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  1. L Shaped
  2. C Shaped
  3. U Shaped
  4. Round
  5. Curved
  6. Straight
  7. Geometric
  8. Organic


  1. Office
  2. Hotel
  3. Salon
  4. Church


  1. Modern
  2. Industrial
  3. Antique
  4. Unique


  1. Small
  2. Large
  3. Tall
  4. 2-Person


  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Grey
  4. Red


  1. Wood
  2. Stone
  3. Metal
  4. Glass

A reception desk is a lovely designed stand mainly used for reception, cash register, and supply consultation service. It is usually found in offices, salons, hotels, and other commercial business environments to offer a reception service. The reception counter is usually the first thing people see when they walk into your company or store. Whether in offices or retail stores, the front desks can provide guests with a clear place to consult information and make payments.

reception counter

The receptionist desk is usually placed in a conspicuous place of the storefront so that customers can see & approach it efficiently. It plays an essential role in office reception and retail performance. Fit your office or store with a lovely and suitable reception counter can leave a good impression on your customers and visitors and help you improve reception work.

Most of the reception table is specially designed for various using occasions. When used in the office, there will be a raised counter conducive to interacting with customers and offering a private space for receptionist employees. However, The counter will be flat and straight for guests' easy access and quick consulting for hotel or hospitality receptions. Small reception stands are perfect cash wraps for fashion shops, and organic, industrial desks are the right section for salons.

We stock a large number of various receptionist desks for sale. It comes in a unique style and top-grade materials that perfectly fit your reception area. From wood, metal, and glass to solid marble stone, our extensive receptionist table collections offer your the widest choice beyond your imagination. Whether you are looking for an L-shaped, C-shaped, U-shaped reception table or need a small white cash register desk, or seek a large-size reception counter for your hotel lobby, you will always find your ideal reception furniture here.

Most Popular Design Styles

An excellent front desk design can leave a deep impression on visitors. Our wide range of reception counters offers tremendous resources for shoppers who need a unique shape and attractive outlook reception desk. 

L Shaped: L-Shaped design is the most popular style of the office front counter, It can fit more receptionist staff, and modular blocks can easily extend to larger sizes. L-style desks are also the traditional cubical style welcome counter that suits almost every business application.

C Shaped:  C-shaped front desks are the perfect reception for offices and salons. Curved design offers a tremendous station for guests and receptionists.

U Shaped:  A U-design front desk is a straight counter with two end cabinets to form a semi-private working space. The wooden texture and stone surface have a perfect effect on the U-shaped counter and make it the best reception furniture design for office and business environments.

Round: Round receptionist counters offer comfortable access for guests from all angles. It's the ideal design for a shopping mall service centre, airport, and hospital reception.

Curved: Lots of Customers are pursuing organic and aesthetic design style office furniture. Therefore, Curve shapes, wave styles, and arc designs are the favourite choice. We have a large quantity of unique style Curved reception counters, and arc design front desks for your reference.

Straight: The most popular and practical reception desk design is straightforward. The classic design and simple style perform it suitable for every reception area.

Geometric: if you are looking for an attractive cubic element reception counter, Geometric designs are the best. Beautiful features and lines soon level up your interior space. 

Organic: we custom design and manufacture a large variety of organic design unique reception desks. Natural textures and waves to form different types of aesthetic objects and offer a superb illustration.

Various Application 

Every business space will need reception furniture to offer a platform to communicate with clients and guests. Our comprehensive collection of the front counter can adapt to any business area and manage outstanding performance.

Office:  The front counter is the name card for each enterprise. A comfortable design counter in your meeting room can not only give guests a welcome impression but also improve business efficiency. Find the best office reception stands from Ant Display. Our specially-designed receptionist counters, wooden desks, white front desks can satisfy any of your reception needs.

Hotel: Hotel & hospital is the very place that needs a receptionist desk. Not like other places, the Hotel must give customers a pleasant welcome environment. Therefore, the reception area is crucial. A suitable reception desk and counters can bring your much more benefit than simple ones.

Salon: Whether you are running a barbershop, hairdressing salon, beauty bar, or nail manicure salon. You will need a welcome desk in the front of your shop. The salon reception desk and counter are just the ideal counter to satisfy your unique requirements. 

Most Attractive Style

Besides the various desk design, you can also find the ideal reception furniture by choosing the perfect styles. From modern sleek to rustic industrial or China ancient antique, you can find any of your desired classes at Ant.

Modern: Modern receptionist counters and desks are the most popular front desk used in various locations. Whether you are looking for a front counter for your honey hotel or need a professional design front welcome desk for your office, modern style reception always counters the best choice. It can not only give visitors a visual impaction but also level up the full business environment. 

Industrial: Rustic metal or industrial style reception table is perfect for hair salons, music studios, and other interior spaces. Industrial elements create a nostalgic atmosphere and set up bold, rough outlines to form a beautiful artic vision.

Antique: Museum and curio stores would like antique style reception desks to adapt to the commodities. Churches and religious organizations would also prefer an antique style rather than black and white simplicities.

Large Dimension Options

A different layout will require a specific dimension desk. Retail merchandising stores will need small-sized cash wrapping desks, but the Hotel and office will require large-sized long counters. Buy the ideal reception tables at perfect dimensions. 

Small: The small receptionist desk is just the perfect stands for a small business; it can not only be used for the reception but also the customer to checkout and payments. We offer cute retail register counters for your fashion banquette stores and unique cool front desks for your salons. 

Large: When you need a large sized reception counter, we have a vast category of long counters in a modern, attractive design. It just the perfect meeting furniture to help you improve your reception work. 

Tall: Tall reception desk is usually used in a busy space where have a large traffic volume. The employee will always be standing inside to offer an efficient reception service. 

2-Person: A 2-person reception counter is designed only for two staff working inside. We custom design and manufacture welcome desks and counter for various dimensions. You can find 3-person, 4-person, and even 5-person large counters from our adequate category.

Full-Color Category 

Choose a suitable color for your reception is also essential. Aside from the most popular white and black colours, we can also custom other colours for your reception furniture. Whether you need red, grey, yellow, or even pink, as long as you can provide us the Pantone code and we can create it out.

White: The white color reception desk is the most popular greeting desk color. Whites always give a clean and tidy feeling so they can quickly adapt to any reception area design. While the black color is more tricky, only industrial style and dark natural tone will choose it. We also have various color reception counter to suit each unique style and brand culture.

Black:Black and dark grey are always combined with pure white or snow white to create an elegant, clean, contemporary desk design. And black is still the preferred choice for many offices and arctic environments.  

Red:we have multiple choice of red color counter for office and salon reception. Red color offers a warm and comfortable interactive mood to every visitor.

Wide Material Choice

What are the commonly used materials at the welcome desk? Before you buy a reception desk, you must want to know what materials it used. Here I want to introduce you to several materials always used at the greeting desk.

Wood: The indoor admission desk usually will use wood as the primary materials. The surface can finish with a wood veneer, concrete wood panels, laminate, and paint. Solid wood panels and wood veneers will look very natural and can give people a very vintage feeling. The laminate is very resistant to scratches, water stains, and heat can also do different colors, so it is also widely used. A painted surface distinct from other materials is its character will be very glossy and smooth, suitable for some salon shop or phone stores. And painted reception desk can do any shape and modeling.

Stone: Solid surface means the desk surface used will be stone, which is very hard and durable, also looks more high-end. White and black marble is the most popular stone options. If you have a sufficient budget, you can choose Top-grade acrylic stone, which can use longer. Such as the Corian, Hi-macs, and human-made stone reception counters.

Metal: Some reception area will choose cast iron or stainless steel to create a rustic and industrial style, metal and other heavy-duty materials are preferable options for some clubs and bars that need an industrial feeling counter.

Why Ant display?

reception desk

Don't know where to buy suitable reception furniture? Stop wondering more. Ant display has all your needs covered. We committed the first leading reception furniture supplier in China. Whether you need a unique design, popular style, various materials, or custom dimension, you can be sure that you will get your excellent work here. 

Comprehensive Design Option: The reception desk has various styles and types, and the classes will be continuously updated. The latest design will be regularly displayed on the website, so we can find anything you want. The required style can meet various needs and budgets. 

Strong Customization Ability: If you want to customize a unique style, tell us the requirements, and we can customize it for you. Whether you need a particular color or unusual shape, we can design and build it out for you in high-grade quality.

Vast Style Choice: We have various reception table options available, from an L-shaped reception, round shape, U-shaped, curved design, or even organic, geometric shape. From fashion to minimalism, from modern to retro. As your mind reach, you can find it here. 

Fast Delivery: We stock a large number of popular style desks and counter that ready to ship. And strong manufacture ability allows a quick delivery time for any urgent orders. Even you need a customized guest counter. We can carry it out in 10-15 days. 

Top-grade Materials: Our reception desk is in line with current trends. The materials used include the latest wood grain panels, recycled wood, various stained glass, and stones. 

Competitive price:  After digging in this field for over 17 years, we manage an excellent quality control system and cost control strategy. Lower labor costs and material costs allow us to offer our customers and distributors the most competitive price and profit margin.

After all, the reception furniture directly affects people's first impression of your company. You can choose the right guest counter according to the company's needs and budget.

Custom Service

In case you do not like our existing models, we can custom a unique reception counter for you. Contact our team and start a design procedure, and you can quickly build the reception furniture in your dreamed style. Here are six easy steps to go:

  1. Negotiate with our designer and share with us your detailed requirements.
  2. Pay a 300USD design fee, which is refundable if you build the reception desk in our factory. Provide different views of 3D design and free revised service until you are satisfied with the effect.
  3. Make a detailed construction drawing that includes all the materials, dimensions as well as electrical plans.
  4. Get the drawing approved from the mall, assist with the necessary change to apply for the drawing approval.
  5. Pay a deposit to start the manufacturing procedure of the reception desk.
  6. When it is finished before shipping, you arrange the balance.

As the leading reception furniture manufacturer, we offer the most fantastic design and work hard to cost control without compromising quality. Buy the best office front counters at the economy price.