Hello, do you have your own ice cream shop? The articles on this page are all about ice cream shops. You can see many different ice cream shop designs. Most of these are designed according to our customer's store floor plan and his requirements. Generally, the style of ice cream shops is bright. We can choose lighter colors when buying furniture or designing shops. Most people will design the shop first after signing the lease of the shop because we can confirm many details through the design. Including the style, size, color, quantity, and effect of the furniture in our store.

The size of the ice cream shop I want to introduce to you today is relatively small, about 5x5m and the layout inside is relatively simple. There are only one counter and some tables and chairs. In addition to furniture, we can also see some decorations on the wall, and they can also make our shop more attractive. The purpose of the design is to see how much things can be accommodated in our store, how big our counter needs to be and to facilitate us to see the effect. Therefore, when designing, there are mainly four aspects of design, shop style, internal layout,  furniture style, and wall decoration.

ice cream shop design

Shop Style

The style of the shop is mainly to determine the color and tone of the entire store. As I said earlier, ice cream shops generally choose bright colors, that is, the color of our walls or furniture should be lighter. If the walls of your shop have been renovated, you can send us pictures of your shop, and we can design according to your existing shop so that we can see the effect more accurately. The main color of our ice cream is turquoise, which is bluish, which is very suitable for use in ice cream shops. If our blue walls are of this color, then our counters can also use this color to match. We can make the tone and style of the whole shop a little unified.

Internal Layout

For small shops, the placement of furniture is very important. If placed properly, we can use a lot of space. From the design drawing, we can see that in addition to the counter, our customer has an ice cream machine. The ice cream machine should be placed where the customer can see it. It is placed with the counter. Our counters are generally used for cash registering and placing our tools. After our customers have ordered their meals, they can also come here to pick up their meals. The counter is one of the essential pieces of furniture in the shop. Our counter is usually placed in the corner against the wall. The seating area is also very important. Under limited conditions, we can put a sofa chair against the wall with a table in front, and if there is space on the opposite side, we can put another chair. The number of tables and chairs depends on the area we finally have left.

Furniture Style

There are many styles of furniture. All our furniture is made of wood. Different materials have different effects. The counter of this shop is very simple. We said that the color is turquoise. The material can be MDF and paint, or plywood and laminate. For food counters, plywood materials are more common. We generally choose a wood color for the table, which looks more natural and beautiful. There are many colors and styles of chairs. This can be determined according to our preferences.

Wall Decoration

Wall decoration is a very important point, they can make our shop look more colorful. The wall decoration of our shop is a sticker. The content on the sticker can be a picture of ice cream. In addition to the sticker, our decoration can also be a lightbox. The lightbox can be filled with our products or menus. If you also have a glass window, we can also put some stickers on the glass window.


This is a design idea for our small shop. We can design it from the size of the shop and combine it with the style of our business. When we determine the final design, we understand what we need. We can produce or purchase according to the furniture in the design. We can also arrange our furniture according to the layout inside. Many mistakes can be avoided in this way. We are a furniture customization company, and we can provide everything in the design drawings. If you have your own shop, we suggest making a design. Here, you can get a full set of services, including design, production, and transportation. Please contact us if you have any problems.