Neon Bar Signs

neon signAre you looking for a Neon bar sign? A neon bar sign is a fun way to illuminate your shop and bar counter. The neon sign has many different colors that can change the atmosphere of your bar shop. Neon bar sign makes your shop stand out, especially at night, you can find it smoothly. They are a must-have decoration for bars and restaurants, and a great idea to add a stylish retro vibe. They can also be used in dance halls, clubs, gift shops, offices, salons, and Christmas events. The styles, sizes, and colors of LED neon lights are full of variations and can be customized according to your ideas.

The Neon bar sign sold by Ant display is suitable for various commercial occasions, and they can be used flexibly for decoration outside and inside the store. We have a modern production workshop that can help you control the production time, and a professional designer team can produce 3D designs to show the final effect. You can find all kinds of interesting neon bar signs on Ant display. You can also create your own personalized bar logo at any time. No matter where you will use them, just get a beautiful and cost-effective Neon bar sign from Ant Display.

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Neon bar signs have become more and more popular in recent years. They can support different colors, styles, and shapes. This is a very attractive solution, and it is also the perfect solution for birthday parties. The colorful lights match off the cheerful atmosphere and make people feel happy. If you are choosing a brand sign, the Neon logo is a good choice.

Neon signNeon bar sign type

Neon bar signs can be made into various types. Neon bar sign decorates shops and bar shops with brilliant colors and extensive influence. Lights and colors can quickly make people remember, even when customers leave the store, they will be impressed. Now let's take a look at the types of Neon bar signs.

Lighted neon letters

The neon letters consist of your brand letters, each letter has unique color light. You can even make each letter in a different color. You can add artistic modeling to the letters or change the structure to convey the new meaning of your brand concept

Artificial Neon Cocktail Sign

When the neon bar sign is hung in the store, the neon cocktail sign can express your business to the public. People understand your business at first sight and choose you when they are in need.

LED neon light decorations

LED neon light can also use as a decoration. They can attach directly to the wall to celebrate festivals or use in events. The beautiful light and warm atmosphere are always immersive

Custom neon bar sign

The neon bar sign allows customizing. No matter how unique your idea is, a custom neon bar sign can help you. It supports the simultaneous appearance of patterns and letters, so your ideas can become reality

Advantages of a Neon bar sign

Neon lights are rich in colors, bright, and high in brightness, suitable for high-rise buildings. It is dynamic, which is unmatched by other forms of advertising. For new business, it's very important to make your products and shops stand out. The neon bar sign has a bright shape, which is easy to attract people's attention and can light up the theme of the shop. At the same time, it can increase the brightness of your room. Even during the day, your shop can shine. This way people can find you quickly and increase customer loyalty.

High efficiency

The neon bar sign relies on the electrode heads at both ends of the lamp to ignite the rare gas in the lamp tube under a high-voltage electric field, and the electric energy is fully converted into light energy. Therefore, the neon lamp has higher brightness and higher efficiency.

Strong visibility

The temperature of the neon bar sign tube is usually below 60°C, which can withstand complicated weather changes. And the neon light spectrum has strong penetrating power, which can still be clearly visible on rainy or foggy days.

neon sign

Low energy consumption

With the development of science and technology, the production technology of neon lights has been continuously enhanced, and neon lights have low power consumption, which can save costs and bring higher efficiency.


The neon bar sign is of good quality, has long working hours, and is cost-effective. Because neon lights can work continuously for more than 10,000 hours.


Neon lights are made of glass tubes and can be made into any shape with great flexibility. By injecting different inert gases into the neon lights, we can obtain neon bar signs in various shapes and colors.


The neon light picture is composed of always-on light tubes and dynamic light-emitting scanning tubes. They can change colors at a fixed time and bring unique visual effects to people. Therefore, neon lights are an economical and practical form of advertising with less investment, strong effects.

About Ant Display

Ant display’s neon bar signs are not only great for enhancing the atmosphere of your venue, but they can also serve as a great backdrop for your evening photos and promotional photos. The neon bar sign is portable and easy to install, so it's perfect for setting up and moving in your next event.