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Are you looking for jewelry store interior designs? Whether you are a jewelry store designer that looking for sparkle ideas or a shop owner hunting for trendy store fixtures, here you are in the right place. We have over 100+ Most Popular jewelry store designs for various categories. From gold jewelry store, diamond ring retail store, amber jade store to large silver shop, you can enjoy all the top display solution and best shop retail ideas. Besides retails store design, we also have a large board of work for various environments, such as private jewelry showrooms, trade shows, or mall kiosks. Browse our page and find your favorite jewelry display solutions.

And Display is a leading jewelry store furniture supplier. We custom design and build jewelry shops with modern luxury retail fixtures. Golden stainless steel, bullet-proof safety glasses, Ultra-bright Led Lights, all those best materials are combined to create a unique charming retail space: A space that integrates both display function and aesthetic beauty. If you want to start a jewelry shop design and needing any jewelry display cases, Feel Free To Contact Our Team!

  1. Modern& Ordinary Jewelry Store Furniture Design

    jewelry store

    In this world, there are jewelry stores of all kinds. Some are chain brands and some are self-employed. The store design of different brands is also different. For some high-end brands, the design in the store is always very luxurious and beautiful. For self-operated jewelry stores, it is often more ordinary and life-like. Today I want to introduce a relatively simple jewelry store design.


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  2. Green & Wooden Color Modern Style Jewelry Store Interior Design

    jewelry shop

    Jewelry is one of the most popular products no matter what age. It is an accessory, and sometimes a sign of identity. For example, for a particularly important business social event, whether it is a large forum or a dinner, what kind of jewelry you wear often shows your financial strength or the strength of the company. Whether it is to attract the attention of others or to gain the cognition of others...

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  3. Shopping Mall Jewelry Shop Showcase 3D Design

    jewelry shop design

    In the mall, we can see a lot of shops, some of them are large and some are small. Some have the same size as the kiosk. When faced with a store of this size, the internal dimensions are very important. Because we must design and customize the furniture inside according to the size of the store so that we can put it inaccurately. If it is not a customized product, when we put the furniture in, it may...

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  4. Small Size Jewelry Store Inside Layout | 3D Professional Design For Jewelry Showcase

    jewelry shop

    There are so many jewelry stores everywhere, even in my small town back home. Some of them are famous brands, jewelry is very useful in our real life. Some people need rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other ornaments for their engagement and marriage. And jewelry can also be given as gifts. We can also buy our own to wear...

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  5. High-end Jewelry Store Design Display Case & Corner Display Stand Showcase

    High-end Jewelry Store Design Display Case & Corner Display Stand Showcase

    Product Name: Jewelry Store

    Time: Design-time will take 5-7 working days, production time will take 28-32working days.

    Types involved: display showcase, corner display, middle island display counter, and logo.


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  6. Luxury Jewelry Store Furniture Modern Treasure Display Showcase Metal Jewellery Display Rack

    jewelry shop furniture

    Everyone likes to wear jewelry and the husband always buys a necklace as a gift for their wife. And it’s necessary to open a jewelry store and start a business. Because of the whiteness, purity, and rarity of jewelry, it can represent pure friendship and unswerving love, and it has become famous. It jumped above the gold jewelry and was favored by the relatives of the emperor, the relatives of the e...

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  7. Jewelry Store Interior Decoration & Shop 3D Design Glass Showcase for Sale

    Jewelry Store Interior Decoration & Shop 3D Design Glass Showcase for Sale

    If a newly opened jewelry store is a private label, then the positioning and source of the brand are very important. Because nowadays, people's consumption is not only the pursuit of material satisfaction but also the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction. Therefore, it is very important for consumers to have...

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  8. Modern Jewellery Showroom Designs Jewelry shop Display Showcases Jeweller Showroom Furniture

     Jewellery Showroom Designs

    Opening a new jewelry store, store decoration is the most important. A good store layout can be impressive. The design of jewelry stores needs to keep up with the times, use the latest and fashionable design concepts, highlight the subjectivity and individuality of jewelry store operations, and meet people's psychological needs of pursuing perfection and comfort in a fast-paced life


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  9. Small Jewelry Shop Interior Design | Jewelry Shop 3D Layout Diagram

    jewelry shop

    In addition to chain jewelry stores, many stores are private enterprises. The size of a jewelry store can be determined according to the popularity of the brand or the number of products, and sometimes it is also related to the size of the store they rent. There are many large-size jewelry shops on our website, and there are...

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  10. Black Wood Grain Display Cabinet | Jewelry Store Showcase Design

    jewelry shop

    The jewelry store feels particularly luxurious and high-end. When starting a jewelry store, many people will first decorate and then buy furniture. For jewelry stores, the most used furniture is glass display cabinets with golden metal frames. Adding ceiling lights, wall decorations, etc., They can make the whole store very attractive. Beautiful and high-end objects or store decorations can give people...

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  11. ShengDa High-end Jewelry Shop Design W/ Modern Store Fixtures For Sale

    Jewelry store design ideas

    The wheels of the times are rolling forward, and the market trend is changing rapidly. With the rise of the virtual economy, many successful brands have faced various direct or indirect threats and even the crisis of being ruthlessly abandoned by consumers.

    High-end Jewelry Shop Design

    Ant Display design team custom design and jewelry retail shop with modern luxury display cases and...

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  12. Luxury Retail Store Interior Design For Gold Jewelry & Diamond

    jewelry shop design

    Hengrun Jewelry originated from Hong Kong, China, was founded in 1983. Hong Kong Hengrun Jewelry started as a gold processing business at the beginning of its creation. After 30 years of refinement and the rapid economic growth of Hong Kong, Hengrun has shaped itself into A strong brand of multi-category, integrated, comprehensive jewellery brand. And Entered the Chinese mainland market to expand its...

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  13. Wedding Ring Jewelry Store Interior Design & Showcase Dispaly Design Ideas

    Jewelry booth for wedding ring

    Jiexi is an upstart jewellery brand specializing in the wedding market segment, belongs to Tianjin Dongbai Jewelry. From model design to image shaping, all efforts are directed towards the proposition of how to create a "model of Chinese wedding jewelry"; "There will be a knot at the moment of great joy", a straightforward brand appeal, elegant, cordial, highly recognizable, and pure. With a Chinese-style...

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  14. Modern Jewelry Showroom Design: The Best Interior Design For Jewelry Retail Display

    jewelry showroom design concepts

    In recent years, new jewellery retail brands have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. And everyone dreams of opening up and expanding their brand names in the vast market; however, heroes take turns to appear on the stage, and after all, most of them come back in despair. Most of the new brands of Liaoyu fail because of the lack of innovative thinking.

    Looking at the domestic jewellery...

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  15. AMORE ETERNO 2-Storey Jewelry Store Interior Design & Concepts For Jewelry Retail Booth In Mall

    jewelry shop design for 2 storey

    AMORE ETERNO, a diamond jewelry brand with a long history from Italy, established a brand operation center in Hong Kong in 2014. and plans to expand the Chinese mainland market, entrusting Ant Display for its brand localization and retail terminal space image in China. The design must protect the brand's pure Italian genetic heritage and cater to the aesthetics of Chinese consumers; it must be multi-thinking...

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  16. Kunlong Jade Jewelry Store Interior Design W/ High-end Golden Store Fixtures & Retail Cases

    jewelry store for jade

    Yu Linglong, the first Chinese jade brand of Kunlun jade-Yu Linglong Jewelry, was established in Golmud, Qinghai, in 1995. It is a company specializing in the mining, design, and design of Hetian jade (Kunlun jade, Luodian jade). A comprehensive enterprise integrating processing, sales, and promotion of jade culture. Yu Linglong owns the Xiangyanggou Jade Mine and Xiaozao Fire Jade Mine in Qinghai...

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  17. DIAMOND CHARM New Concept Diamond Retail Store Interior Design Ideas

    DIAMOND CHARM New Concept Diamond Retail Store Interior Design Ideas

    DIAMOND CHARM is the earliest jewelry brand Launched in China to conduct branding operations. Since its establishment, it has steadily developed into an international jewelry kingdom. It is a collection of jewelry R&D, design, production, and processing. A diversified professional jewelry brand is integrating wholesale sales and franchising. In the Chinese market, the retail network covers more...

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  18. Marie Balan Modern Jewelry Display Interior Design For Retail Store, Showroom & Mall Booth

    Jewelry Retail Store Fixtures Design

    Marie Balan is subordinate to Shenzhen Ou Shun Jewelry Co., Ltd. It is a personalized retail brand focusing on 14K gold. The brand style is fresh and beautiful, the product design is simple and fashionable, and the overall brand texture is biased Young, stylish, and international.

    Ant Display customized the terminal SI vision system for Marie Balan, using fresh blue as the keynote, and using...

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  19. 4 Creative Retail Shop Interior Design for Small Jewelry Store

    Small jewelry store design

    In the world of Chinese people, the contrast between "big" and "small" seems that "big" always occupies the commanding heights of reason. For example, big hands, big battles, outstanding achievements, majestic grandeur, significant wealth and noble, etc., it is easy to win by being adjacent to the big. With bursts of cheers, "little" has become a trivial foil.


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  20. Silver Jewelry Shop Interior Design W/ Unique Retail Store Fixtrues

    jewelry store for silver

    Silver Dream is a modern jewelry enterprise integrating the sales and operation of exquisite silver jewelry and high-end jewelry craft gifts! In 2005,Silver Dream opened its first silver jewelry store in Shanghai. After eight years of hard work,Silver Dream now has more than 100 directly-operated stores, and franchise stores have spread across most areas of East , Central , and South China.


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