Custom Sign

custom signAre you looking for a custom logo? Custom logos have become a very important part of our daily lives. People are used to all kinds of signs, custom signs can tell people where they are and embellish your business. For example, people can successfully find the right office through the door sign, and the unique lobby sign prompts the customer to reach the destination and is impressed by your business. This will and sign for you will make our lives more convenient. For example, friends who drive can find the right direction through road signs, and warning signs can help us avoid danger.

Ant display is a trusted manufacturer of custom signs! Whether you are opening a restaurant, a beauty salon, a mobile phone shop, or a jewelry store, you can customize the signs for your business. If you are not sure which logo is suitable for you or need a 3D design to check whether the brand sign meets the shop decoration, please immediately Contact us! We have a dedicated team ready to serve you at any time and strive to present your ideal brand sign perfectly. Browse here and get your custom signs here.

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Custom Office Sign

High-quality customize office logos are usually impressive. The creativity of the unique office logo can reflect the brand image and business philosophy you want to show to people. Its location, color, and material are all worth considering. Whether you choose metal, acrylic, glass, or luminous logo, perfect presentation is the ultimate pursuit.

Custom office sign type

Three-dimensional logo

Three-dimensional signs usually have a certain thickness, creating a professional, high-end, and creative theme for the office. We usually choose architectural grade metal, transparent acrylic, or wood laminate to make. Each letter and pattern of the logo is completed independently and attached to the wall. We can install lights, and the role of light and shadow makes brand signage more attractive.

custom sign for salePanel logo

The panel sign usually displays all the contents of the brand sign on a backboard first and then fixes the backboard on the wall. This brand sign is easy to install, easy to move, and beautiful. Optional plates include acrylic, glass, brushed aluminum, mirror stainless steel, wood, etc. You can choose suitable materials according to the office decoration style.

Backlit office logo

The backlit office sign attracts attention through the form of the backlight. All custom backlit office sign use provided by Ant display are energy-saving, low-voltage LED strips. They do not affect the original color of the logo while illuminating, enhancing the visual effect. You can freely choose individual 3D backlit letters, metal panel backlit, and side-lit glass signs.

Custom Lobby Sign

The lobby sign that shows your brand concept is very important. We should choose the correct type of standard materials and finishes, as well as the best size. Whether you are starting a new business or want to upgrade your store, the high-end custom lobby logo and graphics make your lobby come to life. The three-dimensional lobby logo can further enhance the visual impact. Immediately attract the attention of visitors while providing them with clear direction and guidance.

Different types of lobby signs

The type of purchase hall logo depends on the design of your company logo. We usually recommend acrylic wall panels with die-cut vinyl graphics and brushed aluminum wall brackets installed. If you are looking for a perfect display effect, we recommend using 3D luminous letters and embedding them in the brand image cabinet or attach directly to the wall.

custom signLobby sign material

Customized lobby signs support the use of different materials. You can choose according to your budget, such as brushed metal foam, painted PVC, painted acrylic, PVC or brushed metal acrylic, stainless steel. They are easy to install and can be completed by 2-3 employees.

5 reasons to choose Ant display:

  1. We have a professional design and production team

The designer team specializes in the production and customization of custom signs. The production workers focus on the production process to ensure that each custom sign is beautiful and practical. The purchasing team and quality inspection department provide control over the quality of raw materials to ensure that each material and product is of high quality and durable. The sales team is committed to following up on your order, from confirming your request, producing to packaging and shipping. We will provide you with quality service.

  1. Fast delivery

All custom signs will be shipped immediately after the completion of the custom sign. The production time is 7-12 workdays after order. Please allow enough time to obtain them. The express delivery time is 12-15 days. If you ship with shop furniture, the shipping time is about 22-28 days.

  1. Customize size and material.

We can make the customize sign in multiple sizes and materials. Please measure the location first, the brand sign should match it well. There are multiple materials to use, such as acrylic, wood, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and other custom signs.

  1. Suitable for many occasions

You can easily find the custom sign style in Ant Display. No matter what your brand logo is, we can make it fit your business. Our custom sign is good to use in the workplace, retail shops, office buildings, residential, community, Schools, courts, shopping malls, and other places. We also provide customized signs such as license plates, desk plates, stickers, templates, magnet signs, and road signs.

  1. Skilled custom sign craftsmanship

Workers have skillful custom sign craftsmanship. They will use different manufacturing processes, including full-color printing and engraving to perfectly display your sign. Whether you want simple brand letters, two-color logos or signage, or full-color commercial logos with logos, we can achieve it.