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Candy Display

candy displayAnt Display is a leading candy shop furniture manufacturer. With years of candy shop build experience, we can help you create a modern attractive candy store with colorful retail candy stands and store fixtures.  We have lots of candy racks, candy display fixtures, retail shelving that galore to meet your display needs. Whether you are looking for large bulk candy displays fixtures or need rotating countertop racks, you will always find your ideal candy displays here. We have specially designed display fixtures in a variety of small animals, buses, trains, or cartoon images to catch eyesight.

A good candy store ambiance should not only highlight the right choice on candy store fixtures but should also concentrate on the customer shopping experience. Those small portable wood candy racks and metal wire racks can put as much as possible on every candy shop furniture. As well as Convenience stores, electronics stores, or modern decorated fashion shops to increase sales. If you are looking for a candy shop furniture or any candy rack shelving, display fixtures. Here you are in the right place. Check our page and find your favorite model.

Candy Store Fixtures

  1. Display Stands
  2. Display Racks
  3. Unique Wall Shelves
  4. Bulk Candy Display
  5. Display Tables
  6. Candy Trees
  7. Cash Wrap Stands
  8. Giant Candy Cane
  9. Lollipop Stands
  10. Display counter
  11. Kiosks In Mall
  12. Retail Carts


Candy Store Decoration

  1. Custom Display
  2. Fiberglass Statue
  3. Backlit Shop Sign
  4. Store Interior Sign


Candy Holders & Containers

  1. Tubes & Dispensers
  2. Display Barrels
  3. Display Baskets
  4. Acrylic Bin

Are you looking for candy shop fixtures? Great candy display racks, retail shelves, and decorating fixtures are popular and interesting for patrons and loyal customers, Whether you are starting a large candy store or small sweet shop. You will need well-designed candy displays to organize and display commodities, It may be some retail stands or wall retail shelves or gondola racks. Good candy display furniture filled with nostalgic candy or chocolates can easily increase impulse buying and increase sales. No matter what types of shops you have, you should add some candy racks and candy stands there. This candy shopfitting can not only help you grow your customer base but also offer an opportunity to maintain a dedicated shopping environment.candy display racks

Ant Displays has the right candy store fixture and candy displays to furnish a fantastic candy store. Come and check it out today!  

Buy Top Quality Candy Display at Ant Display

As a leading candy shop furniture manufacturer, Ant Display offers a one-stop solution for all candy shop decoration and display requirements. Whether you are looking for a functional wall shelving display or middle colorful racking display. Our wide range of candy store fixtures, supplies, and display stands give you full open selection choice. From ceiling candy store decoration fixtures to featured design island stands, or attractive retail counter, you will find everything that is needed here. We strive to help every candy retailer to achieve a charm, elegance, and nostalgia candy shop design and do our best to help candy business owners make the most out of candy store. Our large scale candy display is below:

Wall Candy Shelves

We offer a large variety of modern design wall decorations for the candy stores, Those specially designed wall shelves can not only be used to decorate the candy store, but they also used to display candy and sweets. With curves shapes and featured design wall cabinet and retail shelving, combined with acrylic tubes and dispensers or clear jars, bins, You can display as many products as possible but beautify the candy store in the meantime. Those wall candy shelves are widely used in every candy shop and act as main display fixtures and storage places.

Free Standing Display fixtures

When you have a large space to start a candy retail business. You should make a proper layout design to make every inch of land profitable. Therefore, ultra uses the middle space is very important. We have a fantastic free-standing display unit and island candy stands are just perfect to display in every middle empty area. These floor standing candy stands come with both Slatwall display and led lighted shelves. Some of them also combined with glasses showcases or acrylic boxes. Check out the page and choose your perfect candy store fixtures.

Countertop Candy containers & displays

acrylic candy boxWe offer large boards of candy displays and candy containers for sale. These countertop displays include plexiglass jars, clear cubic acrylic boxes or plastic fishbowls, as well as old-fashioned style candy jars, hexagons containers, or any other small candy boxes that sit on the countertop and shelves. With a small shape but function lids and spoon section. Those countertop candy displays are widely used in almost every candy store as a main product display solution. Those kid-friendly treat design displays are not only encouraged pleasant feelings but also decorate the candy store more charming spaces. Decor your candy shop with our mini candy bars, candy jars, lollipops, or other eye-catching packaged sweets will soon enhance the impulse shopping. What's more, those highlighted countertop candy racks and boxes will help you keep a clean and organized working space.

Column Warping Display

Almost every retail store will have more than one column. If you leave it there, it looks strange and will lower the shop level. On the contrary, if you make good use of it, it will become your perfect money-making machine. By well-designed column warping display form Ant Display, you can cover and decor your shop columns in a more charming and worthy way. Those featured column warping fixtures are special designed with both advertising and display function. And quietly adapt into the full shop theme as a purposeful design instead of a column itself. From windmill shape to lollipop style, we have a wide range of options for you to suit any style of a candy store.

Rotating racks

Rotating candy racks are another popular candy store fixture. because they offer shoppers easy accessibility to a wide selection of candy treats. Likewise other similar floor-standing candy racks. Every retail vendor should understand the truth, every inch of rented land should make a profit or it’s useless. Those rotating racks are just the perfect solution for a small candy shop or corner space where you can hardly make use of it. Our rotating Freestanding displays allow store shoppers to access from all directions and make full use of corner and empty spaces.

Pegboards & Slatwalls Candy Display

Pegboard candy racks are quite adaptable and useful for displaying candy boxes in various places throughout your store. Because pegboard candy racks have both countertop style and floor-standing model. Therefore, it allows you to accommodate the amount of space and display most kinds of small candy packages. Slatwall displays are popular shop furniture in almost every candy retail store. This candy store fixture can not only display candy bins, candy boxes but also offer candy shelves for other containers to display or hang. Check our latest model of candy pegboard display and Slatwall candy stands.

Wooden table fixtures

Are you looking for wooden fixtures to decor a more traditional country candy store? We have a large board of table candy display fixtures only limited to your imagination. Those wooden table candy stands offer a creative and amazing way to show your candy boxes and candy jars. And present bulk warped candy-sweet appeal to every passerby.

Custom Candy Store Display Ideas

Make an eye-catching store decoration with customized display statues. When you want to create a unique and attractive candy shop, you must be creative to come up with appealing display ideas, by using the custom candy cane stand and candy tree fixtures, you can soon make your candy store a fantastic shopping paradise for candy lovers. The exaggerated display ideas not only bring you more customer traffic but also leave a unique impression on every visitor.

Why Ant Display Candy Shop Furniture?

Custom Design

When you want to start a candy store retail business, and looking for candy store design, We have thousands of successful projects ready for you. From full candy store, interior design to a single candy stands rendering. From real 3D images to the actual blueprint. Our professional design team can custom a creative, unique, innovative candy store design according to your dreamed ideas in mind. With our expert advice, you can easily set up a custom candy store design in a perfect way to carry it out.

Candy Fixtures Wholesale Price

As a leading commercial furniture manufacturer, we have a self-owned 5000 square meter factory and over 50 skilled workers, whether you need a full set of candy store fixtures and large bulk order candy container, we will carry it in perfect condition and strict time schedule. the most important is, we offer the most competitive wholesale price that you can never find it again.

Worldwide Shipping

We have a well-organized Logistics agent that will help you deliver candy displays all over the world. Large candy store fixtures will be shipped by sea containers to save shipping costs. Small light candy jars or containers can delivery by air to save lots of time. Our main markets are the USA, Canada, The UK, and Australia. We can deliver very fast to large cities in those countries.

Professional support

Candy shop furniture shipped doesn’t mean our deal ended, On the contrary, it means our professional support and after-sale service started. We have professional guide drawings to help you install the store fixtures. And lined experts wait 7x24 hours waiting for your call. As long as 5 years quality guarantee allows you full confidence with our display fixtures and free return policy makes every piece of products worthy.  candy store fixture

Get Your Candy Store Build Today!

Whether you are a small candy shop and looking for candy stands, racks, or need to complete a large candy store. We offer the best candy store fixtures, supplies, favorites, and accessories for you. It will not only help you create an amazing store but also help you organize the candy shop and upgrade to a new higher level. Find the ultra design candy fixtures opportunities and options from Ant Display.

A good candy shop furniture will have you save a lot on adverting and promotion. Come and search for the best candy display fixtures for your retail business. From acrylic candy containers to wooden candy shelving or candy store decoration fixtures. As long as it needs to fit inside a candy store, you will find it here. What’s more, We offer the most competitive price to help you lower the cost.

Aside from candy store wall units and display fixtures. Small acrylic candy containers are also our main products. We have a vast variety of acrylic candy tubes, candy dispensers, and plastic candy containers in various shapes. From cubic to hexagon, from the fishbowl to baskets. Or top opened candy jars, round-faced candy bins, column-shaped scoop bins. Not to say wooden candy displays, such as baskets and barrels. You can find as much design as possible. Those spectacular displays will help organize a charming and neat candy store. Whether you want to present bulk candies or just small package, we have the right candy containers for you.

Choose our best quality candy store fixtures and build your candy shop today, take good advantage of our functional candy shopfitting, candy shelves, and container bins category. Get the candy store supplies and fitting equipment on the stop spot. Setting up a successful candy store retail business today!.