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Styling Stations

Styling stations are usually used in hairdressing shops or other hairdressing places. They usually consist of mirrors and small counters. Styling stations play an important role in the hair salon industry, without which hairdressers cannot work. It can be used to put some common tools for hairdressing, such as draught fan, splint, comb, scissors, etc. Using it can make your work area very neat and can help you improve work efficiency. If you want to open a hair salon, choosing a suitable styling station that suits your requirements and store style is the first step. Ant Display is a leading hair salon equipment manufacturer and styling stations, supplier. We offer a large variety of modern design haircutting stations. Hairdressing stations, Barbershop stations for sale. Whether you are opening a small barbershop and looking for some mirrored styling station or buying whole set hair salon furniture to fit your commodious salon. You will always find your favorite displays here. Besides styling stations, we also supply reclining barber chair, mirror stand, and wall decorations displays. Check our page and find your ideals fixtures. 

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Commonly used styling stations generally include four styles: single styling stations, double-sided styling stations,wall-mounted styling stations, free standing styling stations.

Single side styling stations

Single styling station means just one side work, one side has a mirror, it can be a full-length mirror stand, also can be a mirror combine table station. It can stand itself, so can put against a wall or in shop middle.styling staions for sale

Double-sided styling stations

A double-sided styling station means that both sides have mirrors and workbenches, and both sides can be used for hairdressing. This design can effectively use your storage space, can put more counters to serve more customers. Back-to-back styling stations generally have full-length mirrors, dressing tables, built-in lights, extra storage space, and cabinets. It has only one long mirror style, as well as the mirror above and the counter below can choose as your needs.and color, style, you can follow your shop decoration style to choose. If your shop middle has enough space, can think to put some double-sided styling stations.

Wall-mounted styling stations

The wall-mounted styling station is to fix the hairdressing mirror on the wall, usually, a long mirror plus a small desktop fixed on the wall, which is ideal for compact space and a tight budget, because its structure is simple, so the cost is lower than other types. Because it is fixed on the wall, it is convenient for your daily cleaning and cleaning.

Freestanding stations

The freestanding station is ideal for those who need additional storage to maintain a safe and clean working environment.
So when you choose the styling stations, you need to see your own needs and your shop suit what kind of style.

Modern Design Berber shop furniture for sale

Your styling station directly affects the image of your hair salon and the operation of your store. Choosing a styling table can help optimize your workspace and make your barbershop looks more stylish and spacious. Ant display can provide styling stations of different styles, colors, and sizes. Whether it is single-sided, double-sided, or wall-mounted, there are various styles. Here you can choose the most suitable hairdressing table for you. We are committed to meeting the needs of different types of customers. Therefore, the provided hairdressing counters are economical, luxurious, and affordable.

The use of materials also gives customers a wealth of choices. The basic material is generally wood with a mirror. The surface can be selected from different colors of laminate, wood veneers, or paint. It is generally recommended to use stone or tempered glass for the countertop. Because countertop, as usual, will have hairdressing machines, easily scratched. The paint surface looks glossy if your shop's mainly bright style can choose this kind.

How to install Berber stations?

Each model of our styling station is carefully designed, we provide a matching installation structure, you can easily install it on the wall or ground. For convenience and practicality, we will install a splint and a blower holder on the hairdressing counter. In order to make reasonable use of space, we will make a lot of drawers at the bottom or side, in order to conveniently place tools and storage.

We will install LED lights or beauty lights around the mirror to make the whole look more beautiful. In addition, we provide customized services and have a dedicated design team. If our website does not have the style you like, you can also directly tell us your requirements, size, favorite style, we can design according to your requirements.

Ant Display is good at manufacturing various hair styling stations. We have an excellent purchasing department that can find better raw materials at preferential prices. We will carefully select materials before production, which is why we can provide you with high-quality hairdressing stations at competitive prices. We have our own production factory, and the workers have more than 10 years of work experience.

How to order salon furniture from ant display?

  1. 1. You can check our web if have one style you like, if have you can contact our sale person to get quote, then check shipping and production; if no style you like also no worries, we can design for you. Just tell us the style, color, size you want, our design team can help design it for you see the effect
  2. 2. After seeing the design, if you are ok then we can go ahead confirm and then go the next step for production.
  3. 3. Production as usually need 15-18 workdays as the style and quantity you need
  4. 4. After production, we will assemble for you see, when packing it and load it