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In the management of the parking lot, the guard shacks is often called the toll booth. It is the work place for the parking lot managers to collect the parking fees. In addition, it can also be used as the security booth of the residential area. Sentry box is the box for sentry work. With the acceleration of modernization, sentry box & Prefab guard shacks are more and more widely used in many different applications. Such as airports, train stations, fueling stations, stadiums, theme parks, government and military facilities. Guardhouse are used to protect individuals and employees in various locations. If you are looking for a stainless steel guard shack, modern design guardhouse or functional prefab security booth, Here you are in the right place. Ant Display custom design and manufacture prefabricated panel build guard shacks, stainless steel security booth in both high quality materials and user-friendly inside. Check our page and find your best guardhouse.
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Custom Design Guard Shacks & Security Booth For Sale

Ant Display is a professional prefab guard shacks manufacturer in China, we have a large variety of layout design, material choice, color choices, as well as windows and door opening options for you to choose. Different material has different functions and suits for a different environment. Most of them are placed in a public environment including schools, correctional facilities, shopping malls, airports, sports venues, residential building, theme parks, or any facility that receive too much food traffic. Our large collection of different layout guardhouse options promises to find a fantastic guard shack to fit your specific needs. Besides the standard guardhouses in stock, we also offer custom design services. Our designer will help you create safety, delicate outlook, functional guard booth to fit your space.guard shack

Our prefabricated guardhouse is come in your facility fully assembled. You just need to put them in the right location and ready for occupancy. Whether you need a traffic guard shacks, garden security booth, or hotel guardhouse you will always get your ideal prefab building here. This portable security booth not only increases the safety of your facility but also make the sentry work more efficient.

Panel Built prefab guard shacks & Stainless steel security booth

Our main products for security booths are mainly diverse in two kinds. Prefabricated panel built guard shacks and stainless steel guardhouse. Each of them are in modern design outside together with a safety structure. Due to the different materials used. The cost of build those shacks is various. Here below are the different configuration of two booth types

Structure instructions of prefab panel built guard shacks:

  • The mainframe adopts an 80 * 80 * 3.0mm steel frame structure and 40 * 60 * 2.0 square pipe support.
  • The four panels are made of double-layer polyurethane insulation material, two layers of 12mm thick wood plate, the outer panel is made of 2mm thick composite aluminum plate, and the inner panel is fixed with 2mm thick aluminum plate.
  • The bottom is fixed by 30 * 50 + 30 * 30 steel frame structure, the middle interlayer is 12mm thick wood plate, the middle interlayer of the wood plate is polyurethane thermal insulation material, and the ground is made of high-grade anti-skid aluminum plate.
  • The top is fixed by 30 * 50 steel frame structure, the middle layer is a heat insulation board, the upper layer is fixed by 30 * 30 + 30 * 50 steel frame structure, the upper layer is fixed by 1 and 2mm color steel plates, the imported waterproof materials are sealed, and water leakage and seepage are completely eliminated, and the inner top is a luxury decorative plate ceiling.
  • Movable doors and windows: high-grade stainless steel sliding doors and stainless steel sliding windows.

Accessories in the sentry box: worktop, ceiling lamp, concealed wiring, switch, socket, and distribution box. (in addition, those accessories can be added according to the needs of customers)

Structure instructions of stainless steel guard shacks:

  • Stainless steel sentry box is favored by the majority of users for its luxury, beauty, and durability. It has good sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation effect, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance
  • Product Description: main keel: SUS304 stainless steel plate processing molding or stainless steel pipe
  • Wall: 12mm tempered glass or steel keel solid wall
  • Panel: 1.2mm stainless steel wire drawing plate outside, 3mm pure white aluminum-plastic plate inside
  • Doors and windows: 888 series aluminum alloy sliding window, hydraulic frameless spring glass door or stainless steel sliding door

Ant Display Guard Shack Featuressecurity booth

  1. Our Security booth is Special Designed to withstand up to 180 mph wind load stand able to apply to any different weather situations.
  2. We offer custom design Guard Shacks suit your specific application, From dimension to color or inner function. 100% fully customize to owner requirements.
  3. High-quality material for Heat Insulated panel wall as well as weather proof roof systems, and combined the guard shack design in the most professional way.
  4. Different color is available. Offered in a variety of custom color options to fit in different facilities. The advertising wall is also available. The color of the guard booth can be matched in many ways, and the corresponding supporting facilities can be selected according to the actual use and building style.
  5. The reasonable appearance design makes the vision quite open for all sides. From air flow to visual view are just ideal for sentry workers.
  6. Panel Wall used for wall decoration, while the ceiling is made of high-grade fireproof aluminum plate, and the floor is made of high-grade ground rubber plate.
  7. It is flexible to match. Various configurations in the pavilion, such as lighting, power socket, electric control box, wooden computer table, ventilator, etc., can meet various of functional requirements, guardhouse are equipped with charging system to meet specific
  8. Advanced argon arc precision welding technology and special waterproof technology are adopted to overcome the poor waterproof performance of common products.
  9. The power supply part adopts modular centralized management, with beautiful, reasonable, and safe wiring, convenient maintenance, and economic benefits.
  10. Designed internal drainage structure, no water dripping from eaves, convenient access on rainy days.
  11. Perfect sealing technology and sound insulation, the heat insulation material used in the booth to keep in cool in summer, heat preservation in winter. As well as energy conservation and environmental protection.
  12. Guardhouse surface is made of high-strength 0.1 sanding stainless steel to anti-rust and prolongs service life.
  13. Adopt horizontal push-pull door, can push and pull left and right, easy to use, simple to operate.

If you are looking for a high-quality guard shack or guardhouse to increase the safety of your facilities. Ant Display offers you the best work. We have over 500+ modern design guard shacks for sale. All of them are in good quality and functional usage, Most importantly, we offer the fast delivery and delicate guards booths at an affordable cost. Contact our team today and shop your ideal security booth at ease.