Corian Countertops

With the maturity of corian stone production and processing technology, more and more decoration and furniture production begin to use corian stone. Compared with marble and quartz, its cost is relatively low, and it has many incomparable advantages. The countertop made of corian stone is very smooth, shiny, and can be seamlessly spliced. Moreover, artificial stone can be processed into various shapes to produce countertops of various materials and shapes. Corian stone has many colors to choose from, and the colors are rich, so many store decorations, commercial display furniture countertops and desktops will use corian stone.

Ant display limited is a direct factory specialize in making different kinds of customized furniture, we can do different kiosks, shop furniture and corian tabletops. We already have more than 12 years experience, and we are a direct factory, so can give you good workmanship and work.

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What’s the advantages of corian countertops?

  1. Good processability, can be processed into any shape: corianstone can achieve homogeneity and color bonding and almost integrated processability, which is unmatched by materials such as natural marble and quartz stone.
  2. Waterproof and corrosion resistant.Corianl stone countertops have good water resistance and corrosion resistance, so they are often used to make cabinet countertops, food store countertops and table countertops.
  3. Corianstone countertops have anti-permeation practicability: artificial stone, also known as polymer materials, has cabinet corrosion and anti-permeability properties, and is more suitable for cabinet countertops.
  4. Bright and rich color: The color is rich and changeable, and the choice is large, which is conducive to the combination and matching of designers to meet individual needs
  5. Easy-clean

Corian countertops are easy to clean: all dirt can be cleaned with soap or detergent. So even have many dust, you can also clean the countertop very quickly.


Where can corian stone countertops be used?

  1. Used to make table tops

The table top made of corian stone is very strong, beautiful, waterproof and easy to clean. Now more and more restaurants and food shops like to use artificial stone for countertops.

  1. For countertops in food stores

Artificial stone is also often used to make countertops. Because food stores and restaurants have many machines and often use water, countertops need to be very strong, heat-resistant, and waterproof. Corian stone countertops are a very good choice.

  1. For the production of cabinet countertops

We will see that many cabinet countertops are made of corian stone or quartz stone. Because there are often many machines in the kitchen, a very sturdy and waterproof countertop is needed.

  1. Used for making bar countertops

Many bar counters use stone to make countertops. Corian stone is also a good choice. Not only is it beautiful, what size and color can be made, but it is also very durable.


Why you can choose Ant display limited to buy the corian countertop?

  1. We have a professional artificial stone production line and various processing equipment. We have more than 180 professional technical and production workers. Various artificial stone countertops can be made, and different shapes, colors and sizes can be made for your choice.
  2. We have rich production experience and production technology, and can give you the most exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality.
  3. We are close to direct stone suppliers and can obtain the best quality stone materials at the most favorable price.
  4. We have a complete stone production line. Can achieve precision cutting, precision polishing, and we will polish many times to achieve a bright effect


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