk. This front desk is equivalent to a facade of the company. When a guest comes, the first thing that comes into view is the front desk. Choose the right reception desk ...

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  7. What is the standard size of an office desk?

    office desk

    The office desk is where we work and study. When choosing an office desk or reception desk, except for its style, quality, and color, we must also consider whether it is suitable for the scope of our daily work and whether it meets the basic requirements...

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