Business Signs

Do you think the business sign is very important for starting a business? It is undeniable that a business sign is an important part of a successful business. It represents your company's image, brand philosophy, and customer recognition. Most customers learn about the company through business signs, which is one of the reasons why the design and production of professional business signs are so important. Especially for companies that have their own factories, shops, and physical locations, high-quality business signs can increase the visibility of the company, and business signs can also reflect your product quality and service. Therefore, pay more attention to choosing a suitable business sign.

Ant display creates custom business signs for many companies. We have more than 20 years of design and production experience, you can get the perfect business sign production plan. With professional design services, advanced production technology, and first-class customer service, our business signs are popular in Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and other countries and regions. Browse successful business sign cases on Ant display and find a business sign template that suits you. You can also tell us what you think, and we will create a unique business sign for you.

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Every industry has a business sign, and people can learn about your company, products, services, and even promotions through business signs. A business sign can help us promote our brand and make people think of your company and products the first time. The business sign has a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors, and the use of different materials can achieve different display effects. Before starting a company, it’s necessary to spend time and energy to come up with a wonderful business sign design.

business signPopular business sign styles:

Blade Sign

The blade sign is mainly used outdoors, it looks more like an indication sign to show your location. You can write the company name, address, brand logo to the blade sign. The location is at the side of the building, street shop, and distance from your location. The blade sign color should be similar to your shop decoration, the material should be very strong and bear terrible weather.

Restaurant Sign

Restaurant signs mainly to show your business to customers. There are different kinds of restaurants in the market, however, the brand sign can help people to distinguish you from another restaurant. You can get a variety of restaurant signs in Ant display, including door logos, image walls, lightbox logos, menu boards, small blackboards to display new dishes and today’s recommendations, and decorative signs.

Outdoor Business Signs

Outdoor business signs include all kinds of signs used outside of the shop. You can attach the business sign to the tall buildings and even set it at the top. This kind of outdoor business sign fit big company, chain brands, and even government building. Sales window signs, outdoor digital signs, and even shop front signs are good advertising ideas for promoting brands, people can know you before entering your store or company.

Salon Sign

Salon signs can easily be found in beauty salon shops, hair styling stations, eyebrow studios, and even spa booths. It usually has a stylish appearance and unique symbols, so it is easy for people to associate a salon sign with your business. And guests can understand your theme and service better. Choose a novel salon sign in Ant display, which will attract more customers to trust you

business signShop Front Signs

The shopfront sign usually hangs on the entrance of the shop, office building, and lobby. You can choose to use woodshop front signs, 3D illuminated acrylic front signs, metal shop front signs, and even backlit front signs. No matter how unique your shop front signs are, Ant Display will meet your demands.

Neon Bar Signs

Neon bar signs are very popular signs and create a very vibrant atmosphere. The neon bar signs have all kinds of colors to meet demands. We can use it in bar shops, birthday parties, concerts, restaurants, coffee bars, and home decorations. The neon bar logo can be made into letters, patterns and even support customization, which is a very good activity theme construction plan

Hotel Sign

There are many different kinds of hotels, each hotel has its unique brand sign and style. Guests can use the hotel sign to determine whether they meet their choices. During their stay in the hotel, their warm service and comfortable experience will impress you. A good reputation can bring you more customers and make you go further.