Ice Cream Kiosk

Ice cream, popsicle, frozen yogurt & gelato are the most popular cold food that favored worldwide. Whether you are in the shopping mall or on a crowded street, you will always find many ice cream kiosks, gelato booth, and popsicle carts selling delicious ice creams. There are even many self-serve ice cream robot machines that you can buy and pick it urself. Ice cream can be the most popular food that has excellent business markets. Therefore, if you are doing a retail business or integrate into food concession fields, starting an ice cream shop is undoubtedly a profitable business idea.

  1. Indoor Ice Cream Kiosk
  2. Outdoor Ice Cream Stand
  3. Ice Cream Trailer
  4. Ice Cream Cart

Retailers can either create an ice cream stall for an indoor shopping center or open an outdoor ice ream booth stands. If lack a financial budget, you can begin your business with an ice cream cart or mobile gelato cart to deliver the service in front of customers. What’s more, When opened the first ice cream booth in the mall, it’s easy to open a second shop in another indoor business space and soon grow to a big chain store company. And ice cream retail is such a popular food kiosk in mall that many big brands franchise company joined to compete for the mart.

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Generally speaking, The key to run a successful ice cream kiosk business is three points, you need perfect products, an attractive kiosk, and sweet service. When you are running a self-serve ice cream stand, product quality is essential. 

Fantastic ice cream booth design will attract more customers to visit you, while high-quality sweet foods will help you grab the heart of every foodie and make them buy a second and third time, especially in the summer season or cities near a beach. Ice cream retail business, gelato kiosk business, and frozen yogurt kiosk are so popular that when are you the right business location, only one business season you can win the whole round year’s profit.

The Most Popular Ice Cream Shop Ideas

ice cream kiosk

Ice cream retail is one of the most popular concessional ideas, especially in the summer season. Different locations will require a different style of sales strategy and display solution. When you want to open an ice cream business, Here are the most popular 5 ways to go:

Ice Cream Kiosk: When you enter a shopping mall, you will always be fascinated by the beautiful products and delicious food from kiosk shops. A typical ice cream kiosk is a circled or squared isolated island shop opening in the middle of shopping centers. It comes with a beautiful kiosk design with functional display equipment. You can grant an ice cream kiosk is a mini-style ice cream store; it contains all the functions that all the inline store has but more portable and easy to set up. Start an ice cream kiosk in the mall is the best idea for a new starter because it needs less investment and low risk. 

Outdoor Ice Cream Stand: Outdoor ice cream shop, which is also known as ice cream station or outdoor gelation stand, is a new edition of ice cream kiosk that used for outdoor space; the material and design style is much different than a kiosk that used for indoors, you have to consider the waterproof, longlasting, anti-wind, heat insulation and other issues when design and manufacture the kiosk; therefore, the price of an outdoor ice cream kiosk is usually much higher than indoor booths. Those outdoor ice cream booths are trendy on the beach, amusing parks, and business streets.

Ice Cream Store: Compared to ice cream kiosks or portable gelato carts, starting an ice cream store will cost much more and required more specified skills and management knowledge. First of all, you need a larger space to arrange dining tables and chairs, which means more rent cost, and more employees and higher decoration fixtures to create a better customer experience. Moreover, You also need more equipment in the kitchen to serve more customers at the same time. But, the truth is. Eventually, you can get much more profit than small ice cream stations. 

Ice Cream Cart/ Gelato Cart: When limited to opening an ice cream kiosk or starting an inline store, ice cream pushcart and portable gelato carts are an excellent alternative. Those ice cream cart and ice cream bikes are pushcart and food bike that carries a display fridge, and this small portable machine allows you bring your business from a fixed location to the front of customers. A shopping center, business plaza, sunny beach, and crowded street are the best places to set up an ice cream cart

Ice Cream Trailer: Food trailers are always the profitable and functional concession stands that favorites by many vendors. It has a larger space and allows more employees inside trailers but has wheels that you can take it to anywhere. You can put it in this way; an ice-cream trailer is padding food stands between an ice cream kiosk and ice cream carts. It contains a sizeable pop-up store as a kiosk while keeping the portable features like a cart. 

How to Custom Design Ice Cream Kiosk?

Ice cream and gelato can sell in almost every place. Inside a shopping mall, outdoor ground plaza, along the beach and corner of the street. Here are 6 aspects that help you create a customized ice cream kiosk or pop-up shops:

Business Plan

First of all, you should figure out what kind of method you want to start; these are determined by your budget and marketing plan. The cost for indoor ice cream kiosks and outdoor booths varies a lot; make a proper business plan after carefully investigate the local market. 

Material Choose

The kiosk concept for indoor kiosks and outdoor stands is quite different from the other materials used to construct them. If you start an ice cream kiosk or gelato kiosk indoor, plywood will be a good option. While you are opening an ice cream shop, stand for an outdoor metal frame or fiberglass will be the first choice. 


3D design and construction drawing design is the essential and critical step to create an ice cream shop. Whether you are opening an indoor ice cream kiosk or outdoor food booth, from the design, you can figure out what the stall will be after finished and improve it in your dreamed style, rather than wait to change when half is fabricating in the mill. 

Ant Display has a talented design team with over 17-years of ice-cream-kiosk design experience; whether you need a small outdoor ice cream booth to design or look for indoor ice cream kiosk ideas, here has all your needs covered. 


After the 3D design and blueprints are confirmed by both parties, our workroom will start fabricating the kiosk strictly following the drawing. From detailed dimensions to specified materials, even tiny screws are rigorously controlled to ensure you get a perfect booth, perfect quality, and an excellent finish. 


In addition to kiosk design and manufacturing, we also provide shipping services. We can deliver your kiosk to most islands and districts or any pointed destination port safely and efficiently. From DDT, CIF to FOB, Our professional shipping service will help you save lots of money and avoid any possible headaches. 

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Why Choose Ant Display?

Ant display is a professional food kiosk manufacturer in China. We mainly bespoke gelato kiosk, an ice cream shop counter, and mobile ice cream cart for commercial usage. Whether you are looking for an outdoor gelato booth or indoor ice cream shop, we have the best design ideas and kiosk concepts for you. Besides the references design on our site. We also offer custom services for unique requirements. Our design team can build the ice cream display furniture strictly, following your ideas in mind. A single ice cream bar counter to a giant ice cream court booth, or even outdoor ice cream retail stands. 100% following your details request and we will carry it out in the most economical way. 

  1. Best Price: We are a direct kiosk manufacturer to offer a competitive kiosk price for our clients.
  2. Customize Available: Ants offer a 100% customization service for any ice cream restaurant or kiosks in the mall and build the shop furniture strictly follow your requirements. 
  3. Free Design Service: Stop spending lots of money on ice cream kiosk design or looking for ice cream store display ideas. We offer a fantastic kiosk design service for free. Contact our team to learn more!
  4. Top Quality:  We have Over 5000 square meter factories and 200 workers to give a high-quality product guarantee and fast delivery time guarantee.
  5. Experienced: More than 17 years of kiosk build experience with over 500+ successful ice cream kiosk projects.
  6. Shipping and installation support: We offer a one-stop solution for all kinds of ice cream, gelato, and popsicle retail display fixtures. 

It’s hard for many local business vendors to start a kiosk business because building a mall kiosk at every turn easily costs enormous money. Ant Display aims to lower down the cost of setting up a small business. And help more new starters become the owner of the shop to share the generous profit. We offer high-quality display fixtures, mall kiosks, and outdoor stands for different usage and various business space. If you need any ice cream kiosks or outdoor food concession stands, welcome to visit the ant display.