Outdoor Signage

outdoor signageOutdoor signage is directly fixed on the wall of the outdoor kiosk so that more people can see them and can impress your business or organization. Customize outdoor signage is very suitable for use in your restaurant, office, shop, church, government, or school. They achieve a perfect decorative effect in a limited space. Outdoor signage can have many forms, such as Brand signage, isolation letters, pallet signages, and flat signages. Because outdoor signage should bear changeable weather, we use high-quality rainproof, fireproof, anti-sunshine material to make. Such as anticorrosive wood, acrylic, stainless steel, metal, and plastics.

Ant Display is a manufacturer that provides customized outdoor signages. The business scope includes illuminated brand signage, lightbox signage, Neon letters, 3D acrylic signage, etc. No matter what type of brand signage you need, you can find it at Ant display. We provide one-stop service from design to production to transportation. In the design stage, you can see the final effect of Outdoor signage in advance, and the production steps will also be shown to you, and you can directly control the production progress. Our purpose is to provide you with satisfactory outdoor signages.

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We can see outdoor signages everywhere in the street. Outdoor signage professionally displays the brand and can increase brand recognition. Everyone wants unique outdoor signages, we can make different types of outdoor signages according to your ideas.

outdoor signageTypes of outdoor signage

  1. Large outdoor signages

Our most popular architectural appearances, large-format logos, and graphic logo orders will leave your mark on your storefront. This logo category displays the name of your company in a unique font and logo color scheme. Upon request, they can contain details such as logos, 3D designs, backlighting, etc.

Large outdoor signages are very popular, they are placed on the surface or top of tall buildings. It is easy for people to find you and remember you, usually as a landmark building, such as a power bureau, a large shopping mall, etc. The outdoor signage provided by Ant display aims to provide you with a professional way to display your information, direction, advertising, and brand suitable for all outdoor activities. Examples include golf, football and rugby tournaments, and running competitions.

  • H-frame outdoor signage

H-frame outdoor signage is square or rectangular signage. They have H-shaped frames and bases for support, and they usually indicate building information and display cabinets. They are usually placed on the lawn or the ground to display any important information, such as real estate websites or political campaign information. The frame is made of corrugated plastic, which can hold well even in the rain. Because of its solid structure and lightweight, the simple slide-in poster design will be publicized to everyone.

  • Water-based outdoor signages: 

Water-based outdoor signages are usually used as temporary signages. It has a new plastic base and needs to be fixed on the ground or in the soil. We can use them in parking lots or construction sites to facilitate traffic flow and be durable.

  • Installation signage:

It has a durable weatherproof plastic frame, which can be installed on the surface of building walls, partition walls, and fences. It is portable, easy and fast to install, easy to carry.

  1. Backlit logo

outdoor signageThe backlight signage contains the frame, brand logo and is surrounded by an LED light. It can brilliant the signage. The backlight can increase the visibility and practicality of the outdoor signage, even at night or in bad weather such as rain and fog.

  1. Banner signage

Ant display provides multiple function outdoor signages. You can choose for yourself. For example, Retractable banner signage, Buttonhole hanging banners, or pole banners. Outdoor banners are usually made of high-quality vinyl or vinyl mesh and have laminates for protection.

  • Retractable banner signage

The retractable banner signage is stylish and lightweight. They are perfect for placing around building entrances and exits, welcoming customers into your store, or promoting core products and services.

  • Buttonhole hanging banners

Buttonhole banners can be attached to the sides of fences, ceilings, and buildings to creatively display brand information. They have a strip hook system that is easy to disassemble. You can display banner signage anywhere

  • Pole banner

Pole banner is one of the very good outdoor publicity methods. Ant Display adds banner pole pockets directly to the design, and you can easily insert aluminum or plastic poles. Then install the Brand signage and you can use it.

  1. Type A outdoor signage

The A-frame is composed of two opposing surfaces, the top of which is connected by a hinge. This type Of outdoor signage has a unique triangle or letter A shape. These eye-catching and direct signages are most suitable for sidewalks, entrance passages, courtyards, and other places with heavy traffic. Guests can approach them and read the content promoted by the signage. At the same time, we can display different content on both sides of the A-frame outdoor signage.

Why use outdoor signs?

Outdoor signage is one of building decoration. People can choose outdoor signage suitable for the corporate style from dozens of shapes, sizes, and categories. They will become part of your corporate culture, and outdoor signage can help you enhance your brand image, customers can be familiar with and accept outdoor signs, and then more recognize and trust your products and services. This is helpful for improving customer loyalty and performance. You can even consider custom outdoor signage as part of your company's corporate visual brand.

Ant display has many different types of outdoor signage, you can choose the outdoor signage that suits your business, and we can also customize unique outdoor signage for you. Whenever you need outdoor signage, please contact us here! We are ready to help you.