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Clothing retail is one of the traditional retail business that has a long history, Nowadays, clothing retail has diversified into various manners and channels. Online clothing shops, big storefronts, or mobile adverting promotions. However, there’s another clothing retail method still keep growing in recent years. That is a clothing retail kiosk in mall. The shopping mall is a large consuming paradise with huge customer traffic while clothing retail is a fast-moving consumer good. Therefore, starting a clothing retail kiosk in mall is a perfect ideas to open your business gate. With little or less invest you can soon set up a clothing kiosk stands. A large various of commodities can retail within a clothing stands. Such as T-shirts, T-shirt printing, shirts,pants, hats, underwear,lingerie, socks, belts, or any dress accessories . You may not buy a pan unless you need it, but you would possibly buy beautiful clothes although your wardrobe is already full. Starting a clothing kiosk or T-shirt kiosks will bring you generous profit revenue and investment back in a short time.
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Start Your Own Clothing Retail Kiosk

Cloth retailing shops and kiosks are a very common sight in most Canadian and USA shopping malls. And it has become more and more rampant and popular. Many retailers choose to start a clothes kiosk or RMU(retail merchandising unit ) in any indoor business space. During the past decades, lots of clothing retailers preferred owning boutiques and shops, but now, most of them went for clothes kiosks or embroidery kiosks. The most important reason is that in malls where there is always a lot of needy customer traffic from the constant inflow in every corner of the malls. Another main reason is starting a clothing kiosk is much easier than inline shops.

clothing kiosk

Ant Display is a leading manufacturer in mall kiosk manufacturing in the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK. We have many projects in most of the important cities, such as Toronto, New York, London, Paris, Sydney, etc. With a professional design and manufacture team of highly trained workers, we can bring any of your customized clothing kiosk ideas to reality. Whether you are looking for a T-shirt retail kiosk, T-shirt printing kiosk, or Suit shop cart, We’ve got your covered. With our expertise, we can design and customize your clothing kiosk use only the best of materials. And provide you with the best clothes kiosk to fit in any retail environments.

Get a retail kiosk for your clothes retail business today!

Except for the top-notch services we provided in a short time frame, we also offer professional & effective customer service. In order to improve our customer experience in Ant Display, our responsible team makes it possible for you to reach us at any time in 7x24 hours. What more, our sales are ready to give answers to any of your questions as well as give the best solutions to any clothes kiosk issues.

At Ant Display, we have hundreds of clothing kiosk designs in various styles and color choices, but this does not prevent us from customizing a kiosk with your own needs and ideas. Our talented designers can merge your special ideas and our working procedure to make the best clothes kiosk or T-shirt kiosks. If you want good quality and stand out clothing retail kiosk or retail mall carts, contact us today!

Why Ant Display Clothing Kiosks?

When you step into a shopping mall or commercial business plaza, there is always a particular standing out kiosk stands that piques your interest and draws your attention immediately. Whether a food kiosk or retail kiosk, the design must be attractive and eye-catching. This ability is what our design and engineering team at Kiosk give to you as a retailer.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality retail embroidery kiosk and retail carts. because we know that you can surely get value from those retail mall kiosk stands. And this is why we supply every of our customer with only our best design and best quality finish during the kiosk manufacturing.

Here are some advantages of our kiosk and easy reasons why you should choose your mall kiosk from Ants:

Huge Variety Sample Designs

During the past decades, we have successfully build thousand of indoor retail kiosks stands. Thus, we have a wide range of modern designs from you to choose from it. Whether you need a T-shirt retail kiosk or shoe retail kiosk, you can always find the right design suit for your needs, With the help of our experience and creativity team, we can customize build a clothes kiosk that is eye-catching and top quality surface finish. We can ensure that every mall used retail kiosk for clothes has an ambiance character, it can not only appeal to your clients from all angles but also keeps attract their attention and even persuades them to buy.

Reasonable Prices

Not every kiosk will cost you lots of money, In Ant Display, every kiosk is in pocket-friendly price. Our factory is located in china, where has lower labor cost and material cost. And We have effective ways of managing those basic costs but still offering the best kiosk work for your money’s worth. As early as the embroidery kiosk designing and sketching, we will consult with material providers and negotiate the price of materials that used on your clothes kiosk. We also need to make sure that the suitable materials not only applicable to kiosk construction but also make the best portray your clothing items for sale.

Custom Branding and Advertising Posters

For every retailer and vendor, you can have the probability to build the retail mall kiosk in whatever you want it to look like. Our team just help you carry it out in your dream styles. Whenever you want to custom your own logo and brand on the T-shirt kiosk, underwear kiosk, or suit kiosk, We will make it easier through our digital printing technology to finished it in a perfect way. large format graphics are also available. Thus, alongside our huge quantities of extensive graphic design, you can also enjoy the benefit of our custom design service. Our high-level customized retail mall kiosks for clothes can suit any scenario and business space.

On-time Services

During our past work, we have always been known for speedy delivery and high-quality work. We never fall behind our production schedule and agreed on terms. Even in cases of urgent orders, as long as our factory gives you a positive response, we do our best to give our customers the perfect work in time. We have 4 working line with over 50 skilled workers can working in turns for 24 hours. So, we can carry out any urgent orders that other manufacturers can not achieve. This is why we are well trusted and regarded as the leading mall kiosk manufacturer all over the world.

Retail Mall Kiosk For Clothes & Embroidery

We custom design manufacture various types of kiosks for clothing, embroidery, shoes, pants, socks, hats, and even underwear. In order to provide our clients a professional efficiently and better service, we regularly update our engineering software, wooden cutting machines, milling machines, as well as kiosk design themes, design skills, and surface finishing techniques. To provide you with the best mall kiosk stands and commercial carts for clothes and dressing retail, we offer:

Kiosk Design service

Whenever you want to start a clothing retail business in a shopping mall or indoor space and looking for a portable clothes retail unit, You should visit Ant Display. Our talented design team will bring your specified requirements together with a unique style into a perfect functional kiosk concept.


Each of our garment Kiosks is built in several parts for easy transportable. But this will leave our clients a question of assembling. Does each piece of display stand can join each other well. So, we will pre-install the kiosk in our workroom first. Whether you are ordering a small mobile retail merchandising unit or T-shirt embroidery cloth kiosk, we will assemble the kiosk one time in our factory to test every part that is working as designed. It can not only decide the best way to utilize the construction space but also help us understand the installation procedure.  And the most important is to make sure the kiosk fits perfectly into your mall leased space.

Some of the display fixtures that we use during installation include:

  • Pegboard clothes rack.
  • Slatwall display racks with Detachable shelf panels
  • Mini changing room.
  • Attractive pylon stands to show the logo and brand name
  • Rotating mannequin stands.
  • Advertising TV & Posters
  • Cash Register counter with the cash box.

We render maintenance and speedy after-sale services in cases where you have problems with your mall clothes kiosk or carts. Every of our kiosk components has 2- years warranty, from led lights to small screws, we will offer a totally new item to replace when broken.

Buy A Clothes Kiosk In Mall Today

Are you in need of a clothes retail mall kiosk? Would you like to get a functional clothing retail unit? Then,  Ant Display is the best place to go! We offer the best kiosk stand, retail carts in designing, manufacturing, shipping, and installation, as well as kiosk maintenance and repair, etc. Whether you need small retail carts or shop fixtures or mall kiosk counter, Our professional work will give you the best of the best. Contact our team today and get a discount price.

High-Quality Surface Finish

To succeed in a clothing retail business in a mall, perfect clothes kiosk is essential. Whether you are oping a T-shirt kiosk or suit retail stall. A proper clothing kiosk design not only brings you more customers but also level up your brand. Good, clean, elegant kiosk design gives clients a more pleasant shopping environment and enhances the trust between your client to vendors. While simple kiosk design will bring a lower quality impression on merchandise.

Experience Team

Ant Display is an expert clothing kiosk manufacturer in China. We custom design and bespoke clothes kiosk, T-shirt kiosk for sale. If you are looking for a cheap price garment retail kiosk with premium quality. Here you are in the right place. Browse our category, we have hundreds of modern design Clothing kiosks for sale. From women's clothing shop stand to child clothing stall, from solid wood modern clothing kiosk to industrial style shoe stand.

100% Customization

We have a large variety of kiosk concepts to meet your different tastes. Moreover, despite the existing clothing kiosk design on our site, we also offer custom service, You just need to give us the detailed function requirements with favorite colors, our design team will help you create a fabulous kiosk stall to present your merchandise in the ideal style. If you are planning to open a clothing retail kiosk, mobile apparel kiosk, or clothes retail carts, welcome to visit us and find your perfect display furniture.

Top Mall Kiosk Manufacturer for Clothing Display

In Ant Display, we can custom any display fixtures and display stands that you need. We can provide you mall kiosks, retail booths, mobile carts that are made from fire-resistant premium quality materials, and high tech technology. We make sure all our store fixtures and displays will meet and surpass any level of mall criteria and standards.