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Are you looking for customized cell phone shop display designs? The cell phone displays mainly used in mobile phone shops, retail smart phone booth and phone kiosk stand. These displays include display counters, display stands, wall display shelves and holders that mainly used to showcase mobile phones, phone accessories, earphones, mobile phone film and phone covers. You can use these display stands to represent latest phones on working counter or slats to consumers. The affordable acrylic display holder is suitable for most smart phones. Small acrylic sets and brackets with labels are easily find in every phone shops, as it can show the basic parameters of the phone to the customer in a better way. That can be used in a transparent glass display cabinet or placed on the workbench with a mobile phone anti-theft device, so that customers can directly experience the performance of mobile phones. In a retail cell phone shop, using a complete set of hanging baskets and display walls is a good idea to showcase phone charger, data cable and earphone, etc..

    Cell Phone Retail Display

  1. Phone Display Case
  2. Phone Display Counter
  3. Phone Store Display Cabinet
  4. Cell Phone Display Table

    Phone Case Display

  1. Slatwall Display Racks
  2. Gondola Display
  3. Cell Phone Accessories kiosk
  4. Cell Phone Accessories Display

    Cell Phone Store Decoration

  1. light_box
  2. Display Stand
  3. Sign LOGO
  4. Cell Phone Store Cash Wrap

    Cell Phone Store Fixtures

  1. Apple Store Fixtures
  2. Phone Case Store Display
  3. HUAWEI Shop Display

Ant Display can create new ideas about cell phone shop decoration and give you suitable cell phone display ideas. Whether you are looking for a phone set, smartphone showcase, cell phone holder, or slat wall stand, you can purchase completely here at a good price. Our aim is to provide customers with comprehensive products, high-quality services, and low prices. Let customers choose and trust us and reach a long-term cooperative relationship.

cell phone displaysReferring to purchase the mobile phone display fixtures from Ant, we provide the most popular display method for all mobile phone shop, retail phone accessories booth and phone repair store furniture. It also has a lot of backup storage. It is stylishly designed based on the modern overall design and offers a variety of colors. The overall structure of most large core boards used in mobile phone display racks. When you have a plan to open a phone shop, please feel free to contact us.

Acrylic cell phone display holder

You can put an acrylic display holder inside the glass display showcase. As the transparent acrylic cell phone set can better display the smartphones without covering its stylish appearance and cool features. When locked in the display counter, customers need to pass through the sales staff to experience mobile phone functions. This will allow employees to introduce the advantages of mobile phones and guide the experience to facilitate purchases. With the fast development of smartphone technology, cell phones have more fashionable designs and styles. The acrylic display holder in Ant Display can showcase phones with a 5.3-inch screen. Which is good to use in every phone retail shop and a phone booth.

Mobile phone anti-theft device

Many owners want to buy the cell phone display at a cheap price, and they also need a security bracket to prevent the phone from being stolen. In stores, employees cannot stare at every visitor at any time. So you should insert the cell phone anti-theft device with an alarm system to warn employees when in need. It has many shapes and colors to choose from with different kinds of cables to suits for showcasing all smartphones in the market.

If you need to display multiple mobile phones, the "phone display function" is a good choice to combine multiple devices on one platform. It can also install on the countertop, which is better to showcase more phones for sale.

Slat wall mobile phone display

Slat wall is a very popular display showcase for phones and phone accessories in a retail shop and mall booth stand. It consists of a wall display stand, aluminum groove panel, and hooks. Usually, on the bottom are add locked cabinets to use as a warehouse to restore phones and cables. This is a very popular display idea in Ant Display, we made over 1000 cell phone store furniture with slat wall displays. In our factory, the rotating display also has great demand. As it can represent the retail production in 4 sides and people can see and purchase easily. Whatever the different sizes of the slat wall you need, you can order the right dimension and color of display showcase from Ant Display. Because we have a professional design team to create a new cell phone display stand and retail cabinet match to the shop size.

Ant Display is good at manufacturing cell phone display cabinet cases , phone slat wall stand, smartphone retail cabinet, and mobile phone showcase. The materials can also customize follow on your ideas. We have an excellent purchase department to find better raw materials at a good price, that’s why we can provide high-quality cell phone displays at a competitive price. When you need a whole cell phone shop furniture, we will create a design to show you every part. You can send us a professional shop design so that we can produce directly to reduce time. If you want to know more information, please send us an email or give us a call.