1. Solid Wood Pharmacy Display Furniture High Wall Retail Cabinet Design


    The shape of solid wood furniture is changeable, and the beautiful patterns of wood can generally be seen on the surface. Furniture manufacturers pay attention to finishing solid wood furniture with varnish or matt lacquer to express the natural color of the wood. The semi-filling or full-filling process is adopted to reflect the texture of the natural wood texture. The service life of solid wood furniture...

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  2. Manicure & Pedicure Service Stand Body Care SPA Store Interior Design

    nail shop

    In addition to professional technology and good service, the design of the store is also one of the reasons to attract customers. People like to go to beautiful stores, good decoration and professional equipment will make them feel comfortable and at ease, and a good environment will affect people’s mood. So a good store design and furniture are very important for our business. Many people will choose t...

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  3. Modern Style Chocolate Store High-end Dessert Shop Counter Design

    chocolate shop

    Dessert can make people feel happy. It used to be often used as a dessert after meals, but now desserts can be eaten at any time, we often see many dessert shops when we go shopping, they mainly sell cakes, chocolates or other sweet foods. Most dessert shops are modern style, the inside is very bright and clean. Today I want to show you a modern dessert shop design.


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  4. Modern Wooden SPA Shop Interior Design Custom Decoration & Furniture

    spa shop

    SPA is a very popular leisure place, when we finish our work, we will go to the SPA shop to relax. Generally speaking, SPA includes aromatherapy massage, hydrotherapy bath, facial care, eye care, body care, essential oil massage, etc. It has a wide range. It can be used as a partial spa or whole-body spa, and there are different beauty spas. In fact, there are more detailed divisions for spas. Massage...

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  5. Street Mobile Phone Store Interior Display 3D Design

    cellphone shop design

    Competition in the mobile phone market is very fierce. We can see many cellphone shop stores on the same street, they sell phones, mobile phone accessories, and repair phones. They have the same business, so if you want to open a cellphone shop. We have made something to get customers’ attention. The first thing is to build our own shop, it must be very modern and high-end, then people will trust y...

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  6. Women Clothing/Bags/High-heeled Shoes Display Store Design

    women shop

    Women's Shops are very beautiful and fashionable, they usually sell clothing, bags, and high-heeled. And these types of products are also very beautiful and high-end. So the style of the shop also needs to match our product style. Women shop’s environments are always bright and clean. It shouldn’t too crowded. So once we get a shop rent and floor plan, we need to make a shop design first. We can con...

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  7. Modern Beauty Slaon Shop Interior Layout & Furniture Design

    salon shop

    Salon shops are very modern and beautiful shops. Their services include facial management, shampoo, haircut, etc. The different shops have different services, so the shop inside design is also different. The salon store is a very modern storefront, and many stores will use a lot of high-tech equipment, so many people prefer to make it a modern style.


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  8. Cafe Interior Bar Counter Wall Shelves & Layout Professional Design


    Cafe has many styles, the inside design mostly depends on our shop shape and customer’s idea. The most popular coffee shop is black, brown, or some dark colors. The dark color will make the shop looks more silent and solemnity. Many people go to the coffee shops to rest, so the overall atmosphere of the coffee shop is quieter than that of a bubble tea shop or an ice cream shop. Today I want to show y...

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  9. Unique Cake Store 3D Design Food Shop Decoration Cake Shop Bar Counter

    Unique Cake Store 3D Design Food Shop Decoration Cake Shop Bar Counter

    The cake is a dessert which is very popular in our life. Especially the children and women, they like eating cake very much. Not only on the birthday, especially date, we also can eat the cake in our daily life. It is really popular in our life. If you are interested in the business, you can make a good plan first.

    Firstly, you need a good place. A good space will help you attract more attention...

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  10. Middle Eastern Style Perfume Store Furniture Design

    perfume shop

    The fragrance is very popular in any country, it has no gender distinction, so its target customer can be anyone. Perfume has a very attractive aroma, and if a person smells good, we will also be impressed by him/her. So perfume shops are also growing day by day. Today I want to introduce a shop with a strong Middle Eastern style.


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  11. Modern & Professional Dental Clinic Interior Layout & Furniture Design Idea

    dental clinic

    Teeth are very important to our health and personal appearance. There are also many diseases of the teeth, we need to find a professional doctor for treatment. In addition to hospitals, there are also separate dental clinics that specialize in dental problems. The business of dental clinics is very good because dental problems are very common. It is different from ordinary diseases, although it will...

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  12. Red Fast Food Shop & Hamburger Shop Attractive Interior 3d Design

    Red Fast Food Shop & Hamburger Shop Attractive Interior 3d Design

    Fast food is very convenient for us. Because it is no wait, the meal is fast. Great for students and working professionals. Usually, restaurants have to wait, but you can taste the food quickly in fast food restaurants.

    Here is a fast food shop 3d design, and you can take these as a reference.






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  13. Barber Shop Interior Decoration & Hair Salon Shop 3D Design

    Barber Shop Interior Decoration & Hair Salon Shop 3D Design

    For the hair, whatever the man and women, most people pay more attention to it. We all know that a hairstyle will change people's appearance. So that’s why there are so many barbershops appearing on the market.

    Next, I will introduce hair salon shop design to you as a reference

    The shop includes the display area, reception area, and working area.



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  14. Modern & Fashion Style Pharmacy Layout & Furniture Design Idea


    Pharmacies are very important in our life. We can deal with many small but urgent things through pharmacy. The pharmacy sells any medicine. It has many types and functions. Such as cold medication or some drug for traumatic injuries. They all can ease our pain. Nowadays, pharmacies also have many styles. We can usually some white color pharmacy, but now, it can fit all colors. We can use any color...

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  15. White Candy Store Design &Unique Sweets Display Stand Candy Shop Interior Decoration

    White Candy Store Design &Unique Sweets Display Stand Candy Shop Interior Decoration

    Candy is very common in our life. This is also why many people will be in the candy business. It is easy to do, need not the skills. Just need to find a location, and make a good shop decoration.

    Only a good interior decoration can leave a good impression on the people. Next, I will introduce a candy store to you, and you can take it as a reference.


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  16. Manicure Store Nail Salon 3d Design Shop Interior Decoration for Sale

    Manicure Store Nail Salon 3d Design Shop Interior Decoration for Sale


    Everyone wants to get a beautiful face and beautiful nails, hair, etc... So if you have enough capital, you can do the business together. We all know that women are a huge market in our life, so you can start a business from this. The beauty salon business is a huge market, so there is huge competition in the field. If you want to start a business, you need to find a good location...

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  17. High-end Perfume Store Interior 3d Design Perfume Shop Fixture

    High-end Perfume Store Interior 3d Design Perfume Shop Fixture

    Perfume is very normal in our life. And we all know that a good perfume is very expensive, and it will have a good smell. A high-end perfume needs a high-end perfume store. If you want to open a perfume store, you need to learn about the perfume market first.

    Firstly, you need to make a product position. Then you can find a place and decorate the shop according to the requirements.


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  18. Natural Skincare Store 3d Interior Store Design Display Fixture Customized.

    Natural Skincare Store 3d Interior Store Design Display Fixture Customized.

    Skincare products can delay the aging process, solve some problems of dark yellow skin, and anti-oxidation to improve skin situation. Skincare is a huge market, and you can sell the skincare product, and also can open a beauty center. You can do the business according to your capital and your strength.

    Next, I will introduce the skincare store to you as a reference and hope it helps you get...

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  19. Colorblock Gelato & Coffee Shop Design Modern Stylish Interior Decoration

    gelato shop

    In life, we rarely see a store that uses two colors to separate a store into two areas. It is still a whole, but the color distinction makes it look like two stores. The walls of the stores we have seen are almost always one color, or other colors are added for decoration. Today I want to introduce a very special and beautiful gelato coffee shop.


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  20. Factory price sunglasses shop interior design|eyewear shop display cabinet for sale

    Ant optical shop design

    Now more and more people wear sunglasses, it is not only a fashion accessory but also can protect the eyes. Many people are selling sunglasses these days. If you also want to open an optical shop, you need to plan and budget well before opening. What are the preparations for opening an optical shop?


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